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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #11

1. How can I improve wealth for my house, and what can I buy for my ailing mother?
2. Combatting competitor in business and winning back customers...
3. Recently promoted and looking forward to gaining authority in office...
4. Bad luck and health problems associated to 5 Yellow...
5. Combatting negative energy from bad people...
6. Creating Love Luck

Question 1: How can I improve wealth for my house, and what can I buy for my ailing mother?

Hi Scholar,
I have a friend who bought money fish at a store and hung them in her house for wealth, it worked for her. I would like to know what I would buy for the same purpose. I also need something for my mom's health. She has cancer and I want something that will help her. I don't know what to look for. If you could reply, and let me know what to buy, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!



Dear Cheryl,
Feng Shui is most effective in granting people wealth luck. First start off by identifying your wealth corners and simply activate with wealth symbols!

There are a few wealth locations that you need to focus on:
1. According to 8 Aspirations theory, the wealth corner according to the bagua is in the "Southeast", activate this corner of your house with minimum the followings:
- Wealth Deity, one of the most popular is the Goddess of Wealth Chai Shen Poh. The presence of a wealth deity signifies wealth blessings.
- Wealth Tree, citrine gem tree is best, this is a special ritual recorded in ancient texts.
- Gold ingots, the ones made of yellow jasper magnifies its power further because of the potent earth energy emitted from natural crystal. In Period 8, yellow colored crystal is the best to tap the period's earth element.
- 3 Money Frogs - known to be the ultimate symbol of wealth, because legend says that when we see the 3-legged frogs, it implies the presence of money.
- A wealth protector - such as the wish granting bull to protect your wealth from loss or harmed.
- A round crystal ball to ensure smoothness in your wealth pursuits and removal of roadblocks, the yellow jasper or starlite citrine spheres being recommended because they are the wealth stones for Period 8.

Wealth Enhancers for the Southeast corner

2. According to 8 Mansions formula, you will need to identify where your "sheng chi" direction is. That is your personal best direction, where you will obtain most benefit in your overall luck. Place a wealth ship filled with treasures coming from that direction and located in that corner. Wealth ship is potent because it follows the water and the wind, which is the basis of feng shui. The other highly recommended wealth symbol recommended located in your sheng chi location is the 8 Carps swimming from the sheng chi direction. Fishes are symbols of abundance and they too follow the water and wind.

Wealth Ship and 8 Carps for Abundance

3. According to Flying Stars Formula, all classical feng shui masters will introduce to you the water star for the reigning number of the period. In period 8, they will identify your "water star#8" location in your house, and recommend placing a rolling ball water feature to activate this star. This powerful classical formula guarantees the quickest results that lasts for a long time.

Rolling Ball Crystal Lotus Water Fountain

And after you activate your home, of course you must not forget to also wear some good luck lingerie, such as the apple citrine pendant, the citrine bracelet and the powerful talisman 6 Eye Dzi - Citrine bracelet. You will feel the strong energy and a strong urge for wealth coming immediately after wearing such dzi bracelet.

Powerful 6 Eyed Dzi and Tortoise Shell Dzi bracelets

As for your mum, we strongly recommend the Tortoise Shell Dzi Bracelet with smoky quartz for healing and longevity. The tortoise shell is an ultimate symbol of heal and longevity and when engraved in a dzi, it becomes a powerful talisman.

6-Emperor Coin Supreme Wulou and 8 Immortals Wulou to cure illness and provide longevity

Also make sure she points her head to her Tien Yi direction according her kua number. Place a pair of wulou (calabash beside her bed to absorb the illness energy away). Also place an 8 Immortals Wulou in her Tien Yi direction in the living room and dining place. Also get her symbols of peaches, they are the heaven's symbol of immortality. I would also recommend a pair of natural wulou in the kitchen to make sure all the food she cooks would be suppled with healing energies. You may also want her to carry along the rainbow obsidian wulou amulet wherever she goes. Obsidian, especially the ones with "3rd Eye", removes negativities and when carved as a wulou, it provides healing properties.

Rainbow Obsidian Wulou with "3rd Eye" and Natural Wulou


Good luck to you!

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: Combatting competitor in business and winning back customers...

