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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #10

1. How Can I Help My Dad Improve his Investment Luck?
2. How to Overcome Shar Chi From Bad Ceilings?
3. How to Remedy Kitchen in Northwest
4. What is the Lucky Color for Sofa in the Living Room
5. Countering Bad Energy from Garage
6. Creating Good Feng Shui for the House
7. Making a Jumbo Wealth Vase?
8. Feng Shui to Help Win Boyfriend Back

Question 1: How Can I Help My Dad Improve his Investment Luck?

Hi Scholar,
Hello. I enjoy going through this site as it is interesting and gives me valuable information on Feng Shui. My question is, how can my father improves his luck in the stock market. It seems every share he buys falls in value after just a few days of buying. His date of birth is October 20, 1941. I would appreciate any advise you can give. Thanks.

Monica Gupta


Dear Monica,
Thank you very much for your compliment! We had invested many man-hours to make this site as content rich and as helpful to the world as possible. We are glad to have received so many good words from worldwide. Thank YOU!

We are sorry to hear about your father's current situation. But we are glad to inform you that feng shui can help to provide luck and sharpen his investment mind to seize the correct opportunity. In fact many of our customers had successfully found increment in their financial gains and family happiness after improving their feng shui.

Your dad needs two kinds of luck when doing investments: Benefactor's Luck and Wealth Luck.

Fine Metal Treasure Chest Filled with Chien Lung Coins will activate NW

To increase his Benefactor's luck in the NW:
1. Display a treasure chest filled with at least 100 pieces of Chien Lung coins in the NW location of the house. This is one of the secrets revealed recently by Feng Shui Masters for many rich and prosperous tycoons who had used this method successfully in 18th and 19th centuries. They bury the treasure chest filled with coins in NW of their mansion or garden to activate powerful wealth generating metal energy. And they have enjoyed heaven's luck for the patriarch, support from important people, nobleman luck and good networking that leads to growth in wealth for generations ever since. Today, since many houses do not have gardens and we cannot dig holes in our apartments, displaying a metal beautiful treasure chest filled with the powerful Chien Lung coins will have the same effects on generating metal energy in the NW. We had been searching for a beautiful treasure chest for a long time, and finally sourced for one that fits nice for this usage.
2. Another meaningful enhancer to invite benefactors which would lead to wealth generation into your life is the Crystal Globe on 3 Money Frogs. The base element of crystal which is earth, would generate metal energy in the NW. The globe also symbolizes global luck from all directions and invites advisors/nobleman into his life. The Money Frogs when appearing in three together symbolizes wealth energy which makes the enhancer more potent to generate wealth from heaven's luck and benefactors luck.

3 Money Frogs with Crystal Globe as powerful benefactor luck and wealth luck enhancer

To increase wealth luck directly:
1. If you could afford, please invest on a proper feng shui rice urn that has auspicious shape and symbols. The rice urn is essentially the stomach of the family and represents wealth generation for the whole family, therefore must be present in all kitchens besides having the stove. Keeping rice in plastic bags, dustbin-type containers and any other forms of containers is inauspicious and will not generate a rich family. A properly activated rice urn with Chien Lung coins and money in a red packet can revitalize your family's wealth luck infinitely.

Auspicious Rice Urn

2. Next is to invite a wealth fulfilling tree into your homes, and display in SE or his personal sheng chi location. The ancient texts on feng shui had described this with drawings in it. The citrine wealth tree with gold chien lung coins would be the best.

Wealth Citrine Tree and Chai Shen Poh

3. For quick windfall luck, it is best to invite the Chai Shen Poh and place HER on his investment desk. The Chai Shen Poh is the Goddess of Gambler who would bless people with windfall and speculative luck. Also hang the Lock Coin in your dad's office and his car and keep one under his pillow in his bedroom to activate his windfall luck energy.

Lock Coin Amulet and 8 Auspicious Wealth Pot

4. Get a beautiful treasure pot properly filled with gemstones, gold ingots and Chien Lung coins on his desk, universal SE corner of the house or in his personal sheng chi location. We had recently released a beautiful 8 Auspicious Wealthpot made from fine metals with perfect finishing. Suitable for those who love decorative feng shui products, this energizer is ideal for offices, living halls or bedrooms.

