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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #12

1. Confused about the trigrams arrangement on Bagua Mirrors?
2. Combatting Water Star#5 in Flying Stars of a home
3. Placing the ashes of a beloved pet
4. Overcome unhappiness and finding true love
5. Curing hallways and slow down rushing chi into the toilet
6. Using feng shui to help in curing chronic illness
7. Do-it-yourself Feng Shui of a condo
8. How to cure a mirror?
9. How to remedy poison arrows entering from window behind where we sit?
10. What can I get for Xmas to increase my wealth luck?
11. Regaining management support and career luck...

Question 1: Confused about the trigrams arrangement on Bagua Mirrors?

Hi Scholar,
Why the bagua trigrams I see over the internet are different from what is actually found in the bagua trigram arrangements in the bagua mirrors you sell? In the internet, the CHIEN trigram is in the bottom right, but in your bagua mirror the CHIEN trigram is in the top. Please let me know.



Dear Ruthcheesman,
The reason is because there were two types of arrangements for the trigrams in the bagua, namely the EARLY HEAVEN and LATER HEAVEN bagua trigrams. The proper arrangement is the EARLY HEAVEN arrangement originated from the I-Ching, whereby the bagua should have the Chien trigram at the top and Kun trigram at the bottom to set up potent energy in repelling bad luck. Only such arrangement produces powerful effects and is suggested as the premium requirement by authentic classical feng shui masters.

Situations that normally requires bagua cure

We also would like to extend our advice to readers that it is always recommended to use only the "concave bagua" and not the "convex bagua" when dispelling rushing shar chi. The convex bagua reflects shar chi to scatter all over the places and cause damage to the feng shui of your surrounding area including your neighbours' feng shui. This could cause harm to your neighbourhood which could bring accidents and disasters in front of your home vicinity. It could also invite unnecessary bagua war among neighbours. Remember that if you hang such a bagua, your neighbour will have to defend by using stronger cures back against you.

The powerful San Kwang Bagua with Early Heaven Trigram on a metal plate

For those who wants to dispel off stronger shar chi such as those from the cemetery, churches, sharp arrows and a large flyover bridge, you may choose to use the Fu Dog Bagua as an alternative for more powerful protection.

The Fu Dog Bagua dispels evil energy and strong shar chi

Good luck to you!

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: Combatting Water Star#5 in Flying Stars of a home

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
I am borned on 31/08/1964 and has ming kua 9. Wife-8, daughter-4, sons-7 and 2. We are living in an apartment building facing S2 which entrance to the building facing E1 in a period 7 house. The entrance to our apartment is at the NE sector of the apartment unit. This NE palace has a combination of 9-1-5-8 (mountain-base-water-annual stars). It said that the five ghosts and the "direct spirit" (zhen shen) reside here for 20 years! I have had a great misfortune due to this. What remedy should I have to apply for this cure? We cannot avoid this palace since this is the only in-and-out of the apartment. Pls advice. Thank you very much in advance.

Vincent Nguyen


Dear Vincent,

We are terribly sorry to hear about the misfortune. But don't worry, the problem you are facing is very easy to remedy.

9-5 is one of the worst combinations because 9 is a magnifier and 5 is deadly. Water star#5 could bring financial losses, bankruptcy and disaster if not well taken care of especially where the maindoor is because each time you open the door, the swing of the door activates it. For readers out there, for your information this water star #5 is different from the annual affliction Five Yellow. This water star#5 stays permanently in the same sector of a house. Meanwhile, the annual Five Yellow moves about from year to year. Both are fatal and must be cured. You may check your home's water star#5 here.

The remedy is very simple, just place one or more 5-Element Pagoda in that area to capture this water star#5. If you feel one is not enough, because ths space is big or because you use the door too often or the door is too big, then by all means place a few more and it can go up to 6 maximum in the same location. Also hang 2 six rods windchime in front of your entrace by the side of the door. That should help resolve your problem and leave you no worries. You and your whole family will be safe then.