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
I own a mailbox for 5 years and have been doing a tremendous business till a big company competitor opened just a block from me. Can you give me how I can win back my customers. Birth date is Oct 21,1953 and office door faces west. Thks!



Dear Liz,

We are so sorry to hear about your situation.

First and foremost, the most practical thing to do is to focus on your price strategy, new service strategies and customer orientation. A great customer service will always be remembered no matter how big your competitor is.

For your situation, the best is to invite the Long Pi Amulet into your life. The presence of twin dragons depicted in this powerful amulet would ease our efforts to have full grip and control on our fortune and luck. This talisman creates strength and vibes to radiate continuously to transform negative Chi into positive. This overcomes obstacles, astrological dangers, bad luck, harm from opponents and competition. Rub it to create beneficial outcome especially going through hard times and making hard decisions.

Long Pi - Citrine Amulet and Aventurine Crystal Sphere

Position your desk to make sure you are facing the sheng chi direction. Then place 6 pieces of Crystal Balls, for your case, it would be preferably from the types of crystals that would help you regain your business luck and good fortune, such as aventurine sphere, starlite citrine or yellow jasper. Round crystal balls will help to smoothen the path ahead of you by removing obstacles and giving you a smooth ride. Besides, they will also emit auspicious energy to be absorbed into your crown chakra directly when they are placed directly in the vicinity of your desk.

Crystal balls carved from Yellow Jasper and Starlite Citrine creates remarkable success and smoothens wealth endeavours in Period 8!

But, I would like to specifically point out to you that you also need to guard your maindoor with a pair of Fu Dogs starting now. They will keep all harm at bay from your competitors.

Then display the 5 Dragon Flags Kwan Kung facing your maindoor or at prominent places. He is most powerful when placed in the NW. There is no other energizer more potent that this image of Kwan Kung with 5 Dragon Flags being present to combat competitors.

Powerful protectors such as Fu Dogs and 5 Dragon Flags Kwan Kung

Next, fastest method to bring you money luck is the activate your water star#8 location of your company with a rolling ball water feature. It will bring you a lot more business in a quicker manner.

Lapis globe perfect to enhance business network to increase sales

Lastly, you got to know that business depends on network luck. Enhance your biz network by placing a beautiful natural gemstone lapis globe on your desk. Lapisl globe (earth element) can also invite important people to assist you in business

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Recently promoted and looking forward to gaining authority in office...

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
Hope you are doing well. I am your fan/follower and really enjoy the solutions given by you as you are so clear in addressing the problems. I have been promoted and am going to be moving up in the hierarchy in our office. I am holding an important position of a branch manager in Insurance company. I have worked very hard to reach this position. Please help me with your valuable guidance. My New sitting area is now going to be in a corner office next to my boss's office room. I am very excited but want to make sure that this new position and placement works for me. My kua number is 9 (Female,Dob:29th Nov, 1967). This corner room is a square room with entrance door facing the East. In west there is a large glass window covered with blinds which would be behind my back. Kindly tell me how to get rid of the ill effects of the pillar in front of my desk and also what are the other energizers that I can use discreetly to enhance my power in the office.



Hello Raj,

Congratulations on your promotion. For new managers who just got promoted, you can easily get authority luck if you know how to use feng shui. Firstly, we advise you to wear the Ru Yi Dzi bracelet to assist you in your new career ladder. You will be amazed how powerful it could be working for you. Wear it all the time on your wrist so that you will never be lack of support from important people and making your subordinates obedient. You ought to also invest on a beautiful 24k gold plated Ru Yi and place it on a prominent area in your office and at home. You may also carry this Ru Yi along and take it out whenever you are in a meeting to create authority.

Ru Yi Dzi Bracelet and 24K Gold Plated Ru Yi

You will also need the help from a pair of auspicious Dragon Tortoises. The dragon tortoise supporting a filial child represents strong support from management, parents, mentor and good descendant luck. While the gold ingot being carried by the dragon tortoise represents helpful people bringing you wealth, a very much sort after symbol for those seeking for promotion or career luck. The dragon tortoise sitting on strong waves represent its ability to resist hardships and blockages while bringing you a smooth ride in your endeavours.