Supreme Wulou with 6-Emperor Coins

5. To get rid of his further bad luck and to protect his investment, please get the wealth magnet Supreme Wulou with 6 Emperor Coins. Display it on his desk, his sheng chi direction or SE location of the house. 6 Emperor coins tied in a circular manner, with a set of 3 coins (representing the matrimony of Heaven-Earth-Man) interlocking another set of 3 other coins to result in 6 coins in a circular mode represent the 6 emotions of man. It is believed that by tying the 6 coins in this special manner, a man is able to harness his wealth because he is able to control his 6 emotions with the power invoke through the cosmic trinity of Heaven, Earth and Man.

Hope this helps! Good luck to your dad! Being a filial daughter like yourself who cares so much about your dad, you will also earn good merits and excellent karma.

Good luck to you!

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: How to Overcome Shar Chi From Bad Ceilings?

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
Greetings! My workshop has Cathedral Ceilings and I understand that the cure is to hang bamboo with red Thread. What I don't know is how should the bamboo be hung? in an angle? also how many and in what size? Please advise, thank you so much in advance!



Dear Farsad,

Please refer to the pictures shown for education of how to hang the bamboo flutes correctly to cure shar chi from ceilings. It should not be taken lightly that the shar from ceilings are not important because bad forces exerted from bad ceilings could destroy the entire feng shui of the house no matter how good your external mountain formations and internal flying stars are. And do get the correct type of feng shui flutes that correctly meets the requirement as a feng shui cure. Chinese flutes have some which are blown from the side or some from the edge. Only the ones made from real bamboo, tied with red thread and blown from the edge are authentic. You may hang a pair each along all four sides of your walls at the angles specified. It will blow away all the malevolent energies.

Flute Cure at different locations from bad ceilings

On top of that, you may also hang the powerful 8 Auspicious Symbols on the walls in the vicinity where you felt threatened by shar chi from your ceilings. This symbol would be able to ward off strong poison arrows from any directions.

8 Auspicious Symbols Hanging and Bamboo Flutes as potent cures

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: How to Remedy Kitchen in Northwest

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
We rent a townhouse which is not a symmetrical building. The position of the stove is in the northwest corner. What can we do to remedy that. Please advice.



Hello Deepali,

Kitchen in the NW will affect the luck of patriarch and benefactors for the family. That means it is hard for success to happen. I m afraid the strong fire from stove is a bit difficult to remedy as long as you keep cooking strongly in the NW. The best is to minimize or stop cooking in NW.

Faceted crystal ball is essential cure for kitchens in NW.

You are also advised to hang as many faceted crystal balls as possible depending on the size of your kitchen. The crystal ball exert strong earth energy to suppress fire energy from your stove and at the same time nourish and feed the metal element in your NW. This cure recommendation uses the 5 Element Method.

Good luck!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: What is the Lucky Color for Sofa in the Living Room

Dear FS Scholar,
I am your customer who bought some stuff from you. I just want to ask you if you can tell me what is a lucky color for a sofa & love seat in the living room. I have the large citrine tree and wealth ship that I bought from you displayed in our living room. Thank you very very much.

Rhodora Quitlong

Beautiful Wealthship


Dear Rhodora,
Greetings. Try as much as possible to choose colors that are neutral naturally. Choose a color that is associated to the location of your living room. For example:
N - light blue
NE - yellow/beige
E - light green
SE - light green, purple
S - red, orange
SW - yellow, beige
W - white, grey, silverish
NW - white, grey, silverish

Colors does carry some weight and play a role to enhance a location's elements. For those who are currently having their walls, furniture colors or accessories that do not match the base element of certain areas, a simple cure is to display the powerful 5-Elemental 7-Chakras Spheres on the Star of David to realign the elemental forces of a space.

Star of David

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 5: Countering Bad Energy from Garage

Dear FS Scholar,
I have three questions for you:
1. I bought a 6 hollow rod windchime and I put it in the elves of my front porch (facing north) above the steps. I want to know if this is a good location or not.
2. If it's ok to put a mirror in the hallway facing the main door.
3. Do you consider an attached garage a part of the house, if so do I have to activate this corner of the house. I hope you'll answer my questions and I thank you very much.



