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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #2

1. Possibility of changing to a Period 8 house and changing the Flying Stars Chart by tilting the maindoor
2. How to overcome a difficult time in life?
3. Problems with money draining out, immigration, love and children

Question 1: Possibility of changing to a Period 8 house and changing the Flying Stars Chart by tilting the maindoor

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
I refer to Lilian Too's Flying Star Feng Shui for Master Practionersand would greatly appreciate it if you could advise me on the following matter:

My recently bought house sits South and faces North. My main door has a compass bearing of 15 degrees which would make it a North 3 Koay house.

Based on Period 7 flying star chart, my home is a Sum of Ten house. On the other hand, my home is an East house while four (including myself) out of our five family members belong to the West Group.

I am currently going through the renovation plan with my interior designer and I hope to commence my renovation in mid October 2003 to early November 2003 and complete the renovation and move in by March 2004.

As Period 8 is around the corner, I am quite keen on tilting my main door in order for it to have a compass bearing of 30 degrees in the hope of making my home a North East 1 choh house and a Period 8 Sum of 10 house as the chart of a North 3 koay house in Period 8 does not have many auspicious sectors for me to draw on. Doing so will also allow me to capitalise on the auspiciousness of the North East/South West axis and at the same time make the house a West house.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could advise me on the following -

Will tilting my main door change my home's facing direction and make it a North East 1 choh house and a Period 8 Sum of Ten house for the purpose of casting flying stars and make it a West house so that I can draw on all their auspiciousness?

Must I complete my renovation after 4 February 2004 or will it be in order for me to complete the renovation before and move in after 4 February 2004?



Hello Eric
No doubt that such a major renovation that you are conducting will definitely change the period of your house to PERIOD 8 HOUSE. Changing maindoor, roof tiles and refreshing earth energy by changing floor tiles will definitely work for you.

I m afraid your idea of changing the main door facing direction will not change the sitting and facing direction of your entire house. And this is much of a debate among feng shui masters. Since you are an amateur feng shui practitioner, you may want to decide for yourself whether you want to consider our recommendation.

The first thing to look at when we talk about flying star feng shui is the sitting position of the house. As a rule of thumb, the sitting position is in one line with where the back of the house is (usually where the kitchen, the back door and the restroom is placed). Then the facing direction of the whole house MUST be directly opposite to the sitting direction.

In flying star, it is the maindoor's location that is important, not the facing direction. For example you should try your best to have your main door located in the one of the 8 sectors where you have good water star, especially star #8 if you want to tap period 8 luck. And we are glad you know that in the next 20 yrs, some houses facing west is going to be excellent.

In feng shui, people change the facing directions of their house to tap to their sheng chi direction according to 8 Mansions, because the door is where the chi entry point is and it is important for the chi to come from your favorable direction so that your crown chakra benefits from the chi. Therefore, tilting the facing direction of the door is not for the purpose of tilting the whole house and change the entire flying star chart of the house.

The period of a house is determined by the day when the last piece of roof is completely fixed onto the ceiling of the house. We need to ensure the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind to give birth to a new house for that period. In this case, sunlight that shines into your house through the unclosed roof determines heaven energy. Meanwhile, earth energy is the flooring and mankind refers to your construction workers who patch up the roofing for you. We need all these three energies to come together to let a new house be born. Therefore, if you want your house born in period 8, let the last piece of roof be placed after FEB 2004.

In essence, changing the period of the house is easy, but reorganizing the flying stars of a house (which is determine by facing direction of the house and sitting position) could be really challenging.

Eric, but please don't be too upset about our feng shui recommendations. There is definitely a way out for the concerns. We cannot have the best combinations of everything, unless we buy a plot of land with ARM CHAIR formation of mountains and then start to build it with sitting and facing directions very well done. We can hardly find one house that can be 100% ideal.

Use the 5 element method to counter bad effects of stars 2, 3, 5 and 7. Meanwhile, try to boost up your water star#8 and mountain start#8. And also use lots of auspicious symbols and objects in your house to nourish the chi.

Besides reading from Lillian Too's book, you may also want to try out Eva Wong's and Elizabeth Moran's book (Eliz is Master Albert Yu's disciple). These are the two books we consider the best available on classical feng shui.

We wish you good luck always.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: How to overcome a difficult time in life?

Respected Feng Shui Scholars,
I would like to introduce myself as Ms Sunanda. I am a female born on December 10th 1965, India. I wanted your advise regarding the most specific and potent products from your website that you would recommend me to purchase at this time and how to position them so that I can derive the maximum benefit with regards to my personal life, career and wealth.

I am going through an unlucky period and need to seek employment. I will also change my residence soon. Could you advise me on the best directions for my house and the other directions that would be suited to get maximum overall benefit in wealth, career, fulfilling relations etc.

Many thanks and regards


Dear Sunanda
The easiest means to practice Feng Shui without inviting a Feng Shui Master for an audit is to follow the 8 Mansions Formula and 8 Aspirations Theory.