Double Success Dragon Tortoises

The other important type of luck you need to activate is the fame, recognition and popularity. A manager who is authoritive some way or other must be popular among her peers, bosses and subordinates. You can do that by simply hanging the picture of a Phoenix in the south. Phoenix is one of the 4 Celestial Animals in Feng Shui and the place for Phoenix is the south corner, which is the fame corner according to the bagua.

Phoenix Splendour Art

You are facing your sheng chi direction in your office, therefore you are facing at the best direction all the time in your new office.

With regards to the pillars, they exert poison arrow to you which could be quite harmful. You will have to hang the 8 Auspicious Symbols Amulet "on" those pillars. Otherwise you may hang a windchime or faceted crystal balls between the pillars and you.

8 Auspicious Objects Amulet and 6 Rods Windchime

Or you could also place one or more crystal balls to reduce the intensity of the poison arrows. Crystal balls could help to heal problematic areas because they emit natural forces to counter negativities. Aventurine crystal ball would be beneficial to you since you are embarking on a new job ladder. Aventurine is a spectacular energizer to boost up motivation and provide good start in our new undertakings in our career, studies and business, enhances creativity and innovation, sharpen our minds, enhance leadership quality, heals old wounds and balance our lives.

Another way to deflect the shar chi is to put a water feature between the pillar and your desk to exhaust away the poison arrow.

Good luck!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Bad luck in the family and health problems associated to 5 Yellow...

Dear FS Scholar,
Hello. I have purchased a 6 rod hollow metal windchime. Since I find there are many illnesses and bad luck going on in the family, I think the 5 Yellow star needs to be controlled, which lies in the center of the house this year. But is it ok to put up this windchime in the middle of the apartment in the passageway? Can I put a hook in the ceiling and hang it from there? Also, will I have to swing it daily to make the chime sound, as it will not move on its own in the middle of the passage. Please advise. Thank you.



Dear Monica,
Oh dear, we are so sorry about the illnesses and bad luck going on in your household.

To captivate the 5 Yellow, the best and most effective is to get the 5 Element Pagoda to lock it up permanently. If your house is too big, one 5 Element Pagoda may not be enough, therefore you may place more than one. Alternatively, you could also place the figurine of a bronze Chung Kwei in front of your 5 Element Pagoda to control the 5 Yellow in the lock-up. You are also advised not to turn on your fan, there should be no movement in the center of the house to prevent activation of that star.

5 Element Pagoda and Bronze Chung Kwei

Also make sure every bedroom has a pair of wulou (calabash) to absorb away illness energy, especially bedroom in the SW. Also place the 8 Immortals Wulou in your dining area and your living room to bring back the health luck.

Rainbow Obsidian Wulou with "3rd Eye" and Natural Wulou

The obsidian wulou amulet could be carried along by the house members for protection. And for those who still feel weak, get the powerful tortoise shell dzi with smoky quartz bracelet. Tortoise is one of the 4 celestial animals in feng shui and it is the ultimate symbol of good health and longevity. Once such design is etched in a dzi, it is turned into a powerful talisman. Try it and you will see amazing results.

Multipurpose 6 Natural Crystal Spheres can be used to prepare "energy water" to drive negativities and bad luck away

In order to remove a spate of unexplained bad luck, we do recommend an important feng shui ritual you would like to do to remove it totally and kill its roots. First, get 5 different types of natural flowers (any color except white) and remove the stems as you only need the flower. Place them on a pail of clean water which will be used for your bath. Then place at least 6 different kinds of colored natural crystals (such as crystal spheres) in the same pail. Then expose the pail to the sun for 2-3hours to absorb the sun's energy. After that, you may remove all the flowers and throw them away. Then separate the crystal balls and keep them, as they could still be used after you re-energize them again. Whenever they are lack of energy, just expose them openly to the sun's energy. The fire energy will produce earth energy in the crystal. Take a long shower to wash yourself properly. Lastly, bathe from head to toe with the water you have prepared from the pail. When you use the water from the pail to bathe from head to toe, visualize that all negativities or dirty spells are removed by the energized water. If all your family members are having the bad luck spell, let each of them bathe with the energized water.

Lastly, you could carry along the Long Pi Amulet to help you overcome the hard times, when you feel very weak. The amulet will create desire yang energy to enable a turnaround luck for those who possess it.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 5: Combatting negative energy from bad people...