Dear Susan,
1. Yes, placing the 6-rods windchime in your north entrance is good to filter incoming chi and also to enhance your career luck because metal creates water, which is the base element for north. Hanging the 6-rods windchime in the north will make your career flourish.

6-Rods Fortune Windchime

2. Mirrors must never face chi entry points especially the maindoor, else all the money luck coming in will be reflected away. Nothing stays in your house if you have all the chi reflected out.

3. Depending on how the garage is built. If the garage is under the same roof and connected to the house, then yes, it is part of your house. If it is detached, then it is not. For an attached garage, since it generates noise and fuel pollution from your car, it is best to hang the powerful 8 Auspicious Symbols Amulet at the entrance into the main areas of your house from the garage. This will deflect away poison energies in the garage.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 6: Creating Good Feng Shui for the House

Dear FS Scholar,
How should I decorate my appartement in order to attract wealth, prosperity,good health,good relationship and my american citizenship?
Penda Niane


Dear Penda,
When you do your feng shui. First look out to cure bad chi that exist in your space. Any single bad poison arrow or bad source of energy could ruin your feng shui right away, therefore you got to cure them first before you focus to enhance.
1. Check if there are external factors outside your home that could affect you. Most important is to concentrate on your chi entry points such as maindoor, other doors and windows. Shar chi could be exerted from a straight pole, large tree (not plants), hospital, cemetery, school, church, police station, court and t-junctions. If they directly run into your maindoor, please use the bagua for protection. At other chi entry points, you may choose to use the windchime or the faceted crystal ball.

Bagua to counter shar chi coming to your maindoor and 3-Chilins to counter 3-Killings

2. Check out the universal annual flying star afflictions and apply our recommended cures according. In year 2004, it is a must to cure the 5-Yellow in the center with the 5-Element Pagoda, the Illness Star-2 in SW with our Supreme Wulou with 6-Emperor's Coins, the 3-Killings in S with 3-METAL Chi Lins, Tai Sui in WSW with a metal Pi Yao and Sui Po in ENE with a pair of PiYao.

3. Next is check internal sources of poison arrows and bad energy source to cure, such as toilet placement in the wrong place, pillars, sharp edges of big furniture, beams etc. You may use bamboo flutes, windchime and faceted crystal balls as effective cures. If you are too new to feng shui and do not know how to sense feng shui problems yet, then the easiest is to hang the 8 Auspicious Symbols in your space. It would cure all malevolent energies if any, if not it would also bring you great fortune and good luck.

Next is to create a 5 Element and 7 Chakra balance within your living space by tapping to the correct energy of each location. Normally, you will have to design, color of furnish each room according to their direction's element. But that would not be feasible most of the time. Therefore you could rely on crystal to provide you with such energy balance. You may use the Star of David for this purpose.

After you cure the afflictions and create balance, you will need to check you kua number in order for you to know your 4 best directions which you could tap to.

For wealth and prosperity, you got to tap to your "sheng chi direction" when you sleep and eat and doing work. That would secure you a lot of money making opportunity if you consistently tap to your best direction. And also according to 8 Aspirations theory, you will have to multiply your wealth and money luck by activating the NW (benefactor), SE(wealth) and N(career) corners of your house with the appropriate symbols found there.

Crystal Energizers for NW and SE

Next, for health enhancement, lets focus on your personal Tien Yi direction. You may do that by placing your stove facing this direction. Which means when you cook, your back will face to your Tien Yi direction. Food is where your health starts, so the cooking stove is important to represent health. Also you could activate your bedroom's Tien Yi direction and East corner of your dining and living room with health symbols.

Longevity Tortoise and Crane with Deer are excellent health symbols

For good relationship, you got to tap on your personal Nien Yen direction. When you sleep, get your head pointed to that direction. Then you activate your Nien Yen corner and SW corner with love symbols to benefit from it.

Popular Love Enhancers

For overall good fortune in all areas of your life, almost all feng shui practitioners will invite the Fuk Luk Sau into their dining area and the 8-Immortals into their living rooms. They are simply a must if you are looking for harmony, abundance, good fortune, prosperity, good health, many filial children and great relationships in your lives.