5 Element Pagoda

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Placing the ashes of a beloved pet

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
I have recently suffered the loss of my beloved pet. We have her ashes in our house. Is there a special place to kkep the ashes in the house or would we be better off making a special spot to bury the ashes outside?



Hello Barbara,

Greetings. Our condolences regarding the passing away of your beloved pet.

The remains of the death is considered to be "yin energy" and is not suitable to remain in a "yang dwelling". Although your own pet will not harm you, but we still advise you to bury it outside the house. We believe that life is made from earth and when they die, they should go back to earth, therefore burying it is the best. I know it is hard to go over the hard time at this moment, but more time will heal everything. I m sure your pet would like to see you strengthen up and continue to lead a good life.

Please find a spot in the garden and bury it. But please do not put a cross or make any grave stones in the garden. Remember to chant good words and visualize that your pet has found a good place in heaven when you bury it.

Hope this helps. Good days ahead of you.

Good luck!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Overcome unhappiness and finding true love

Dear FS Scholar,
Came onto the Feng Shui Bestbuy website in hopes that I could find something to help my life go in good directions. My birthdate is Feb.11, 1986. About 2 and a half years ago, my brother passed away, and right after my boyfriend cheated on me and I have been unlucky with any other guys that are in my life. Everyone seems to smother me or not be interested. The only thing going well is my advancement in my job. Please suggest any products I could use and what to do with them. Thank you very very much!



Dear Janelle,
We are sorry to hear about the misfortunes that you are facing.

To get over with the bad tidings and sufferings quick, you may invite the Red Robe Laughing Buddha to bring in new energy and revitalize the moods. The Laughing Buddha brings happiness and removes obstacles and hardships so that you will enjoy a smooth ride in the coming days.

Red Robe Laughing Buddha revitalizes new energy in homes, removes obstacles, fights quarrelsome energy and brings back happiness to the family

Next, please check if there is any affliction in these two locations of your house you are staying:
1. Southwest corner
2. Your Nien Yen corner

Afflictions means having toilet, store room or kitchen there. You may cure SW with a metal windchime if it is afflicted with a toilet. Depending on the location of your nien yen, if afflicted, you may cure with "5 Element Method". This cure method does not only apply to your four good directions of the 8 Mansions Formula, but it also applies to you if you practise 8 Aspirations Theory:
1. Toilet in the South - place an urn of water.
2. Toilet in the East and SE - hang a 5-rods windchime.
3. Toilet in the West and NW - use bright lights and red curtains in the toilet.
4. Toilet in the North - place large earthen pots/furnishing or stone in the toilet.
5. Toilet in the NE and SW - hang a 5-rods windchime or use green curtains in the toilet.

5 Rods Windchime

Next best thing for you to do is to orientate your head to point to the nien yen direction when you sleep. The best is move your bed to a solid wall of your nien yen direction. Remember that there must be a solid wall at the head of your bed. Avoid sleeping with your head pointing to empty spaces, toilet or windows even though that direction is good for you. Also when you watch tv or eat your meals, you need to also try your best to face the nien yen direction.

Rose Quartz Rabbit is the Peach Blossom Luck enhancer for those born under zodiac Tiger, Horse and Dog

To accelerate your new love luck and invite someone into your life, you may utilize the effective Peach Blossom Flower Luck Formula. According to your birthdate, your zodiac is Tiger. Therefore your Peach Blossom Animal is Rabbit. Place this rabbit in your peach blossom direction which is the "east" corner of your bedroom, living room and your office. It will definitely spruce up your love luck and invite proposals.

Rose Quartz Apple Pendant and Mystic Knot Bracelet suitable to smoothen love relationships and bring everlasting peace in a love relationship

Next, to ensure a smooth relationship in future, place one or more rose quartz crystal ball in your southwest corner and nien yen corner in your bedroom. If affordable, you could also wear the rose quartz apple pendant to invite peaceful relationships to you. Don't forget also the other potent love enhancers like "double happiness symbol" that could bring you strong marriage luck.

