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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #5

1. Married but with no children?
2. 8 Aspirations Theory Vs 8 Mansions Formula?
3. Improve scholastic concentration for daughter…how to use 8-Rods Windchime?
4. Toilet in the south affects fame luck?
5. Countering annual afflictions for 2004…

Question 1: Married but with no children?

Dear FSS,
I m married for 13 years, but still having no children. Husband Kua Number 1, mine is 5. I read on a website that recommends placing a pair of elepant figures in my husband's descendant direction. Would one elepant do? Is it better if the elephant is carrying an object like a globe I seen at a local store?

Husband is buying a lot of lottery tickets for almost two years. What should I use for lottery luck?

There are so many products to choose from. I only have room in my house for a few. I am thinking of getting Fuk Luk Sau, Laughing Buddha and eight immortals. I m not sure if I should get a buddha with children or one carry a gold pot. I don't have room to put eight immortals or Fuk Luk Sau if I buy the figurines individually. Will a picture of them have the same feng shui purpose?



Hi Amy,
If both husband and wife have got no health problems and you still couldn't get children, then your feng shui may probably be afflicted. .

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Please make sure there are no poison arrows like beams and sharp edges pointing on your bed in your bedroom. If yes, you may either move out, or remedy them. The best method to remedy those afflictions are with the magic flute for beams and windchime for other poison arrows such as sharp edges and pillars. Place the windchime between the suspected poison arrow and your bed. But please don't let the windchime be hung directly above your bed, else your luck will be suppressed.

2. Also hang the special Trinity Concave Bagua at the top of your maindoor facing out to guard your maindoor against any poison arrows from your neighbourhood which you might be unaware of. If you don't like the idea of a bagua, you could hang a strong bagua windchime outside your maindoor. It works marvelously as well.

3. Please sleep with your husband's head pointing to his nien yen direction. Better still if you could move into a bedroom in the nien yen direction.

Strong Bagua 6 Rods Windchime (left) & 6 Crystal Balls (right)

4. Then activate your west corner of your house with pictures of children, like pictures of a hundred children. You can even put a laughing buddha with children there. The best is to find those made from metal to be placed in the West corner to tap the direction's element itself. You are also recommended to place six smooth crystal balls (strong earth element) to boost up the metal energy in the West, and at the same time smoothen your pursuits of having babies. Smooth crystal balls are excellent energizers to smoothen your life pursuits.

5. At the same time you could place a family of elephants entering your bedroom, or in the vicinity of your door leading to the bedroom. One individual elephant is definitely not good enough. Also good to have them in your husband's personal nien yen direction.

6. If possible also take a good look at your stove and make sure it points to your husband's nien yen direction. Or else have the mouth of the rice cooker face your husband's nien yen direction.

As for lottery tickets, if your husband has the luck, he will win even if he had bought them once in a while. Not everyone has the karma to win lottery, so please don't get frustrated if he doesn't win anything. But I guess, the Tua Peh Kong can bring to him some lottery luck and windfall luck, because his presence represents wealth and abundance. A lot of Asian people invite him home and strike lots of lotteries.

New Fuk Luk Sau (left) & Golden Laughing Buddha (right)

The rest of the symbols you mentioned above are also excellent energizers you need. The Fuk Luk Sau will bring you career luck, children luck and longevity. You may place at the dining area or living area. I personally have 3-4 sets at home. On the other hand, the 8-Immortals are believed to be a important energizer for Period 8. Their presence will fulfill all your life aspirations. Secure the luck of your 20 years by placing them in an important area of your living room. Next, the Laughing Buddha helps dissolve tense chi in our homes. He removes the quarrelsome star#3 (this year in the east) and bring lasting happiness to relationships. Invite his figure if you want to be smiling everyday. Pictures would help too, but I prefer figurines as they are three dimensional and that makes symbolic presence significantly different.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: 8 Aspirations Theory Vs 8 Mansions Formula?

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
Both my husband and I are kua no. 2. My question is whether to follow auspicious directions according to our kua no. or the directions given by 8 aspirations theory which are different from each other. Also, if it is not possible to move out of the bedroom which is in w-sw of house is it enough to place a wulou in the bedroom? Is the military God of wealth more powerful than Kwan Kung?



