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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #6

1. Remedy for bathroom aligned with Front Door....and Enhancers to improve overall Luck of the Family
2. Problems with Pool in the South. Safety amulet for long journey. Quarrelsome boys.
3. Having difficulty finding a man who can marry me?
4. Countering Bad Flying Stars?

Question 1: Remedy for Bathroom aligned with Front Door....and Enhancers to Improve Overall Wellbeing of the Family

Dear FSS,
My name is Rhodora Quitlong and my birthday is April 19, 1969. We are currently living in a 1 bed room apartment. Our front (main) door is facing south and if you enter it's the living room, and in the rightside is the kitchen, front door is align with the bathroom door. And our bedroom is on the right of the bathroom.

I am really interested to buy some of your products. Can you please recommend me which one is the best for wealth, health, children, career, education and love; and how to position them. I want to have wealth so that I can help my brothers and sisters. I have two kids that really need help in their studies. I want to have a successfull marriage. I want also love,peace,unity and happiness in our home.

My husband is looking for a good job. What product is suited to help him found that job. His birthday is March 16, 1967. Thank you very much.



Hi Rhodora,
I guess the most important thing you need to cure is the toilet directly opposing the maindoor. The maindoor is the mouth of the house. How much the house eat (symbolically representing the career and wealth) would be determined by the maindoor. It is the most important of all in feng shui. The problem is any good chi that enters the mouth straight goes to the drain as the toilet flushes away all the good chi. Therefore by all means you will have to get a partition, be it a piece of high furniture, a wall or something in between the maindoor and the toilet door. So that the chi that enters your maindoor wont see the toilet at all.

As for enhancers, here is what I would recommend:

1. Wealth
- Get the King Wealth Frog, 1, 3, 6 or 9 pieces and have them diagonally facing your maindoor.
- Place in SE a Money Tree made from Citrine with 9 coins to symbolize coming wealth. This would be an extremely powerful enhancer for the whole of Period 8.
- Place the Rich Wealth God in the SE as well to signify his arrival and bringing in of wealth for you.
- Activate annual star#8 in the NE this year with 6-round Crystal Balls. Once activated it would bring in lots of good money luck and would come smoothly.
- Place a Laughing Buddha facing your maindoor to invite in good wealth chi.

King Money Frog(left) & Citrine Money Tree(right)

2. Health
- Place a 6-Emperor Coins Golden Wulou in the SW this year to cure illness star#2.
- Place a pair of natural wulou by your bedside.
- Hang the powerful 5 bats surrounding the Longevity Symbol in the East to ensure all in the family will live till a ripeful age.
- Also to keep ourselves healthy and energetic all the time, it is best to have the auspicious cicada placed either in the bedrooms of the east area of the house. The cicada will work wonders for you. For protection against accidents and epidemic influences, you may also carry the jade cicada amulet for protection.

King Cicada(left) & Jade Cicada Amulet(right)

3. Children
- Place elephants in the west or in front of your bedroom to enhance fertility.
- Place 6 round Crystal Balls in the west with a yellow or earth colored bowl. Shine lights onto the balls and let it produce more earth energy to produce metal for the west. That would bring you more children.

Wealth Ship(left) & 6 Round Crystal Balls (right)

4. Career
- Place a Wealth Ship sailing into your home an harboring in your house with riches. Each wealth ship would represent one source of income, if you need more sources of income, increase accordingly.
- To enhance career luck, place a Golden Dragon Tortoise in the north is a must. Get a beautiful one.
- For promotion and to enable him being manager one day, get him a Golden Sceptre for authority. Place it in his workdesk or the north of your living room.
- Don't miss out both the rooster and cicada, as it is able to help him through hard times at work in countering politics and ensure smoothness in his endeavour.

Golden Dragon Tortoise(left) & Gold Sceptre(right)

- Place a Wen Chang Pagoda at the study place and one in the northeast of your living room.
- Also place the crystal globe at the northeast of the study table
- To increase science and mathematical skills, place the abacus on the study
- Dont leave out the powerful symbol of Dragon Carp. It shows that it had successfully transform from a carp to the dragon, which means your education would continue to go to greater heights till it is successful.