Double Happiness Symbol is the most powerful emblem of marital bliss

And to ensure not meeting bad lovers and instead getting an everlasting lover, get the magical jade mystic knot rose quartz bracelet. If you could afford, you may also wear the jade mystic knot pendant. Remember to also get the dragon-phoenix coin set for marital bliss.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 5: Curing hallways and slow down rushing chi into the toilet

Dear FS Scholar,
My front door opens onto a narrow straight hallway which ends in a T-junction. The bathroom door faces directly towards the front door. The righth and 'arm' of the T leads to the kitchen, the left-hand to the bedrooms, with the master bedroom door facing down the hallway. All the hallways are very narrow, so no room for furniture. I keep the bathroom door closed at all times, but wonder if there is anything else I should do to mitigate its effect.



Dear Anne,
To slow down the rushing chi all the way into your toilet, you got to hang the faceted crystal balls along the narrow hallway leading to your toilet. Also try to hang some good feng shui pictures on the walls along the hallway to slow down the chi. This will remedy your problem instantly.

Beautiful Faceted Crystal Ball and Feng Shui Art to slow down rushing chi


Good luck to you!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 6: Using feng shui to help in curing chronic illness

Dear FS Scholar,
I have a son who has a chronic illness. My son gets sicker when it's FULL MOON. Is there anything that you can recommend? I really appreciate your help regarding this matter. Thank you.


Dear Stella,
We are sorry to hear about your son's condition. We have had a discussion among ourselves here, and have not had experience with the Full Moon syndrome. But we will let you know what you should do using feng shui.

First and foremost, please seek medical advice from a professional doctor and follow doctor's prescription. Next is to seek religious help too if possible.

Genuine Bamboo Flutes and Natural Crystal Star of David cures internal poison arrows

From a feng shui perspective, there are a few things you could do.

Firstly, check to make sure there are no poison arrows, be it external or internal. Large pointing sharp objects, T-junctions, a straight pole etc could exert negative forces through the windows of his room. If there are any of those things, please cure them by placing a bagua outsite his window. You may also hang some faceted crystal balls to deflect away the shar chi. Internally, if there are any beams, by all means move his bed away from it. Cure the beams with a pair of genuine bamboo flutes. Do not let any sharp edges of furniture pieces or pillars shooting at him as well. Wrap or camouflage them intelligently using other furniture pieces or cloth or anything you can think of. If you want to deflect away any other bad types of energy just in case you cannot see them, place the 7 crystal balled Star of David in the bedroom.

6-Coins Wulou and 5 Bats Longevity Amulet cures illnesses

Then check your home's permanent flying star chart depending on when your house was built and the facing direction of the house. Determine where water and mountain stars #2's and #5's are. Make sure they are cured properly with 5 Element Pagoda and 6 Coin Metal Wulou. If his bedroom is located in those areas, you can choose to move him out to another better room.

As for enhancement, there are two sectors very important for your son.
1. His personal Tien Yi direction, this is his heaven doctor's location and direction. If possible let him live in the corner of the house where his Tien Yi direction is. Also let his head point to that corner. Place a pair of natural wulou in this area and his bedroom.
2. East corner - universal health corner according to bagua 8 Aspirations. Place the 5 Bats Longevity Amulet in this location and also the tortoise.

If possible, please cook with oven or rice cooker that opens and faces his Tien Yi direction as well.

The king of all dzis, 9 Eyed Dzi protect against disturbances from evil stars and evil spirits

For protection against evil and enhance his health luck, please get for him a 9 Eyed Dzi for protection. To bring him more chances of turnover luck for healing, get him the rainbow obsidian sphere and mystic knot amulet for everlasting luck.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 7: Do-it-yourself Feng Shui of a condo

Dear FS Scholar,
Hello! I just moved to a condo and I'm interested in a feng shui practioner in my area. I live in Rhode Island. Do you know of any good ones. I would love to start this process as soon as pssible. Thank you.