Hello Jennifer,
Please do not confuse Bagua 8 Aspirations Theory with 8 Mansions Formula.

The 8 Aspirations is best to be used for enhancing of the universal eight aspirations according to the bagua in different directions so that they are in harmony. Many feng shui practitioners have used potent symbols to activate all the 8 directions and the center with success.

On the other hand, your personal kua number would be associated to your four good directions you should tap to, for eg, the main door direction, stove's facing direction, bedroom location, workdesk facing direction etc. This method aligns your good directions' sheng chi to your crown chakra, thus benefitting your personal aspirations

Kwan Kung

Both are equally powerful and work with good results. Billions have used these formulas with success, therefore they cannot go wrong.

As for Illness Star#2 residing in the WSW in 2004, if you cannot move out of the bedroom, please cure the WSW room with one or three pieces of six rods windchime, especially the ones that have a calabash on top would be great to dissolve this bad flying star according to many feng shui masters. The strong metal energy from 6 rods windchime, plus the make from heavy bronze would also counter the earth energy of Illness Star#2. Also hang a pair of calabashes by the bedside. This would kill away the illness star#2 instantly.

The Kwan Kung is actually more powerful than the Military Wealth God if you are talking about business luck. But if you are looking for sudden windfalls, then go for the Military Wealth God to help you generate wealth and abundance.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Improve scholastic concentration for daughter…how to use 8-Rods Windchime?

Dear FSS,
I bought a crystal tortoise from Feng Shui Bestbuy and put under my daughter's bed at her bed head. I'd like to see that she has a clear mind and can concentrate better in school. Did I do it right?

Also I bought 3 pieces of 8 rods winchime for this bad year. Where can I hang it? And I like to give the other two to my mother and sister. Will they apply the same way?

I'm confuse the two method of Bagua and the Black Hat Sect Feng Shui. Which one is getting more result?



Hello Anh,

Greetings. Thank you for your questions.

The tortoise under the bed will provide support to your daughter and allow her to sleep well without fear. But to improve her studies you will need the Wen Chang Pagoda and the crystal globe on her desk. You may also have them placed in the northeast direction of the room or the desk.

Wen Chang Pagoda

The 8 rod windchime is a excellent enhancer to activate mentor luck in the NW. Place it there this year, as it could help to activate star#6 heaven luck as well. If you want to suppress 5 Yellow, use the powerful 6 rod winchime together with 5 Element Pagoda instead. And to counter #2 Illness star in SW this year, use the wulou or 6 rod windchime also. Yes, they will apply the same for your mother's and sister's home.

We consider the bagua method using the compass to be quite effective, and I guess it cannot go wrong as the method had been practised by millions of people with success, since Ching Dynasty. But please do underestimate the Black Hat Sect Feng Shui method as well, as we have seen some of our customers getting really good results from the method as well. Ancient texts need not always be correct, and new methods need not always be wrong as well. As long as you could get the results you want, that is already good feng shui!

Good luck, good fortune and prosperity to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Toilet in the south affects fame luck?

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
My house faces south and sits in north. I was told by a feng shui practitioner that my upstairs toilet is located in the fame section which is the south and that I have to switch on the light in the toilet throughout the night.

I read in Lillian Too's book that in this case, I should not have any bright lights on and not to energize the affected place instead I should put an urn of still water in the toilet. Therefore, I have put a red bucket of still water and also left the lights on at night.

What I would like to know is which advise should I follow? Can I remain doing what I am doing? Should I energize the outside of the toilet with crystals or plants, would this help?

Also advised by the FS practitioner, my downstairs toilet and store room is in the intelligence corner. I was told not to use this toilet at all if possible and put a plant inside this toilet. Can I put books and files inside my store room which is under the staircase?

It seems this house is totally not right for us but we can't afford to buy another house. I hope to make it a better home to live in by using feng shui.

If I am unable to energize the south of my living room with tribute horse, crystals, lava lamp (I don't have any place to put them), can I put these items in other locations example the West or NW or East or according to our individual auspicious location?

I am confused as different FS practitioners says differently. I hope you can put my mind at ease.