Wen Chang Pagoda(left) & Dragon Carp(right)

- Don't leave out the powerful mandarin ducks. Place one pair of rose quartz mandarin ducks in the southwest corner of your bedroom. Place another pair of mandarin ducks made from wood in the SE corner in 2004 to activate love star #4.
- Hang by your bedside the powerful Peach Adventurine Double Happiness symbols with dragon and phoenix and bats. It would bring you immaculate relationship.
- Increase your attractiveness and spice up your sexy life with the peony bracelet. They are ever so popular among the ladies.
- Also hang a pair of jade mandarin ducks on your handbag. The period 8 is where earth energy rules. The jade will play its role by amplifying your love life. Try it and you will see the results.
- Don't leave out the rose quartz love fulfilling tree as well. Place it in the southwest corner in your bedroom as well.

6-in Wooden Mandarin Ducks(left) & Peony Bracelet(right)

7. Peace, unity and happiness at home
- Fuk Luk Sau plays the biggest role in ensuring such aspiration is achieved. Place them in the east.
- Also place the Laughing Buddha in the east to bring happiness to the whole family. He will help to cure and counter hostile star#3 which is residing there this year.
- Place a pair of Yellow Carps to represent glorious and harmonious and fulfilling family in the east too. Get our Period 8 carps to help you achieve that. The yellow color would bring strong earth energy that rules period 8.

New Fuk Luk Sau (left) & Yellow Carps(right)

Also, I would personally recommend everyone in the family to carry along the bagua horoscope coin to enhance good luck and protect from bad intentions, accidents, and any other forms of badluck.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: Pool in the south. Safety amulet for long journey. Quarrelsome boys.

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
My first question is my pool is located in the south behind my house. According to the flying stars in 2004 that is not a good area. Do I need to be careful?

My second question is can you clean a bagua, how often and how should it be done?

My third question is my daughter will be traveling very far for a month this summer. I don\'t want anything bad to happen to her. Can I do anything to keep her safe?

My last question is my daughter is talented and smart but always scared, hates to be alone and does not seem happy inside and my boys argue a lot. What can I do? I've tried everything.

Thank you so much for answering these questions that have been in my thoughts for free. I really appreciate it.



Hello Angela,
Hmmm....having a pool in the south is not a good idea as it clashes with the fire element in the south. That could affect reputation, fame and popularity of your family, which means many people may not like your family if you don't do something about it.

Another bad point is water must not be at the back of the house. Water in front is excellent, but water at the back will drown your good luck and support from important people.

I guess, this year if you have water at the south, it isnt so bad after all, since the water will help to remedy for the 3-Killings at the south. You cannot renovate the south this year because of this strong affliction.

But next year in 2005, kindly consider removing the pool if possible. Else you will have to dry up the pool and cover with something.

Sandalwood Incense

To clean the bagua, the best way is to use incense that is made from sandalwood and let the smoke penetrate the bagua. Hold the burning incense in either an incense burner or in a bowl right under the bagua for a few minutes. Burnt sandalwood incense produces an aromatic smoke that is believe to ward off evil spirits and can cleanse all your feng shui cures and enhancers, rejuvanate new energies and bring life to them. Try doing that once a month in order for the accumulated bad chi to dissolve away, so that the bagua is working at its peak all the time.

Bagua Horoscope Coin

Oh yes, absolutely! To keep your daughter safe always when she is travelling, please let her keep with her the bagua horoscope coin. It ensures her safety and protection against bad intention and evil.

Magical Mystic Knot

Another powerful amulet for protection that is important in Period 8 is the Jade Mystic Knot. It is one of the 8 auspicious objects of Buddha and it ensures a smooth ride throughout Period of 8 for her. That would be a good luck charm for her.

Red Robe Laughing Buddha

As for boys who often quarrel, place the red-robe laughing Buddha in the East this year to cure quarrelsome star# 3.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Finding a man who can marry me?

Dear FSS,
I have had a few boyfriends who had left me many times, what can I do to improve my love luck so that I can eventually find someone who can marry me?



Hello Anne,

Greetings. Thank you for your question.

