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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #3

1. Experiencing a rough time in career and how to improve career prospects.
2. Worried about health problems, how could Feng Shui help?
3. Curing bad door facing direction and missing corners, and looking forward for marriage proposals…
4. Toilet in the middle of the house…
5. How to remedy a bedroom directly on top of a garage?

Question 1: Experiencing a rough time in career after moving into a new apartment and how to improve career prospects.

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
I am a female born in Nov, 1972. I moved into an apartment two years ago and since then my career has gone down the drain. The toilets in the house are located in the southwest corner of the house. Could you recommend products from your website that I should purchase at this time and how to position them so that my career prospects are improved.



Hello Lakshmi,
Your kua number is 8 and you are a west group person. And your horoscope is rat.

Try to tap your sheng chi direction which is your southwest. Unfortunately, your sheng chi is being flushed away by your toilet. That is the reason your career is not doing so well. But don't worry, you may use other alternative methods.

Also I had learnt that two years ago, you had confronted the annual Grand Duke that could have initiated the bad effects on your career, and the bad luck could have lasted till now. Please get a Pi Yao for sure, as Pi Yao will help you get through the bad unfortunate times. Place the Pi Yao in your work desk or living room facing outwards towards your home's facing direction.

Pi Yao to help you through hard times

I would recommend the followings:
1. First, cure all the bad stars in your house. Please note that fatal 5-Yellow is in the southeast this year and Illness Star 2 is in the north. Please use metal, such as metal windchime, metal pagoda or metal wulou to capture these stars.

2. Next, trigger your feng shui eyes and take some time off to observe your surroundings, especially your front door or your balcony and all other important chi entry points. Is there any poison arrows such as roads, flyovers, bridges, tall tree, lamp post pointed straight directly to your chi entry points. If yes, then use either metal windchime or bagua to help remedy. Also tie the feng shui door bells with mystic knot and 3-Chien Lung coins at your main door and bedroom door to ring in good fortune.

Feng Shui Door Bell Set

3. Clear your clutters at home, in living room, dining, bedroom and kitchen to improve clarity in mind so that you can have more strategic thinking for your work.

4. Move to a bedroom that is located either in the west, southwest, northwest or northeast sectors of the house. Then place your bed in a commanding direction where you can see your bedroom door, with the headboard of the bed opposite direction to the door, either diagonally or perpendicularly. This is to protect you from harmful people and prevent backstabbing. Then sleep with your head pointing to one of the 4 best directions, the best being southwest for your case. Then place an amethyst tree by your bedside to enhance your career opportunities.

5. As for your kitchen, ensure that the cooking stove can lit up easily. Please repair or replace all broken switches and worn-out fire mouths etc. They must be in perfect working condition because the firemouth determines your income. Then let the mouth of your rice cooker or similar cooker face towards your sheng chi, the southwest. Which means, if you imagine yourself inside the cooker, when the lid is opened, southwest direction is the first thing you see. Then invest on a good pre-cooked rice container that has a proper lid to cover your pre-cooked rice all the time. Your rice must be preferably be full all the time. Don't ever leave it empty, else you will have nothing to eat. Place a red packet with 6 or 8 Chien Lung coins in it plus a few dollars real notes inside the rice container at the bottom so that your precook rice sits on it.

Wealthcat, gold ingots and crystal chips to create a "WEALTHBOWL"

6. Most importantly, fill up your home with lots of wealth symbols. Create a "wealth bowl". The most potent ones are the 3 legged money frog, Fuk Luk Sau, Laughing Buddha, Chien Lung coins, wealth pots, gold ingots and citrine gem tree. Emphasize in your living room, dining room and also work place. Place the Chien Lung coins everywhere in your house and gold ingots to signify more money coming in. Get a wealth ship to sail into your house. Focus on southeast corner and north corners of every room.

Fuk Luk Sau (left) and Chien Lung Coins (right)

7. Specifically to enhance your work, please invest on a bronze Kwan Kung. He will give you protection first against bad people, enhance support from your boss then guide you towards better leadership. Place Him in your office or home facing out. Place Him in the northwest sector of living room or work desk. And also important to get the 9 emperor coins to provide you with un-ending quest for career advancement. Place him behind your chair. And another must have is the dragon tortoise that had made miracles again and again to all our customers. Place dragon tortoise in your workdesk or behind you at work. Also place him in your living room facing out to the main door.

Dragon Tortoise(left) and 3-Coins inTrinity Knot(right)

8. Lastly, emphasize on body feng shui. Try to carry along with you the 3-Chien Lung coins tied with trinity knots to bring you more wealth luck. And wear yellow crystal & amethyst bracelet. Also wear some other gems such as adventurine to help increase your luck.

