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Free Feng Shui e-Course for Master Practitioner
(Self study Feng Shui series)
Series 1
1. What is Feng Shui?
2. Evolution of Feng Shui
3. Schools of Feng Shui
4. Yin House and Yang House Feng Shui
Series 2
1. What is chi(qi)and its types?
2. Taoist theory of Yin and Yang
3. 5 elements(phases)
4. 8 Trigrams
Series 3
1. Landscape and form Feng Shui
2. Basic principles of exterior and interior
Series 4
1. Introduction to Compass School - Hetu River Map,Luoshu Writing and Magic Square of Three
2. Synchronizing human chi to enviromental chi using 8 Mansion Theory
3. Important areas to consider in our homes according to 8 Mansion Theory
Series 5
1. "Xuan Kong Fei Sin" (Flying Stars) formula
2. Interpretation of flying star map
Series 6
1. Steps on doing a Feng Shui audit for your own home
2. Annual afflictions to be considered in Feng Shui
3. Auspicious Dimensions in Feng Shui
4. Using water to enhance your Feng Shui
5. Using symbols to enhance your Feng Shui
6. How to make your Feng Shui implementation work for you?

      Feng Shui is not a mysterious knowledge, nor must it strictly be acquired through famous masters or teachers. You can actually scrutinize all kinds of chinese ancient text on Feng Shui and accomplish good knowledge out of them. In fact, not all Feng Shui masters (even those studying under the same school) has the same intepretations on the subject. Therefore it is up to the individual to accept what you think is good and reject the bad ones. The greatest masters in the history of Feng Shui did not learn from masters, but from books.

      Our group of "Feng Shui scholars" at Feng Shui Bestbuy have designed a simple e-course to equip you with a practicle guide on this ancient art and chinese wisdom. It would provide you with a practical guide on how to do fengshui yourself by clarifying:

- Must-know-basics for practising feng shui (Yin Yang, 5 Elements, 8 Trigrams)
- Feng shui tips on authentic feng shui using formulas referenced from ancient   text (8 Mansion and Xuan Kong Flying Star) - today this is known as classical   feng shui
- Create a chi (qi) map of your living space
- Learn how interior and exterior factors affect your feng shui
- Choosing your own feng shui house
- Tips on how to make feng shui work after harnessing or remedying a situation
- Feng shui decorating and design for our home interiors including bedrooms,   kitchen and study/work desks
- Auspicious dimensions used by Feng Shui Masters in their recommendations
- Using water to create prosperity

      This would bring you to considerably quite an "advance level". It would equip you with knowledge on what professional feng shui masters are usually incorporating in their audits and analysis. You may start to apply advance feng shui in your own home after the course. However, please do not attempt to do feng shui audit as a profession by accepting money from clients, after learning from this course. Doing feng shui audit for other people requires many years of audit practices and experience, and not just knowing the theory.

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