There are several areas you might want to consider when activating your love luck:
1. The easiest is to use the universal "southwest corner" according to 8 Aspirations Theory. Place the rose quartz mandarin ducks and the rose quartz love fulfilling tree with 9-coins in the SW corner of your bedroom and living room.
2. Next is to use your personal "nien yen" direction according to 8-Mansions Formula. Hang the powerful peach adventurine "double happiness symbol" with dragon-phoenix and bats in this location.
3. And the most powerful one is to activate romance star number #4 according to flying star feng shui. You may want to activate two romance stars. One of them is romance mountain star #4 which is calculated based on the flying star map of your house facing direction and year the house was built. A flying star feng shui master could do that for you. The other more universal romance star #4 is the annual star#4. This happens to be the SE this year for every home. The best way to activate this romance star#4 is placing a pair of wooden mandarin ducks in the SE area of your home, living room or bedroom. Star#4 is wood element, and mandarin ducks is the ultimate symbol of conjugal bliss. Therefore the combination would make a perfect enhancer. Also please do not forget to use put some plants in the SE corner of your living room and garden this year. A small water feature is great too, but not in the bedroom please.

All the three authentic methods I mentioned above should bring your results. They can be combined, not a problem.

Peach Adventurine Double Happiness Symbol for Conjugal Bliss

As for yourself, carry along the Jade Mystic knot to ensure a smooth ride in all your love endeavours. The mystic knot dissolves problems and ward off unhappiness in your life. Besided that, peonies will make you attractive to men. Invest on the peony bracelet and wear it at work and when you are out shopping. This would make you look more youthful and attractive. In olden days, chinese concubines keep peonies to attract the emperor visiting them more often. Also to double the effect, also have the jade peony amulet hanging on your handbag all the time.

Wood Mandarin Ducks as Romance Star #4 Activator and Jade Peony Bracelet as a Love Potion

Last but not least, try using the Magic Mirror as the make-up mirror. It works remarkably. In the morning have some sunlight shine on it and use it for make-up. It would dissolve all the bad chi on your face and remove bad luck, especially the forehead's crown chakra. At nite, you may absorb the moon's light and it when you shine it on your face, it would bring yin energy to you and create a radiant nature of a lady in you, thus making you more attractive to the other party. After using the mirror, you may also aim the mirror at your enemies and they will instantly turn into your friends again. What is more, you can aim it at the men you desire for and start to have them approach you soon.

5-Bats Magic Mirror to create radiance in your face

After explaining to you about earth luck, another thing that all feng shui practitioners always believe is heaven luck and mankind luck. Sometimes, your previous karma could have determined that you had owed him something in the past, and now it is your turn to return him. This is beyond our control and is controlled by heaven. Another area that could change or determine your next destiny would be the mankind luck. I m not teaching you to forget about all your previous boyfriends, but instead use your old sad experiences to harness and nurture a new love seed. I m sure there are a lot of areas you could improve on your own. Maybe learn to cook a good meal, be a great garderner or interior designer that captures mens' heart........but one thing for sure is you need to instill good thoughts on how to manage a man properly and win his heart forever. There must be something that every man is looking for in life, and if you could fulfill that, you already win half the battle. Relationship is complicated and we just need to learn how to give way, tolerate and win our partners heart. Spend more time in relationships and maybe less time at work could help as well. These are some examples. Remember, don't be bog down by the uncontrollable heaven luck (40%), you still have earth luck (feng shui) and mankind luck that constitute to 60% that could help you through love hardships. We therefore wish you very good luck. If you got time, start to forget about the past and be positive, there are so many wonderful moments still in front of you that you are looking forward to. This is also where all the feng shui symbols would help to remind you. Move your furniture around and your feng shui symbols around to change some energy in your house, throw out all the old rubbish....and I guarantee your life would change for the better.

Good luck, good fortune and prosperity to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Countering Bad Flying Stars?