Dear FS Scholar,
I was recently told that a person from my past is putting a negative energy force around our home. Our home has been on the market for almost one year and we have not even had a single offer as yet. I was told that the person sending the negative energy is very jealous and wants to make our life difficult. Please advise me as to the best product to ward off this evil and sell our home. The medium stated that the house should have sold 3 times, but due to the negative energy surrounding the home from this outside person...the interested parties didn't make the offers. My husband stays in the house that is for sale every other week. The children and I are living in another home 1600 miles away and my husband travels between our two homes (as stated, a week with us and a week in the "for sale" house). If I need to place cures in both homes to stop this negative enery and sell the house, I will. Thank you for your help!



Dear Nancy,
We are so sorry to hear about such bad attempts of evil persons around.

Here are a few things you could do to protect against evil attempts:

1. God of War Kwan Kung is one of the most powerful deity to ward off evil, harmful people and enemies. You may get his most powerful image which is the 5 Dragon Flags Kwan Kung and place him facing the maindoor to counter any possible evil or dirty things from entering. The other popular Ghostbuster whom the feng shui masters also recommend is the Chung Kwei. The presence of his image would ensure protection against any disturbance from evil.

Protective Chung Kwei

2. Next is to protect your family and yourself from harm too, just in case your enemy had casted other spells on your family's personal luck. The best is to use the dzi beads. The 9 Eye is most powerful of all. Wear them around your wrist or as necklace.

9 Eye Dzi Necklace and Bracelet protects against any harm

3. Then hang the 9 Emperor coins in your NW to gather support from important people and benefactors who would help you in your sale of the house. The metal element from the strong 9 Emperor coins will help to activate the metal energy of the NW and increase luck to your patriarch of the home too.

4. You may also hang the protective 8 Auspicious Objects Amulet at the chi entry points of the house such as windows opening to surrounding or any other door opening to the surrounding. The 8 Auspicious Object signifies the presence of the Buddha and will neutralize any negativities. If you like something more simple, you could also choose to place the Tiger Eye crystal ball in the vicinity of chi entry points. The Tiger Eye is believed to have potency to counter evil spirits and enhance your internal desire to counter them.

Beautiful Tiger Eye and Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Ball

5. Lastly, you can ward off any possible negative spells by bathing with energy water prepared from 5 types of flowers and natural crystals as mentioned in Q4 above. On top of that you could also practice crystal healing to remove all negativities from your mind and body. First, choose a time when you would feel very relaxed, for example during night time when you are undisturbed. Hold a black natural crystal sphere, such as the powerful rainbow obsidian crystal on your right palm in a very relaxed manner. Choose a comfortable posture to sit. Close your eyes and visualize that all negativities are being drawn out from your body through the magical rainbow obsidian sphere. When complete, re-energize the ball by shining bright light on it or expose it under the sun.

Good luck to you!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 6: Creating Love Luck

Dear FS Scholar,
I m 25 years old and am starting to get desperate to get a boyfriend in my life. I have not had any luck so far because I have been focusing in my studies for the past few years. All the previous attempts by boys were not sincere and there were a lot of blockages. Please help.


Dear Rina,
You are still young, therefore please do not rush into relationship to prevent unwanted harm. But we could recommend a few things which you could do to heighten more love opportunities for you.

Natural Rose Quartz Crystal ball and apple pendant

According to the 8 Aspirations Bagua formula, you will need to focus to enhance your southwest corner of your bedroom. Southwest belong to earth element, therefore it is great to activate this corner with rose quartz crystal ball. Rose quartz is a love gem and crystal balls remove blockages and ensures a smooth ride. Therefore to begin a new love life, it is important to get a smooth one ahead.

You are also recommended to wear lingerie made from rose quartz, such as the potent rose quartz apple pendant. Apple is superb symbol of peace and harmony, when carved in a rose quartz, it represents perfectly a harmonious love life.

Blissful Wedding Couple

If you want to seriously increase your marriage luck, then fill your southwest corner or your personal nien yen direction with symbols of marriage, such as the double happiness amulet and a blissful wedding couple.

Good luck to you!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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