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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #15

1. 5 Element Dragons with Water Feature Becomes Powerful
2. Problems with Competitors Snatching Business
3. Tips on Looking for a New House
4. Using Feng Shui For Those Living In Quarters
5. Activating for Wealth, Health and Harmony

Question 1: 5 Element Dragons with Water Feature Becomes Powerful

Dear Feng Shui Scholar.
I have a few questions which I hope you may be able to answer. We have the 5 element dragons, in what position do they merge and bond? Do you put them in a circle, to form the productive cycle with the fire element dragon facing south or side by side.

Also do the compass directions change if we are in the southern hemisphere?

Water brings the dragons to life, would placing these dragons in a bowl which contains the Crystal Lotus Water Fountain enhance the dragons? We also have the Treasure Filled Cloisonne Pumpkin, is it better to have the lid closed on the pumpkin or have the treasures visible?

Final question,is it good or bad to display photographs of deceased loved ones?

Many Thanks


Dear Gabriele,
You can place the 5 Element Dragons side by side, in circular position or even at random. I m glad you thought about the productive cycle of five elements where fire produce earth produce metal produce water produce wood, which means you can place red-yellow-clear-blue-green successively. That is how it is meant for. But there is no need to worry about which dragon to place in which direction. If you like to do that, by all means do that. But if you can't, you can place all of them together in any of the 8 directions, because the presence of all 5 Elements actually balances the energy and give "sheng chi" to any corner. That is to solve the elemental problem of any enhancers and their make.

Five Element Dragons

The compass direction at southern hemisphere will not change. Please continue to use the compass direction. Yes, if you place the 5 Element Dragons in the vicinity or into your water features, they will work remarkably powerful.

Golden Harvest Treasure Pumpkin

You will have to close the lids of the Treasure Pumpkin and save the treasures inside to make it work for you! We had many customers coming back to tell us how wonderful the item had worked for them.

Good luck to you!

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: Problems with Competitors Snatching Business

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
I was born December, 1951. I set up a small business in the Philippines and let my sister managed it. For the first couple of years it was okay. Few years later competitors rise up unbelievably and over powering my business and taking my customers with them. Please help me, I don't know what to do.

Respectfully yours,


Dear Lourdes,

In the business world, when you become successful, sour grapes will appear where they normally get jealous and vow to win you over and snatch your good things away. These are not smart business people. The wise ones will think of ways to maintain good relationship with the ones in the same field to harmoniously earn a living together and together help each other sustain for a long long time. Else sooner or later, they will find themselves frustrated and unable to survive either.

To maintain competitiveness and able to battle to survive in such situation, you will require to invite the 5 Dragon Flags Kwan Kung into your business premises and have HIM face the maindoor. He will keep a watchful eye on those who are trying to play dirty tactics on you. The other option is to place HIM in your own home where you are staying and let HIM face the maindoor. There are two sizes, one huge and another limited edition one which is slightly smaller. You may get either one depending on your budget and space.

Five Flags Kwan Kung

Of course you ought to revamp your business to understand the gap that had allowed your competitors to snatch your customers away. Fill up the gap and then change the strategy to move your own direction. Especially if pricing strategy used by your competitors are keen, there is no use to continue on because all of you could end up working hard throughout your life and making no money. Let them compete among themselves and work hard their whole life without getting rich. Instead, you could brainstorm on a better marketing strategy and change your direction in service to come out unique. Or sway away into a different area because there are so many fields that could bring you business.
Gold Plated Brass Arowana and Red Jade Tortoises

Also useful if you get the gold arowana on your workdesk because the arowana is very effective at bringing business luck. It promises new business waves coming your way. On the other hand, if you like to see improvement, a fleet of eight heightening red jade tortoises will also help secure your improvement in business. Hang it at your sheng chi direction.

Green Dragon and Fuk Luk Sau

Based on your birth date, you belong to the rabbit zodiac. To improve in your business career, you can personalized your luck by placing the Green Aventurine Young Dragon to spark up new luck in your career after a year of struggle in the past. The young green dragon will bring you many new opportunities and new business luck.

To improve wealth luck, place the Fuk Luk Sau in the southwest of your living room. The Fuk Luk Sau will ensure smooth accumulation of wealth and foster harmonious relationship to invite more good friends into your life. The rabbit needs friends to bring them money in 2006. Also place the Quiren at work and in your bedroom to bring benefactors in 2006. Wear the 5 Eye Dzi Wealth Pendant to manifest good fortune from the 5 directions.
5 Eyes Dzi Wealth Pendant

The rabbit and dog are secret friends to each other. Based on the theory of Liu He, placing the fortune dog in the Northwest will specially benefit the Rabbit for economic growth.
Fortune Dog

Hope this helps.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Tips on Looking for a New House

Hello Scholar,

We are planning to buy a house but there are so many things to consider Feng Shui-wise. What are the most important things that I need to be aware of when looking at homes?