Dear Vanessa,
We are sorry we do not know of any feng shui master available in your area. But, don't worry. We always believe in the "do-it-yourself" first.

Here are the simple steps:
1. Protect against any poison arrows external and internal to your house. External poison arrows are such as roof ridges, sharp angles, straight road, big tree etc that are facing your windows and doors. For condominiums in specific, normally if your maindoor is facing a staircase, escalator or lift, place a pair of fu dogs to cure the rushing shar chi.
2. Check your personal kua number and orientate your door, stove, bed and dining positions.
3. Check your flying stars, cure the bad ones and enhance the good ones.
4. Activate each corner according to 8 Aspirations theory.

A pair of Fu Dogs most effectively cure condo's main door facing staircase, neighbours maindoor and lift

Good luck to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 8: How to cure a mirror?

Dear FS Scholar,
You stated that bed next to mirror was not good. What would you suggest or recommend to cure this bad chi.


Dear Rosalina,

You got to block the mirror out of sight with a partition or a cloth or remove it right away. You cannot cure a mirror other than removing it because the mirror will only amplify whatever they are reflecting. If they amplify your bed, it brings sex scandals and third parties. Also it makes you tired in the morning because according to Taoist Feng Shui when our wandering souls starts to return to our body after our sleep, it will face a hardtime differentiating between the mirror and us.

Good luck to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 9: How to remedy poison arrows entering from window behind where we sit?

Dear FS Scholar,
In my office, I sit behind a big window as well as a window on my left hand side. The corner of the window meets a busy traffic crossing section. What should I do to avoid the bad luck?
Yukching Mak


Dear Yukching,

You may hang the 8 Auspicious Object Amulet at those windows to deflect away any possible harm from the windows behind you.

8 Auspicious Object Hanging

Good luck to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 10: What can I get for Xmas to increase my wealth luck?

Hello Scholar,
I want to be rich and wealthy, what can I get for this Xmas?


Dear Cindy,


Feng Shui is very effective and easy to increase wealth luck. Using feng shui can easily increase your luck, opportunities in your career, sharpens speculative skills, attract benefactors and invite windfalls. But of course at the same time you got to also work smart to acquire your fortune.

Beautiful 6 Emperors' Coins Money Frog on Bagua

There are many authentic symbols that feng shui practitioners will not ignore in acquiring wealth luck and riches. The most important one is the Money Frog. There is one supreme version that has been designed recently for the use of Period 8. It is called the "6 Emperors' coins Money Frog on treasures in an 8 sided Bagua". The 6 gold coins are tied in a lotus manner with 6 most powerful emperors of the Ching Dynasty with a gold ribbon which symbolizes supreme wealth luck. Meanwhile, the bagua is the most auspicious shape in Period 8 (2004-2024). The presence of bagua with trigrams in feng shui symbols will therefore magnify the good fortune further. Place a pair of them in the vicinity of your maindoor as if they have just entered your home to signify arrival of wealth.

The other most popular item that feng shui enthusiasts would invite into their homes to usher each new year is the Wealth Pot. There is one that has been released recently for the year 2005 design is known as the Overspilling Wealth Pot, that has gold bars, treasures, gold ingots and jewellery filling to the brim of the pot and spillover to signify abundance. Place this wealth pot in the SE corner, your personal sheng chi direction, water star#8 location and in front of wealth deities.

Yellow Jasper "smiling" gold ingots and Bronze Fuk Luk Sau

The other item that will create a smile in your face is the shape of ancient chinese gold ingots. If you study the shape of the gold ingots carefully, each gold ingot actually depicts a smiley face. The ancient feng shui masters of the ancient chinese dynasties had created such a perfect shape for this trading medium to increase wealth luck of people who own them. That is why today, almost all feng shui masters would recommend this powerful symbol to increase wealth luck. We recommend the ones made of yellow jasper, as the yellow jasper crystal had been identified as the wealth stone for Period 8, which doubles the luck even more.

