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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #4

1. Reconciling Western and Eastern Feng Shui
2. I live above the garage. Can I move into a room that has bad direction for me?
3. Curing graveyard yin energy and poison arrows from a nearby hospital…
4. Staircase in the center. Tension after moving into new house...

Question 1: Reconciling Western and Eastern Feng Shui

Hello Feng Shui Scholar,
I have a question about placement of items, because I'm trying to reconcile the Western ideas of Feng Shui with the Eastern. Using the birth number as the blueprint (is this the compass school?) with regard to directions; are they the true directions...such as, South corner of a room being the area of a room which is actually the most Southern, or is South using the doorway as the frame of reference and applying the BaGua as the Western school of Feng Shui counsels?

I had a Feng Shui consultant (Western) apply the BaGua to my house, which of course means that the directions of every room are the same using the doorway as the starting point. Although cleaning/clearing and moving everything around in my house did do a lot to improve the general feelings of the house (and less emotional clutter in my life), it wasn't until I began researching the traditional ideas of Feng Shui and placing the specific icons that I got from your website, that dramatic changes began to occur very rapidly. Naturally, this makes me feel that traditional Feng Shui is more effective than using the Western ideas, and I'd like to learn a whole lot more about the Compass School. I'd appreciate any input you have with regard to the directions...Thanks!!



Hi Kenzie,
Greetings. Thank you for your questions. The bagua method that has the starting point from the door of every room is based on the Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist School method, which was developed by the Holy Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche. He had actually modified and simplified it from the 8-Aspirations Bagua theory which was developed a century ago during the Ching dynasty.

We do not comment which method is good nor bad or right nor wrong, but we could recommend something that had worked remarkably from our own experience and our customers'. Out of the few of us who make up the group of Feng Shui Scholars, we do have colleagues who specialized in the Black Hat Sect method too. But most of us specialize on the old traditional methods. But we don't really differ a lot.

What I can suggest you do now is to believe in what has worked remarkably for yourself by trying out and shifting and moving about the placement of the feng shui symbols around your house. In fact we recommend that you do that once a quarter so that the chi in your house could be refreshed again and again to bring in new energy and new opportunities in life. That is what we do almost every month to harvest more for ourselves.

Use 8-aspirations theory to place your enhancers around your rooms according to your aspirations. The best is to create a balance in all the eight directions. Not that we are greedy, but we want a well rounded and balanced good source of luck in every area of our lives :) Use the geomantic compass to divide your room into 8 cardinal and sub-directions: N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE and each direction is associated to an aspiration.

Here is how you do it: you may split your entire big house into eight pieces and enhance the areas accordingly. This is the BIG TAI CHI method. And the good thing about Tai Chi is you can also zoom down into smaller areas, for eg. split a living room into another eight areas and enhance the 8 directions accordingly too, if BIG TAI CHI is not convenient. Splitting smaller areas is known as small tai chi method.

Example of a Wealth Symbol: Pot of Gold

To practise the classical feng shui, you must also find out your kua number. This kua number is based on the authentic traditional 8-Mansions theory that is from the compass school. It will result in 4 good directions and 4 bad ones. Please tap on the good ones and avoid the bad ones. For example, you must focus to enhance areas where your "sheng chi" (overall winning direction) is. When dining, face to your sheng chi direction. At work and sitting on your desk, face the "sheng chi". At sleep, point your head towards the "sheng chi". But becareful when doing so without compromising the room’s “form feng shui”, such as poison arrows from the beams, sharp cornered furniture etc. Another important area is your stove, it must face towards your sheng chi direction, so when you cook, your back points to your sheng chi or any of your 3 other good directions. Place a lot of wealth symbols in your sheng chi direction of your living room and dining area. This is what we do and producing amazing results for us.

Please get back to us if you have more questions. Good luck!!

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: I live above the garage. Can I move into a room that has bad direction for me?

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
I need your advice regarding my room. My KUA number is 4, female. I was born on 06/08/1971. My room is above the garage and it occupies the Northwest and the North part of our house. The East wall of my room which is my Nien Yien direction behind it is the toilet. We have another room that I can move into but this is in the Northeast part of the house which is my total loss direction but I can activate my Nien Yien direction. Right now I have almost all the tools to activate my love life and they are displayed in the Southwest part of my room and still my love life is still not good! Which room is more preferable for me to move into? I would really like my love life to improve. Thanks for all your help! SAS



Hello Shirley :)
Greetings. Thank you for your questions. Form/shape/home internal feng shui would carry more weight than 8-Mansions in this case. Sleeping above the garage is inauspicious. You will be lack of support in all areas of your life.