Gemminy Crickette


Dear Gemminy,

There are just too many things you will need to look at when buying a house. An email is unable to write it all.

But in general, you may want to make sure that the house is
1. free from poison arrows facing the maindoor and front facing direction
2. free from view of schools, hospitals, churches, graveyard etc
3. is built on a regular land plot, like rectangle or square
4. with good balance of mountains or building structures around it, for example with presence of green dragon on the left and a black turtle at the back.
5. has good natal flying stars chart. You may check out our article which had been nominated as the best summary for flying stars by the International I-Ching Society, written originally by us.
6. correct locations of toilet and kitchen and stairs.

Good luck!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Using Feng Shui For Those Living In Quarters

I was wondering if it's even possible to improve my living quarters with feng shui when there is so much clutter surrounding the building that I'am living at. I would like to improve my wealth, health, prosperity. If its possible, what items would be the best ones? There are so many different types I don't know which ones to pick. Thank you.

Pat McCabe


Dear Pat,
There is the micro level and makro level in feng shui. If you cannot do anything with the makro level, you can always do within your own micro level which is the space you live in for example the bedroom.

Yes, you are right about the number of enhancers available. But each one is unique by itself because of different meanings behind them. On the areas you would like to enhance in, I would recommend the followings:
1. Wealth - since you are living in quarters and not in your own home, identifying the water star#8 position and activating it may not be appropriate. What you can invest on is the Wealth Blossom Treasure Groundnuts, the 24K Gold Arowana, 24K Gold Pig Carrying Ingots and the Wealth Absorbing 3-Coins Obsidian Wulou. These item fits nicely into small quarters. On top of that you can also wear some luck enhancing crystals, especially those made from natural genuine citrine, like the bunch of natural citrine chips bracelet and the 9 Eye Dzi with 8 Shaped Citrine bracelet.

Treasure Groundnut and 9 Eye Dzi 8 Shaped Citrine Bracelet

2. Health - to ensure you keep sickness at bay, you can go for the 8 red jade tortoises amulet beside your bed and also the vintage tortoise and crane longevity coin hung at your bedroom's doorknob.

Vintage Tortoise and Crane Coin

3. Prosperity - money frogs are one of the most popular enhancers for those who desire to get rich. Since you are in the quarters, the best is to get the 5 Emperor Coins Money Frog to draw as much riches from all directions to you as possible. If possible, you can also place the 5 Element Gold Ingots made from 5 colored crystals in the vicinity of the frogs.

5 Emperor Coins Money Frog and 5 Element Gold Ingots

Good luck!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 5: Activating for Wealth, Health and Harmony

I am just now being introduced to feng shui. i have 1 money frog, 3 laughing buddhas and 1 gold elephant. can you tell me where to put these objects to bring us wealth, good health and harmony in the house? my kua no. is 1 and my husband is a 9. our house faces west. let me know what objects i still need to bring good vibrations and get rid of the bad ones.

Marge USA


Dear Marge,
We have many customers who request us to comment and provide advice on products they bought from other places, but we do not wish to give any comments because we do not know the authenticity and wish to keep away from criticizing to maintain good business ethics.

If your maindoor is not facing your correct orientation which is the east directions, then you can cure this orientation problem with our authentic Noble Tortoise Bagua Loshu .

Noble Tortoise Bagua Loshu

To improve luck in wealth, health and harmony, we recommend the followings:
1. Wealth - when we talk about wealth, we refer to long term finance growth that will last from one generation to another. To make this happen, the best is to activate your Water Star #8 according to your natal flying stars chart based on your home's facing direction and period it was built. You could also tap on the annual flying star #8, which is located in the north sector of all houses this year. To activate this white star #8, you can display our 8 White Stars Ornament with Ken in those locations. To accumulate abundance and sustain good growth of wealth, you should also not miss out on keeping a wealth vase. For that, you are recommended to select and build the most complete set of 8-Carps Wealth Vase set.

8 White Stars Ornament with Ken & 8-Carps Wealth Vase set

2. Health - The most authentic area to activate your health is the sector where mountain star#8 is in your natal flying star chart. Place a natural yellow jasper mountain in that area. Or you can also place the same 8 White Stars Ornament to make it more pronounced in activating this mountain star. Next, is you have to ensure you have a pair of crane and deer by your bedside to ensure you longevity. You can also hang the Longevity Tortoise Crane Coin at your bedroom's doorknob. Do not forget to cure the Illness Stars #2 in your home be it annual or natal charts.

Yellow Jasper Mountain & Deer and Crane

3. Harmony - First and foremost to ensure harmony, be sure that your center of the house is cured with our 3 Prisms on Triangle. You may also invite the Gods of Harmony the "Her Her Deities of Relationship" into your living room to sustain a harmonious family always. What is more, you can also carry along or hang in windows or your car the Jade Lotus Amulet.

Three Triangular Prisms with Li

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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