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Nine Emperor Coins with Mystic Knot - High Quality - Improved Version

List Price:USD38
Our Price:USD14.88
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 1x0.5x8 in
Weight: 50g
ID: SL4603

Economy Pack (2pieces)
Offer Price:USD23.88
ID: SL4603set
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
The product is made up of 9 bronze coins from nine reigns of emperors from the Ching Dynasty tied with red thread with an endless mystic knot and tassel. Nine coins signify completeness and some feng shui masters claimed that they are more auspicious than eight coins. The endless mystic knot is powerful to ensure sustainable fortune and wealth for the owner. It is the emblem that epitomizes the powerful Ching Dynasty's blessings. Hang one in each of the 8 directions. You will be fully protected from problems and blessed with good energy from all directions.

What the 9-Emperor coins symbolizes and how to place the object?
The 9 Emperor Coins consist of coins that are from the first nine Ching Dynasty Emperors of the following reign: - Shun Chi (1644-1661), Kang Hsi (1661-1722), Yung Cheng (1723-1735), Chien Lung (1736-1796), Chia Ching (1796-1820), Tao Kwong (1820-1850), Shen Fung (1850-1861), Tung Chi(1862-1874) and Kwong Shui (1875-1908). Feng Shui masters believe that the 10th emperor is not considered auspicious because Ching Dynasty collapsed during his weak rulership. The dragon breathe for Ching Dynasty had ended after 9 generations, which is a complete cycle of luck. 9 is also a lucky number which represents abundance from the harmonization of heaven and earth.

You may display the 9 Emperor Coins in the following areas:
1. To increase your business luck, stick the 9 Emperor Coins on to all your important files, bank books, invoice books, order books, cheque books, cash boxes and safes, as long as they are related to your business. Similarly you can stick it to your fax machine, cash register and computer to attract opportunities through these avenues. The yang side must always be up.
2. To activate wealth, display the 9 Emperor Coins in the Southeast corner of your bedroom, workdesk and living room..
3. To activate mentor and nobleman luck, display the 9 Emperor Coins in the Northwest.
4. To gather support from the 9 Emperors, hang the 9 Emperor Coins behind your chair or on the wall behind where you sit.
5. To excel in studies and scholastic pursuits, use the 9 Emperor coins as a bookmark so that the 9 Emperors can help you achieve your goals.
6. To leapfrog to next level of excellence for the entire household, display the 9 Emperor Coins above your door inside your house to represent endless wealth entering the house.
7. To protect your house from lacking of good fortune, display the 9 Emperor Coins at each of the 4 corners of the house.

Note: Feng Shui Bestbuy offers coins from the finest quality that is made from fine brass and bronze and is really strong in nature. Try not to get those coins that are made from resin and is very brittle. It is better to refresh these coins each year on the first day of the Lunar New Year. It is best to get new ones, or you can cleanse them using sandalwood incense or a singing bowl.

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