You should move to the other room although it is your personal worst direction. Normally, we will consider sleeping in the personal best area only if the chi distribution in that area is good. And the chi distribution could be calculated from flying stars feng shui or using form/shape/home internal feng shui. Above the garage is bad and chaotic. If there is not protruding poison arrows such as beams etc in your new room, it can be considered good feng shui from the “form” perspective.

Love Symbol: Bridal Sedan

Please move out from your current room above the garage, and move into the new room. Place your bed with the head board on a wall for support and better still if it is on the east side (your nien yen). You may choose a pink or red bedsheet (auspicious color) to invite some love for you besides having all other love symbols in your southwest and east corner of your bedroom, living room and workdesk. When you are dining or eating, please face East, which is your personal nien yen direction. When you are working, if possible face east as well, because 1/3 of our hours are at work and that would allow a lot of love chi to get absorbed into your crown chakra. Also try to wear some rose quartz made lingerie such as rose quartz bracelet and apple pendant for good body feng shui as well.

Rose Quartz Bracelet and Apple Pendant to invite love into your life

At the same time, you will need to work on sustaining or searching for love as well. We cannot be enhancing our feng shui (earth luck), while not doing anything on our part to create and grab opportunities. In general, we always advise everyone that areas to change may include change of old habits by doing a self-reflection, adjusting the outlook or maybe dressing and most importantly improving our overall character. Remember, attitude makes many people win 100% in career and relational luck. Take time off everyday to visualize a new character you want to have and work on it immediately.

We wish you luck and hope that your love life would be great again!!!

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Curing graveyard yin energy and poison arrows from a nearby hospital…

I have two quick questions.
1. I have a friend with an office in a tall building that overlooks a graveyard. Hanging a mirror outside his office facing the graveyard isn't practical. What would be a good cure for that situation.
2. I live in a house with large glass windows that look out over the Los Angeles basin. A large hospital down there is pointing an arrow right at us. The feng shui of the surrounding geology is very good. What would be the best protection?

Thank you very very much,



Hello Tamra,

Greetings. Thank you for your questions.

1. For the first case, I have to agree that hanging a bagua is not practical for tall buildings. The evil energy from the grave could cause your friend a lot of distress, office politicking and backstabbing at work. Most contractor in southeast asia would paint the whole building entirely red if a graveyard is nearby. Another solution is to have the curtains of the office bright red in color. That would at least create a lot of yang energy to counter the yin energy exerted from the grave. Also it would be good to have a bronze Kwan Kung placed on his desk as a guardian against any evil and office politics.

Bronze Kwan Kung for Protection and Enhancement

2. As for the second case, the best counternance would be hanging the San Kwang Bagua or even more powerful is the Fu Dog Bagua that would protect you from the harmful energy. The wooden ones may not be as potent as these to help counter your case. Hang it on top of the windows, outside the apartment. The chi from hospital is bad and it is doubled with a poison arrow. That is deemed inauspicious. Also, please use three 8 rod metal feng shui windchimes and hang them along or outside your window as well to help neutralize to some extent the bad chi that enters your house.

Bagua with Fu Dog to counter graveyard "shar"

Feng Shui 8 Rod Metal Windchime to neutralize incoming bad chi and turning them into good luck

Don't worry too much, our recommendations should solve your problems for you.

Good luck, good fortune and prosperity to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Staircase in the center. Tension after moving into new house...

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
My husband and I recently moved into a new home. It was previously occupied by an elderly woman. The front door faces west (one of our inauspicious directions) and it has a staircase in the center of the home (with stairs going up and down). Also the center of the home is split b/c of the staircase and hall in the center. When you enter the home you enter the living room (without a foyer) and at the end of the livin groom is two doorways, one leading into the hall and the other leading into the dining room. My husband and I have been disconnected since we moved there and I feel so tense all of the time. Do you have any feedback? I was thinking about placing a tall plant b/t the two doorframes to unite them. Would that be helpful? Also, what can I do to increase love/harmony?