Your kua number is 7. Your Sheng Chi (life generating direction) is NW. By all means when you eat your meals and at work, face the NW. The most ideal house for you is one that has the maindoor facing NW too. It would also be ideal if you have the mouth of your kitchen stove or your rice cooker face towards this direction (this means when you cook at the stove, your back faces NW). When you are sleeping, also ensure your head is pointed towards NW.

Next is to enrich your surroundings with Feng Shui symbols to enhance your surrounding chi. I have checked with my colleague regarding your order. You have chosen the most powerful item which is the Victory 5 Dragon Flags Kwan Kung. You may place him in the NW of your living room or have him near the main entrance of your house with his face facing outwards.

The Pi Yao can be placed anywhere, but if to appease Grand Duke Jupiter, place the item in the SSW of your house during this lunar year. If not, you may place the Pi Yao anywhere in your living room for it to trap good fortune as good chi enters your maindoor. Let it face towards the door. The Pi Yao helps people overcome problems when facing a long period of bad luck .

As for the nine emperor coins, you may hang it at your north area of your house, either living room or your bedroom to generate career luck. Or place them into your account books to generate income.

For coinsword, place it in your northwest of living room to invite mentor luck.

The wu lou should be placed by your bed to lead you to good health.

I believe with those items you have purchased, they should be able to help you resolve most of the issues to a very high extent (especially with the presence of Kwan Kung).

Maybe you would want to try more later after your energizers begin to work. Next items you should be considering would be the dragon (to blow cosmic chi into your living space), the dragon tortoise (to help you find a better job) and 9 pieces of wealth frogs ( to help bring you more sources of income). They should be large and as heavy as possible for ultimate effectiveness.

Build each aspiration one at a time using 8 aspirations theory. When you start to see results, then extend to more. But remember that a person's destiny is also determine by his/her heaven luck (karma) and mankind luck (good deeds, self capabilities and skills and education). Kindly not leave out on those areas as well.

Good luck to you.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Problems with money draining out, immigration, love and children

Dear Scholar,
I am new to feng shui and I happen come across your website. I would like to ask for your advice regarding feng shui.
a) Lately I have been spending some money and nothing is coming in. My income remains the same but my expenses grew bigger. What can I do about this?
b) I am waiting for a decision from the INS, what can I do to influence a positive decision about my case. I really want a POSITIVE answer from them. What can I do about this?
c) My love life SUCKS. I am with a guy for 6 years now and I don't think were are going anywhere. I know I should forget him but it is just so hard. What can I do to forget him or what can i do to make him finally marry me?
d) I want my kids to respect me more than ever. what can I do about this?

Sorry for all the questions. I am looking foreward to hearing from you.

Take care and all the best,


Hello Carmy,


a) Firstly, to address the problem of wealth draining out, it is best to get cures and enhancers to not only grow your wealth, but able to sustain it as well. The most effective enhancers are the Military Wealth God, Treasure Pot or Chinese Coins, Magical Three coins, Money Frog and Piyao. The Military Wealth God will bring to you wealth luck from the heaven. Meanwhile, treasure pot and chinese coins would increase your income luck and windfall luck. The money frog is a popular enhancer to enhance windfall luck. Meanwhile, the piyao (very popular in Shanghai) has the capability to trap wealth in his stomach and never let it out. The piyao will also help you address a hard time and a period of misfortune. The piyao will also help to prevent illnesses and accidents and harmful people. Place them in either the southeast sector or tap on your personal sheng chi direction.

b) I guess INS refers to "Immigration and Neutralization Services". To help you migrating smoothly, you may want to try getting a ship or an aeroplane and place them in your northwest (if you want some helpful people assisting you in immigration). Or alternatively, you may also place those objects facing out towards your maindoor to signify flying out of the house.

c)To enhance your love life, I will strongly recommend you the mandarin ducks. Tie their heads together with a red ribbon knot to ensure lasting relationship. Also I would recommend you to go for the rose quartz gemtree to shower you with lots of love luck. And if you wish to get married, then get the double happiness symbol to get you the marriage luck. Place all these items in your bedroom at the southwest corner or at your nien yen direction.

d)To create a happy and harmonious family, it is best to invite the powerful laughing buddha into your homes. To ensure filial children you may get a dragon tortoise and placed him at the west sector of your house. And if you are the more dominant type and thinking of increasing your authority, get the sceptre (ru yi).

Lastly, please sleep with your head facing your sheng chi direction. Also try eating your meals facing your best directions. Same goes for you at the workplace. When you do anything important, try to face the good directions.

Next important area to focus on is the dinner table. Please ensure the dinner table is not broken. Round tables are the best but square ones are also okay. Have all the chairs properly arranged, good numbers for the number of chairs will depend on how many people you have in your family. There must be 1 or 2 more extra chairs to signify your ability to invite new people into your homes. Good number of chairs are 3, 6, 8 and 9. Avoid other numbers. Please make it a point that the family dine together more frequently. This is important because that is the time when you can take time to focus and understand on each other's problems and address them.

Good luck, good fortune and prosperity to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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