At the same time, be hardworking and work on our weaknesses. Remember, a successful person depends also very much on the attitude. Be kind to people and create compassion in work environment. Try not to be provoked easily and get angry so easily. These are a few facts of life that we need to achieve and work on to be successful and a winner. Increase your popularity. You will definitely be back on track again.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: Worried about health problems, how could Feng Shui help?

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
I am new to Feng Shui and would like your advise. I am awaiting results from biopsies taken from my cervix. How may I enhance the areas of my home that would be of help to me during this time and also afterwards? Thank you.



Dear Debra,
Please do not worry too much, else you would have lost half the war.It is important to visualize that everything will be fine to fight anxiety. Furthermore, the medical advancement today is so sophisticated that we can possibly counter most, if not all of the diseases.

As for now, you will need to check if there is any inauspicious annual stars at your main door location and its facing direction. This year, 5 yellow (fatal star is in southeast) while sickness star 2 is in the north. Also if your bedroom is in any of these locations, please by all means remedy it. The best way to remedy is to use metal energy, such as metal windchime, metal pagoda or metal calabashes.

Also lookout for any poison arrows that may be hitting your main door or at important positions such as your bedroom, dining and kitchen stove. Try to remedy them. For external, if poison arrows hitting your main door or other important chi entry points, remedy with bagua hanging on top of your main door outsite. For internal, if there are any beams, use flutes and windchime to remedy them.

Next is to ensure you sleep with your head pointed to your tien yi (heaven doctor) direction to gain some health luck from heaven. You may find that out by checking out your kua number. Once you find your "tien yi" direction, please sleep with your head pointed to that.

Next is to fill up your bedroom, home, workplace and your car with all the good health symbols to ensure you will live up to a ripe age. Symbols are very powerful to invoke your inner senses for you to fight for survivability and at the same time help to dissolve your health complications to manifest recovery. The best of all is the "wu lou" (gourd or calabashes). Focus on filling up the east site or your tien yi direction of your living room, dining and bedroom with health symbols.

Wu Lou (Gourd or Calabashes)

And of course last but not least, please commit to do lots of exercises and watch out your diet all the time. Also, if affordable, try to do some charitable work for the poor and disabled to gain some good mankind luck. This could help to smoothen your life and strengthen you.

Be positive and we wish you good luck, good health and good fortune.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Curing bad door facing direction and missing corners, and looking forward for marriage proposals…

Dear Scholar,
I have purchased a new house recently. It is an apartment on the 5th floor of a Seven story building. It is a two bedrooms, hall and kitchen apartment. My main door is facing West (i.e. when I come out of my house, I am facing the West). I think it is my bad (total loss) direction based on my Kua number. (but it is the best direction for my wife. Her DOB is 18-10-1972). The house is in my and my wife's joint name.

Secondly, if I try to plot my house's floor plan into exact rectangle, then I am having Lift in the SW corner of my apartment i.e. my house's SW corner in cut and there I am having lift. Also I am having extention of some of the corners i.e. in North and in East corner. Also in SE corner I am having water outlet for my Washing Machine.

Based on this description of my house, I am having following questions.
1. How to cure for main door facing my bad (i.e. total loss) direction?
2. How to cure for the cut in the SW corner and in general any corner of a house. I am having one sister staying with us for whom we look forward to received good proposals for marriage.
3. How to cure for lift in the SW corner of my house?
4. How to cure for extentions to the North and East corner & in general any corner?
5. How to cure for water outlet in SE corner of my house?

Bharat Katwala


Hello Bharat,

Greetings. Congratulations on your new home.

1. You may improve the non-ideal door facing direction by placing a Lo-Shu Dragon Tortoise sitting on "bagua" at the vicinity of your maindoor and let it face your good direction. Since your sheng chi is in the south, it would be ideal to face the loshu dragon tortoise on bagua to the south. The loshu must be within the vicinity of the main door. Please get this version only and not other types of dragon tortoise that don't sit on a bagua. The item is specially designed to help remedy this situation.

Dragon Tortoise on Bagua can remedy bad door facing direction

2. Looks like you are a serious practitioner of 8 Aspirations Bagua School. Actually we think differently. 8-Aspirations is very useful for practice of symbolism in feng shui. It is a very useful method to obtain directions and locations to enhance your different types of luck in 8 directions in a specific room. But we do not believe that a missing southwest corner would lead to missing love luck. But we thought it would be great to boost up the southwest corner of her bedroom and her nien yien direction (according to her kua) with symbols of marriage, such as the double happiness symbol, mandarin ducks with their necks tied together, rose quartz gemtree and also request her to use lots of rose quartz bracelet in her lingerie.

