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Financial and Happiness Empowerment Kit

Special Price:USD136.88
Weight: 1776g
ID: SL20055



Our Empowerment Kit is the only logical choice in the market
1. This is the only feng shui empowerment kit in the world that is energy infused for every item and the energy can be measured scientifically. The kit comes with a Certificate of Authenticity on its guarantee of energy.
2. Genuine 18K Gold Plating is done on the figurine of Goddess of Feng Shui
3. Every item in this kit is AAA grade in quality, more superior than anything you can find in the market.
4. We provide the fastest and most affordable shipping.

This Empowerment Kit consists of the following 2020 new items:
1. Citrine Tree of Life
2. Ru Yi Jingu Bang Magical Staff
3. Lady of Nine Heavens Feng Shui Goddess

This is what Feng Shui can do for during challenging times. Yes, feng shui can harness the energy of your environment to empower, transform and give you enormous will power to ride through any storm successfully. The ultimate result will be to maintain happiness and a blessed life.

Many companies have implement a work-from-home policy. This drives demand for employees to create a home office. Even those who are self employed now needs to work from home. To keep your work from home life successful, you will need to create good energy in your home. There is no better time than now to kick start your feng shui and get the luck to your side. The wait and see attitude that most people are having gives you no strategic advantage, This is not the time to yoyo to your old ways because the covid-19 virus may not go away with a date set by any government and the economic downturn could take perhaps 10 years to get revived to its norm.

To harness good luck rapidly, you will need to focus on activating three sectors of your home. These are the three sectors that have positive energies in 2020 that can bring you good luck rapidly. We are talking about strong energy that is needed now. Although some other sectors may have positive energies too, but they are either only moderate or weak, so lets focus mainly on these three sectors:

1. Northwest - This is the sector that empowers profit, income, sales and wealth. This is also the sector that enables you to build, scale and grow your business. It is also the sector for activating recurring income streams. You will need to activate this sector of the house or the direction in your living room with a powerful wealth symbol such as the Citrine Tree of Life.

Northeast - This is the sector that enables you to get support from important people such as your boss or your clients. This sector when activated can also turn what you have done during this period into an asset that last forever. For employees, this will add advantage to your intrapreneurship. For those in business or self employed, this will enable you for a successful planning that leads to great outcome. You can consider to activate this sector of the house or the direction in your living room with The Ru Yi Jingu Bang Magical Staff.

3. West - This is the sector that will empower you with a blessed life for you and your family which leads to ultimate happiness throughout the year. A pleasant life with no big pitfalls is important during times of crisis. You can consider to activate this sector of the house or the direction in your living room with the Lady of Nine Heavens Feng Shui Goddess.

If all this did was to bring you recurring income stream, keep your career going and sustain happiness and wellbeing of your family, how much would that be worth for you? We have figured things out for you. We have made the price low for you in limited quantities and they will be gone anytime. The total price of these items sold in individual pieces will cost you $50 more. You may want to proactively avoid the costly mistakes of not having to rapidly tap the positive energies of your own space during critical times like this..

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