Dear Lynn,
Greetings. Thank you for your questions. If the maindoor is not so ideal for your husband and you, then try to tap the other important areas on your direction, such as finding a bedroom that is in a favorable sector according to your kua and having the stove or at least rice cooker that is facing your favorable directions. Also arrange your important furniture piece such as the work desk facing the sheng chi direction.

Also it is important to have your heads pointed to your favorable directions while you sleep, which means you will have to adjust the headboard of your bed to the good directions, especially the "nien yen". But it is important to note that this position of the bed would also need to have a solid wall supporting it and must not have a toilet or kitchen behind the wall. Also from the headboard you must be able to easily view the door of the bedroom so that you do not fear any backstab if you imagine sleeping in an insecure location. Please reorganize your bedroom in a careful manner, because the bedroom determines your love life.

Having the staircase in the center is not favorable in feng shui. This is because the center area affects the rest of the 8 directions, as well as is affected by all the 8 directions as well. Having a staircase in the center would mean having all the good chi rushing down all the way into the ground. With the stairs in the center, it is also hard for good chi to manifest or rise in the center and spread to the whole house. Therefore, it will affect all areas of your life, such as your health, wealth and relationship luck.
1. You could cure this situation by installing one or more lights on the floor, angles or wall of the stairs that would shine “upwards” to lift up rising chi from lower part slowly rising up all the way to the next storey.
2. Also worth having potted plants (in odd numbers - "yang numbers") at the stairs, but make sure there is enough space for walking so that it will not pose any safety concern.
3. Also place some faceted leaded glass crystal balls from the ceiling of the stairs or better still if you could invest on a crystal ball chandelier on top of your stairs to energize the center of your home. Try to keep your stairs bright all the time if affordable.

So, after all it is not really that difficult to cure this situation.

Windchime that cures aggressive "chi" between two opposite doors

For interior feng shui, you may always choose to adjust your furniture to create better flow in chi to improve your situation. For example using camouflage, mirrors or even blocking certain areas out of your view with large pieces of furniture. I can't really imagine how your situation is like, but I guess you are talking about door facing each other. For doors facing each other, you can easily cure the situation by placing an all metal hollow rods feng shui windchime in between the doors.

Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Adventurine Lotus Leaf

Next is to enhance your nien yen direction and universal southwest love corner of your bedroom and living room with the potent rose quartz crystal mandarin ducks, the rose quartz tree activated with coins and other love enhancers to continuously emit love chi to create a harmonious family. For matrimony success and to rekindle a relationship, we find that the dragon-phoenix coin combination is powerful as well. You may hang the mystic knot dragon-phoenix coin amulet in the love corner, while you and your spouse carry the three dragon-phoenix coins in your bags all the time. And place a laughing Buddha in the place where you potentially quarrel to dissolve away the angry chi and create happy moods instead. The laughing buddha had created wonders for many.

Rose Quartz Gem Tree with 9-coins and the Powerful Dragon Phoenix Amulet for Marital Bliss

Also as a rule of thumb, always buy things and place them in pairs. They will also continuously remind you indirectly the importance of tolerance and harmony between a couple. Also try to wear some rose quartz on your body, like wearing the rose quartz bracelet and wearing the rose quartz pendant to create love energy within yourself.

Laughing Buddha to dissolve unhappiness in a relationship and turn it into a joyful one

Last but not least is your own actions. To put spice back to a relationship, you may venture into cooking some new recipes for both of you to dine together. Eating home cook food would easily win back a man's heart in everyway. Make it a point to dine together as often as possible and if possible everynite. Harmony would initiate from the dining room. Also make sure your dining table is made from solid (unsplit) piece that you do not wrap up when you finish dining. The shape is preferably round or any other auspicious ones. The preferable number of chairs for your case would be 5 or 6 pieces. Avoid 4 and 7 chairs. Always remember there is one or two extra chairs on top of the number of members you have in one family. The reason there must be more chair is to create an environment of a“affordability” whereby you could invite friends and visitors to dine together, or even invite a new child into your life. The other good thing to do is to find something new which you could do together, like visiting the religious talk, attending an important seminar that would spark both person's interest, doing community work etc.

Do track your progress to see if there is any change after 3-6 weeks. Please don't hesitate to come back to us if you still have any doubts.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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