Dear Joyce,
Greetings. Wow, that is a lot of questions we have to crank our heads on :)

First, I must inform you that the reason different practitioners are saying different things is because they use different theories and are from different feng shui backgrounds. There is the Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui School and the Classical Feng Shui school (using landscape, kua formula and flying stars as basis). And I must say that some more experience ones could understand the usage of 5 Elements well in complementing their feng shui remedies, while others might not. The best feng shui practitioner is the one who knows how to interprete all and make proper sense on how to combine and apply each one correctly.

For example, the 8 Aspirations Theory (south - fame, north - career...etc.) is usually used for enhancing and luck activating purposes, but not to describe bad feng shui of a house if those places are afflicted with eg. toilet. Else, anywhere you put the toilet, you will also be afflicted in one of the areas of your life, right? :) For modern homes, a professional would advise you to build your toilet by the side or at the back of your house, depending on what your bad directions according to your kua number is and by mapping the area where bad flying stars are, without following the 8 Aspirations Theory. They will intentionally build the toilet in bad sectors to drain away bad luck from the bad directions.

So, the key learning here is that if there is a toilet, stairs or kitchen in any of the 8 aspiration corners such as fame, love, wealth etc, it will not cause harmful effects to your aspirations. The only drawback is that it would be inconvenient for you to activate that corner for certain aspirations in life. But remember, there is always the small tai chi concept you can still practise on if big tai chi is hard to work. Focus on activating any of the 8 corners of your family rooms and living rooms is a good idea. You will gain equally much compare to the big tai chi concept.

The bad feng shui of your house from your description, is about the toilet being in front of your house, not because it is located in the south corner. Toilet is the source of bad chi and also the place where draining of good chi that passes by happens. The front of the house is the place where good chi enters because that is where the mouth is. However, if there is a toilet directly upstairs, where good chi enters in the lower level under it, all good chi will turn into bad, and that is why your feng shui can turn bad. Therefore, I propose you not use the toilet anymore, and if possible renovate it to be a closet. Shift your toilet to the side or at the back according to your personal kua number. In the mean time, try to re-direct good chi from your entry points to go through other paths of your house and not pass under this toilet. Else every good chi will turn bad instantly under the toilet. You may use furniture or plants to block and redirect energy in your house.

I guess Lillian Too's recommendation would sound more appropriate if you want to still consider 8 Aspirations theory appropriate for this belief. Reason being is she had used the 5 Element theory in the correct manner to cure your problem. South is fire element and is associated to fame luck. If that area is afflicted, then you use a conflicting element to cure it. As such a yin water which represents water element could dissolve the fire. But the bright lights is definitely a no-no. By all means shut those lights, because you do not want to activate the bad chi with fire element (lights) any further in the toilet.

Tribute Horse

I guess you should hang a windchime outside your toilet to filter bad chi from entering to other areas. This is a more authentic practice.

You may continue using the toilet at the intelligence corner, it will not affect your knowledge luck : Having plants inside is another 5-Element method of exhausting bad chi. Plant is wood element while the Intelligence corner (northeast) is earth. Wood would exhaust earth. This would be correct.

As for the items you keep under the staircase, if the files and books are no longer important, then I guess you won't mind walking above them. But if they are business invoices and can generate income, please do not place them under the stairs. In feng shui we do not want to step on shirts, clothings, books, invoices, money etc because it would reduce your luck of getting those things in the future.

With regards to not having enough space to activate your south corner, you may use the small taichi concept mentioned above if big taichi of the whole house is not convenient. It need not necessarily be the south of your whole house to activate your fame luck. It could be the south corners of other rooms, like the living room, dining area and family room etc.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 5: Countering annual afflictions for 2004….

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
My house was constructed in 2002 and done in 2003.What sector would be the 3 killings, grand duke jupiter, 5-yellow, hostile/illness star, violent star, career luck for me&husband, wealth luck sector, auspicious star be on a north 2 front door for PERIOD 8. Also please let me know the remedies. Center of the house is a toilet & center toilet door is facing the basement door.

We are west people. Money is always draining. Argue a lot. What to carry for money luck, gambling luck & to keep money from draining.What to carry for prevention for negativities around you. I need these info please so I know what to buy & so its done correctly. I'll be eternally grateful for these help.