Besides acquiring wealth, remember that it is also important to provide a balance in your luck so that your other desired aspirations are in equilibrium. The Fuk Luk Sau (Three Lucky Immortals or Star Gods) is recommended in all households as they integrate Prosperity/Wealth/Excellent Fortune, Power/Authority/Success and Longevity/Health.

Mystic Knot Bracelet and Fortune Bats Biting Coin Amulet

Lastly, don't forget the "feng shui magnifier or multiplier" which is the mystic knot that will make your wealth grow for the next twenty years in Period 8. It is a symbol where number "8" or infinity multiplied in threefolds. Wear this in the form of a bracelet with the yellow jasper wealth stone and you will see an increase in wealth coming your way. Also hang in your car or on your handbag the lucky fortune bats biting coin amulet. Whenever bats appear, they will signify big money coming on your way.

Good luck to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 11: Regaining management support and career luck...

Hello FS,
Lately I have been having problems at work. I get the blame even if it is not my mistake. My boss gets angry at me when things don't go smoothly in the office. For example, he said he told me something but actually he did not. When I told him he did not tell me and I am not aware, he insisted he told me. This has been happening quite often. And also, other staff who do not follow instructions, my boss takes it out on me. I cannot tolerate it any longer. So much so that I do not care how my boss does my job evaluation. For I have shown him proof that it is not my mistake but he doesn't believe.I have worked with him for 9 years and only the past 2 years, working with him has made me very unhappy and depressed. I put up two mountain pictures behind me where I sit. A dragon tortoise in my table drawer which is in NE. I can't put it on the table as I do not want people asking too many questions. I am facing my auspicious direction with a wall behind me. Is my placing correct and what else can I use to be beneficial. Thank you very much for any advice.


Dear Joyce,


We are very sorry to hear about the office abuse. There could be many causes to it if it is feng shui related.

Red Robe Laughing Buddha removes obstacles, fights, quarrelsome energy and brings back happiness into your life

Facing your auspicious direction is very good, but please make sure you that auspicious direction does not coincide with the Grand Duke Jupiter's direction. The direction of Grand Duke is SW this year and last year, and going to West next year. Confronting the Grand Duke will mean losing out in everything in our life.

Please be watchful around you that no poison arrows are around you. Please make sure there are no pillars pointing direction at you or behind you. Also no beams directly above you and no lights directly above you.

Jade Cicada Amulet and Jade Ru Yi Amulet

Next is you have to place your dragon tortoise on your desk. Keeping in the drawer wont help, in fact you are locking the poor dragon tortoise up and it could give the adverse effect which means you will have no luck and support from your management.

Rooster will effectively counter office politics

Here are a few enhancers that we recommend to resolve your case:
1. Place a Red Robe Laughing Buddha on your desk to create happiness and to dissolve away quarrelsome star #3 if in case it falls in the sector of where you are sitting.
2. Get the hanging jade cicada to help you counter any office politics and regain support from your boss.
3. Place the image/figurine of a rooster facing out of your cubicle to counter any centipedes and poison from your colleagues. We know that there is always a lot of bad intention in the office.
4. And most importantly, hang a coin sword with the tip slanting down on any of the walls of your office area near you.
5. Next is to activate your relationship luck with the powerful classical formula, which is to activate your mountain star#8. Place 6 round crystal balls in your mountain star#8 location to ensure smooth relationship and network with everyone.

6 round crystal balls

6. Lastly, you ought to increase your authority luck in order for you to influence your colleagues and co-workers in getting work done. People who have such luck normally do better than others because they get things done through people very quickly. Carry a Jade Ru Yi amulet with you all the time. And get a Ru Yi and place it in the NW or the N corner of your home so that it is not so obvious in your office. Its strong metal energy will also enhance the base element of NW and N. You will never get lesser support from people you need help from.

Bronze Coin Sword and Ru Yi

Please don't hesitate to get back to us if you have further help needed. We are always here to help.

Good luck to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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