Rose Quartz Bracelet

3. If the lift is outside the flat unit, then do not worry about it since it will not be considered part of your house. If you absolutely think that missing corner is important, you may install full length mirrors from ceiling to ground on the walls that houses the lift.

4. The extensions in your north and east are okay unless there are bad flying star combinations there. Use five element method to cure accordingly if it is so. I suggest you get the book written by Elizabeth Moran (Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui). It is the best available book on flying star and classical feng shui

5. Please do not worry that toilet or water outlet in the southeast will drain out your wealth. We do not use 8 aspirations in the case of designing water flow and water outlet for feng shui. Instead if you are concerned about that, you should consider using the powerful formula on "water dragon". That would be customized by your feng shui master according to your house orientation etc. Alternatively, you may choose to enhance by placing an aquarium in the southeast corner of your living room to enhance your wealth luck according to 8 aspirations.

Good luck, good fortune and prosperity to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Toilet in the middle of the house…

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
Thanks so much for your kind response to my previous inquiry, remedying bathroom in the middle of my home.

We have lived in the house for 15 years and we are all healthy and have on-going good luck for the most part.

Could you suggest reading material on the "flying stars practices"- I am not familiar with that school- it sounds interesting.

Also- what are wu lou?

Thanks again, and I will continue to recommend your site to my friends and associates.

Sarah W. Chenkin, Ph.D. Psychologist


Hello Dr. Sarah,

Greetings. We feel very honoured to be able to be helping a psychologist :D.

I m so glad that your family is enjoying very good feng shui despite the toilet being directly in the center of the house. If that is the case, you may choose to maintain it and do nothing!

Center (being like the heart of a house) is the place where energy is strongest in the house, and the energy spreads throughout the whole house. So, if the center is afflicted, it may cause general problems to life (such as having difficulty to attain our goals etc) and also having health complications. That was why I felt worried when you told me your toilet is at the center. Since your family is doing so well and having excellent health, there must be something else in your house that had contributed towards protecting the effect, like the stove direction must have been good. By all means, please do not move or do heavy renovation to your stove and big pieces of furniture in your kitchen. And also your bed positioning for every member of your family could have been very ideal.

"Wu lou" is actually gourd or calabashes . Wu Lou has long been used by chinese to absorb all the illnesses, evil spirits and bad luck. Therefore placing a pair tied with red ribbons by our bedsides ensure good health and living till to a "ripe age". They also are able to trap all the unlucky stars that might fly into our rooms in certain months. This is a true experience I must share with you. I had a pair in my bedroom, and I do not fall sick so easily anymore compared to when I was younger. Sometimes I may have mild fever, but I recover within less than a day resting on my bed with wu lou beside me. It may sound magical, but it is true. For security reasons in your case, place a pair of Wu Lou in each bedrooms and dining area to ensure good health for the family.

Flying Star feng shui is a form of classical feng shui formula used to study the chi (energy) broken into 8 sectors and center area of a building or house by analysing the water and mountain star combinations in each area. Every house with a different facing direction will have different kind of luck.

There are many books on Flying Stars that I have read, but only three books are considered readable. I personally would recommend three books:
1.Elizabeth Moran's Complete Idiots Guide to Feng Shui. She had explained so well about the fundamentals of classical feng shui and is very suitable for starters. And you can also find Eliz's email address in the book, whereby she would respond to answer your questions if you have any. I tried it and she replied very graciously. That is the generosity that not many masters would have.
2.The next good book that was written very well by a prestigious Master Eva Wong from Hong Kong is entitled "A Master Course in Feng Shui". This is considered a more advance version and considered a bible to many of the classical feng shui master practitioners.
3. Last but not least is Lillian Too's Flying Star. She has some in-depth point of view about Flying Stars and she had studied her methods through Yap Cheng Hai (Grand master in Classical Feng Shui). This book has more practical examples and not so much on theory which makes your knowledge more complete after reading the above two books.

Thank you for your kindness in spreading words around about us. We are very grateful to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 5: How to remedy a bedroom directly on top of a garage?

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
My bedroom is directly above our garage and according to Lillian Too that is not a good thing. What can I do to make it better? What kind of feng shui tools can I use to counter act the bad energy? Please advise.



Hello Shirley,

Yes, it may not be so auspicious. But don't worry, there are cures to help. Place a feng shui tortoise under your bed. Besides that, also hang 3 feng shui 5 rod windchimes at your garage to slow down the chi.

Feng Shui Tortoise

Another alternative (optional) is more difficult to implement, that is to paint a large trunk of a tree on the wall of your garage from ground to ceiling level for support.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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