Antique Style Fuk Luk Sau and Exclusive 8-Immortals on Dragon Boat

For citizenship approval, we think you need to get nobleman luck and helpful people's luck. Which means you need to concentrate a lot on the NW. Place a powerful Kwan Kung prominently in this place. You can also display the Plum Blossom Coin and a windchime here.

5 Dragon Flags Kwan Kung and Plum Blossom Coin to ensure success for your aspiration!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 7: Making a Jumbo Wealth Vase?

Dear FS Scholar,
Thank you so much for your helpful advises. Regarding the broken vase lid, if I'm to restore it (like what they do for the museums), can I still use it as a wealth vase? If not, I will just go ahead and get myself an auspicious rice urn to make a gigantic wealth vase like what the tycoons and millionaires do. My only concern is that they are so huge that I would have a problem in hiding them (wealth vases need to be hidden from sight right?). By the way, while we are on this subject, if someone goes through our stuff in our room and discover the hidden wealth vase, would it generate any consequence?

Now since the auspicious rice urn is so HUGE, I'm going to go ahead and create an ULTIMATE wealth vase. For a ULTIMATE wealth vase, can you recommend what to be put inside?

Obviously you are aware of Lillian Too's teaching about acquiring soil from 7 rich men's house. Now if I cannot get an access to that, do I have any other alternative that similarly effective? I read somewhere that gold flakes can substitute for soil from rich men's house. What I'm planning to do is to get several (maybe 10) of the "Seven Treasures Crystal Gem Chips" to fill the bottom of the vase. I assume that crystals are of earth element. What is your advise on this?

I'm also planning to place the following items into the vase. Please advise if there are any that shouldn't be in it:
- 8 Large Citrine Crystal Sphere,
- Six Clear Crystal Balls for Period 8 Victory,
- 8 Swarovski Faceted Crystals in 8 different colors (from Swarovski),
- Star of David with Crystal Spheres on Yellow Jasper base,
- Jade Mystic Knot,
- Large Lock Coin Amulet - Windfall Luck Magnifier ,
- 2 The Mystic Knot Pendant,
- Citrine with Mother of Pearl Wealth Bracelet,
- Seven Chakras Bracelet,
- 2 Bagua Horoscope Gold Coin,
- 3 8-Gold Coins Wealth Magnifier for PERIOD 8,
- 2 Imperial Victory Gold Coin,
- Chinese Chien Lung Coins (100 pcs) - how many should I use for maximum effectiveness, I only have 100 pcs currently.
- Lots and lots of normal coins (Australian & Singaporean) and maybe another 10 packs of the Crystal Gem Chips to fill it to the brim. What else should I put in it?

Another thing is can I open up my vase and put in additional things as I acquire more stuff in the future? I heard that some people say yes, some say no. It is so confusing. And one last thing, after I got the auspicious rice urn shipped from Fengshuibestbuy, do I need to cleanse it? If yes, what is the best way to do it? And can I have the vase gilded for decorative purpose before commencing to use it? Please reply at your earliest convenience. Many thanks.

Care Po


Dear Care,
Greetings. I still would think you should get a new vase as restoration will leave a permanent mark on it. Not worth gambling with wealth luck. We want for sure to be rich. Not trying out whether it could cause us losses which could strike us anytime in the future. You know what I mean :) .

6 Crystal Balls and Gold Bagua Horoscope Coin

It is only a suggestion that wealth vase is hidden so that they are not stolen by those with roving eyes. But if your family members are all well trusted, you can even show it off, what is the problem? Please check out the lobbies of banks, casinos, hotels in Hong Kong and Asian countries and you will see them displaying their giant wealth vases openly without fear because they have security guards. Also, if your wealth vase is not hiding too many gold bars worth millions inside, there is no need to hide it :) .

Chien Lung Coins and 7 Treasures Gem Chips

For X-LARGE wealth vases, the ingredients are the same. Most importantly you got to make sure all the stuffs inside are auspicious.

In order to fill up the whole volume, you can put in more foodstuffs so that you will not have to invest on too much money to get too many gold bars :) For example instead of a 5 grams of rice, use 500g of rice. Same goes for the gemstones and chien lung coins. I guess you got to put in at least 100 Chien Lung coins. You can get more up to 1000pcs if you can afford. Also get a larger sized Wealth God if you wish .