I prayed and found your website.THE VERY BEST. PRICE OF ITEMS ARE VERY REASONABLE. I thank God for it. I'll definitely recommend. May your website and people working there become very happy,healthy, successful and wealthy now and forever!!!!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR



Dear Rebecca,
Greetings again. Wow, that is a whole lot of questions. Errr...in case I miss out anything because your message seems too complex for a simple person like me, please forgive:)

Your house would be a period 7 house since it was completed in period 7. And the Flying Stars map of your house would follow the North 2 period 7 map and will not change when we move to Period 8. Unless you make renovations to it that could turn it into a Period 8 house with a Period 8 Flying Stars map.

Irrespective of what year your house is built (whether it is Period 7 or Period 8), the "annual afflictions" exerted would be the same for every house in the year 2004.
1. The deadly 5-Yellow resides in the center
2. Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is in the WSW (225-255 degrees)
3. 3 Killings in the south

The best way to counter 5-Yellow in the earth period of Period 8 (2004-2024), where earth energy is double strong, is to use the 5-Element Pagoda to lock up the 5-Yellow. On top of that you may also add the Bagua-Wulou 6-rods windchime to exert heavy metal energy to diffuse the ill effects of the 5-Yellow. But for your case, since the toilet is in the center, it could lock up the 5 Yellow already and drain it away. No worries for you.

5 Element Pagoda

The Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) could be appease by using a metal Pi Yao facing the WSW (between the angle of 225-255 degrees). A metal Pi Yao is favored over the other material because the energy is stronger.

As for the 3 Killings, place three pieces of metal Chi Lins facing the south to fight the three mountain thiefs away. That would help you prevent lawsuits, quarrels, office politics, summons and imprisonment.

Chi Lin

Illness star#2 is in the SW, the best way to cure this star is to hang the Bagua-Wulou 6-Rods Metal windchime here, or a metal calabash in this area. If your bedroom is here, you will additionally need to add a pair of natural wulou to be hung by your bed to absorb the illness chi.

Violent star#7 is in the west in 2004. The best remedies include placing of a rhinoceros here or hanging a coinsword to counter this bad star to prevent burgalary, robberies, kidnaps and thiefs.

Rhinoceros (left) & Coin Sword (right)

The quarrelsome star#3 is in the East. The best remedy is to place the red robe or golden Laughing Buddha here. Red represents fire energy and fire burns wood energy of star#3. Meanwhile, gold represents metal energy, metal could chop off wood as well. And the laughing buddha is a perfect symbol of happiness. Wherever he is placed, quarrelsome areas will instantly be turned into happy areas.

And if your house facing direction is the same as your door facing direction which is N, by all means do some renovations to it after Feb 4 in period 8, or place an urn of yin water in the north to exhaust double star 7 in your north according to your house flying stars chart. Also place a rhinoceros to counter potential robberies in your north.

Red Robe Laughing Buddha & Bagua Horoscope Coin

Wealth sector is where water star#8 resides according to your flying star map of the house. To complement wealth luck and career luck, please also tap your sheng chi direction for the maindoor, stove direction, workdesk and also the bedroom. Since you belong to the west group, use the west directions. Also activate your mentor luck (NW), career luck(N) and wealth luck (SE) in the 8 aspirations corners associated to them.

Toilet in the center ruins the entire feng shui of the house. Please keep the lids and door close at all times. Place a lot of plants surrounding the toilet to exhaust the bad chin from affecting all other directions. Also hang a 5 rods windchime to stagnate chi in your toilet.

Please place the laughing buddha image in as many areas of your home as possible, especially at the places where quarrels always trigger. The Laughing Buddha will dissolve the conflicts for you right away.

Double Happiness(left) & 5 Fortune Bats(right)

A few items you could carry along with you in your handbags. To improve money luck, carry the powerful 3-good luck coins tied in trinity knots. They will also stop money from draining out. To reduce negativities, carry along a bagua horoscope coin. It will cast away bad luck and smoothen your endeavours throughout the year. To minimize quarrels and improve relationship, hang the jade mandarin ducks amulet on your handbag. Also good to have the double happiness amulet hanging on your handbag to improve marital bliss. What is more, if you want to have good fortune wherever you go, then you could get the 5 Fortune Bats amulet which represents 5 kinds of luck for you all the time.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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