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
I have recently putchased items from Feng Shui Best Buy such as the Imperial Chi Lin, Dragon Tortoise, Pi Yao, 5 Element Pagoda and another smaller set of Chi Lin's. However, even after studies I am new to the Feng Shui placement of the items in the Flying Stars positions and would like som guidence in placements of the items in my flat and I ahve been told that you cannot just place the items in the house accoring to your flying stars chart. My front building is facing DIRECTLY SOUTH, back directly NORTH. The door of our flat faces WEST, I have placed a pair of Chi Lin's at the entrance. My master bedroom is in the NorthWest sector of the flat and the living room is in the SouthWest. The 2nd bedroom is in the SouthEast (an empty computer/guest room). The toilets are one in an ensuite masterbedroom and the other in the corridor between the back of the flat and the front. My kitchen is combined one room with the living room (faces South directly) and the kitchen is on the direct West side of the room. I would like guidence in placement of the Pi Yao, Dragon Tortoise, and 5 Element Pagoda. My KUA is 8 and my husband's birthday is 02-02-1974, so would that make him KUA 8 as well? As I have been told he is not a Tiger but actually an OX?? Please help, as I would like to place the items to avoid the bad flying stars.



Dear Amanda,
Greetings. In the practice of Feng Shui, we must first protect from bad feng shui and then next to enhance good luck.

In Compass Feng Shui, in order to determine bad locations, we usually find PERMANENT AFFLICTIONS in our home's unique flying star map. We usually have to cure star 2 and star 5 that appears in any section with 6-rods Bagua Wulou Windchime, 5 Element pagoda or 6-Emperor Coins Wulou.

Five Element Pagoda and 6-Emperor Coins Wulou

And on annually basis, we will have to cure the universal ANNUAL AFFLICTIONS as well. Important afflictions MUST be cured include 5-Yellow, Illness Star2, Tai Sui and 3 Killings..

And of course we also need to make cure any killing breathe and bad energy as a result of form and shape within our living space, such as protruding beams, pillars, sharp-edge furniture, external poison arrows etc.

After we prevent bad luck, then we start to activate good luck. To enhance good luck, we can easily use three methods to determine the right locations:
1. Determine where good flying stars are according to our home's own flying star chart and the annual chart. We always must consider activating Water Star#8 and Mountain Star#8. And some practioners who are more greedy would also activate star 1, 4 and 6 as well.
2. Use 8-Mansions Theory to identify personal sheng chi, fu wei, tien yi and nien yen directions and activate them with good luck enhancers.
3. Use Bagua 8 Aspirations Theory which lists 8 kind of aspirations in our life for each direction and activate them by using symbol or using colors representing each element.

I hope with the above short explanation, it would clear some of your doubts in feng shui.

Chi Lin and Coinsword

Placing the pair of chi lin at your door is excellent to prevent bad luck and improve good feng shui. That would assure you a good and smooth year ahead. And in year 2004, where violent star #7 resides you may choose to hang a small coinsword on the wall pointing outwards, where it would be hidden behind the maindoor when the door is being fully opened. This would counter any legal suit, quarrelsome people and political entanglement at work place.

6 Round Crystal Balls and 6 Rods Windchime

Your bedroom being in the NW is auspicious this year as it would bring you luck from the heaven. You may place 6 round crystal balls or hang a 6 rod windchime to activate auspicious star #6 that is residing there this year.

Dragon Tortoise on Bagua for Period 8

Place your Dragon Tortoise on Bagua in the North Area of your living room to activate career luck.

As for the 5 Element Pagoda, fill up with some sand or soil, then place it at the center of your house to trap the deadly 5-Yellow which is extremely dangerous this year.

Your husband is a Tiger, not Ox. We follow the Lunar Calendar to determine the zodiac of a person and Tiger Year started on 23 Jan 1974, thus making your husband a Tiger. His Kua Number is 8 as well. I guess you and your husband having Kua Number 8 will enjoy double good luck in Period 8. You will both prosper within this 20 years and will have a smooth ride in achieving a lot of wealth luck.

This year, the tiger is in conflict with Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter), therefore your husband has to place the Pi Yao with its face facing the WSW (225-255 degrees). You can locate the Pi Yao in the center of the living room and let it face towards that direction to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter.

And don't ignore quarrelsome star# 3 too if you want to prioritize on your relationship with your husband. Place a red robe or golden robe laughing buddha at the east to exhaust the star. Red is fire and will be able to burn the wood energy from the star. Gold is strong metal and could cut wood as well. Both colors are auspicious too and will bring you good luck.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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