Large Military Wealth God

The reason we want to take rich man's soil is to borrow their luck, so that it will come true FASTER. But you dont need to get 7 rich man's soil. One rich man will do. That is how we do it. Remember you got to ask, not steal :) .

Gold flakes could be a good ingredient. Please make sure you have at least minimum, something gold in your wealthvase. Gold gives out good vibes. Crystal chips is definitely a great idea to fill up the vase, but foodstuffs could be an alternative if you do not want to overspend on the vase.

Looking at your long list of goodies, wow...that is really greedy...just kidding :) But correct, that is the correct mindset. Only if you are ambitious will you attain more.

Our large auspicious rice urn is actually a gigantic wealth vase used by mega centers, hotels, banks and millionaires

It is absolutely not true that you can't open up the wealth vase. You got to actually replenish it every year with new food so that you got new food to produce and eat in your coming year. And you can add in some new coins or stuffs and take out the old stuffs too. Not a problem at all. If you do not replenish the food, they will rot after a year or two and the chi accumulated inside will become stale, which is even worse. And if you move from one country to another, you can actually dismantle your wealth vase and then re assemble them in the new location, not a problem at all. We add in a piece of jade or gold every other year into our own vase.

The best way to cleanse the wealth vase is to use burning incense. An easy way is to put some incense ingots on a metal plate or porcelain bowl. Then place this plate or bowl inside the wealth vase to let the incense smoke pierce through from inside of the vase. Sandalwood incense is best to drive away stale chi and rejuvanate new energy. .

Sandalwood Incense used to cleanse feng shui enhancers and wealth vases

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 8: Feng Shui to Help Win Boyfriend Back

Dear FS Scholar,
I'm trying to use Feng Shui to help me with a situation and need some advice. I recently was in a relationship with a man (5 months). Things happened (his ex trying to contact him and conjured up emotions and I was going through a bad time at work). This happened as we were vacationing and really got in the way. We are very compatible and I adore him very much, however, my insecurities made me go on the defensive and put up a wall. It resulted in a very tense evening and we've not spoken since. I've apologized to him, however, he will not speak to me (he does sulk sometimes) and I just want to make things right to find out if they were meant to be. Normally I can let things go... I just have a very strong feeling that I'm not finished with him yet and frankly don't want to be just yet. If it's not meant to be then I'm okay with that, I just want to explore it and not let one incident destroy something that might be. What can I do FS wise to have him give me another chance so we can see if we are meant or not meant to be?? Can you please give me advice on what to do? My Kua number is 8, his is 3.



Dear Piper,
We are very sorry to hear about your recent problems with relationship. For a quick recovery, please focus on your nien yen direction which is west according to your kua number 8. Try sleeping with your head pointing to the West. Also when you have your meals, please face west. If possible, you would work facing west too. That is where your "love energy" will come from and you just need to absorb as much of the energy luck as possible. You may also use a bright light to deliberately light up your West. Place your love enhancers such as the Double Happiness symbol and your love fulfilling Rose Quartz Tree to that position. We would also like to share with a secret practised by many chinese grannies who used feng shui to find our grandpas. To revitalize romance/love energy, grannies have thought us that a Wishfulfilling Box could be turned into a powerful love energizer that would bring us new found soulmates or strengthen our current love-mates. Simply place a written wish and the picture of the soulmate you desire, the type of lover whose characteristics you want to have same as the picture or the photo of your lover whom you desire to marry, and let your "peach blossom luck" harvest into wonderful marriage. Simply place the wishfulling box in your nien yen direction.

Metal Treasure Chest could be used as wishfulling box and Rose Quartz Tree as the love fulfilling tree

And we thought to let you know that you should let time heal. Sometimes you just need to give him some time to get over his anger. Then later, you could maybe organize a make-up dinner for him. But if he as a gentleman does not value a wonderful lady like you, that means he is not worth to be together. It is just one small incident, and if he loves you as much, he should forgive you. Feng Shui will help you find the right man, if you have used feng shui and found a bad man, feng shui helps you remove him.

The apple wish fulfilling box is another great option to be used. Apple is the symbol of peace and harmony in feng shui and provides healing energies to relationships.


Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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