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Safety All The Way (Yi Lu Ping Ann) - Energy Infused

List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD29.88
Material: Earth Material
Color: Colorful
Dimension(in): 3.8x2x4.9in
Weight: 289g
ID: SL20025


Product Description
"A vase atop the deer" is a rebus "yilu ping ann" which expresses the sentiment "safety all the way ". Well liked by the people, the deer itself is a docile animal that is associated to longevity because it is believed to have a lifespan of 2000 years. Seen as the symbol of rank and wealth, paintings of officials stroking the deer symbolizes "promotion to a higher official post". Next, the vase itself is a symbol of harmony and peace. Equally auspicious, the sacred fungus or plant of immortality lingzhi in the vase is associated to long life and immortality and was believed to be ta key ingredient in the elixir of immortality. The lingzhi's medicinal properties were first mentioned in the oldest Chinese herbal manuscript dating back to the Qin and Han Dynasties, Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (The Deity of Agriculture's Materia Medica), where it was stated that not only could it cure and prevent disease but also extend life. This stunningly powerful ornament pulverizes all issues related to health, paving you to a stronger and less sickly year. Those who are vulnerable to monthly ill winds and diseases, for example elderly people or people whose zodiac show signs of health issues in the year may consider this overall combination. It will especially bless the partriarch and martriarch of the family so that they will stay through thick and thin in a safe and happy journey. One will enjoy a secured and safe year protecting you from injuries and accidents, or with less aggravation. In terms of growing your career, it will rectify problems and give you a smooth riding work life.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with certificate of authenticity. The pillow below is also inserted with a talisman that incorporates five major taoist incantation. They signify 1. Safety (Ping An), 2. Wealth Flourishing, 3. Protection, 4. Harmony and Security and 5. Anti Disaster/Injury.

Pointed in ancient texts, the deer symbolizes speed, endurance and longevity. It is the emblem of long life because it is the one and only animal which can find the fungus of immortality "ling tzi". Its horns have medicinal values and can be used to make medicine. The deer can represent the presence of "Sau", God of Longevity. That is why the God of Longevity usually has the deer standing beside HIM. Chinese named the deer "luk" which means wealth and prosperity. Together, it brings long life filled with riches and prosperity. Many feng shui masters often include the deer symbols in their own series of good luck ornaments because it is very auspicious to have the image of deer in our homes, shops or offices. Deer brings prosperity and growth to companies. Displayed at home to bring long life of ease to the whole family and growing prosperity. The deer is always a good gift for someone who wishes to advance in his career or embarking on a new job.

This feng shui ornament would bring you very good fortune and magical improvements to your life in many areas:
1. Display it in the south of your home, important rooms or office to invite fame luck, enhance popularity and recognition in your work. Ensure your talents and hard work is acknowledge by the right people. It will bring upward mobility in all aspects of your life.
2. Display it in the west of your home to bring good luck, scholastic capability, good fortune and overall enhancement for your children.
3. Display it in the Northwest to benefit the patriach. It would ensure smoothness in family income, riches to the whole family, support from the most important people and good family name.
4. Display it in the Southwest to benefit the Matriarch. The mother would stand out and become more significant in terms of family influence, earning income and promotion. It would also improve romance of the family and will benefit any singles who are waiting for good marriage.
5. Display it in the east to improve the health of the family. The deer in the east will ensure everyone at home living till a ripe age filled with wealth prosperity and riches. It would also benefit ailing or old people of the family. For those who fall sick frequently, you may place this feng shui ornament by the bedside as well for blessing from heaven.
6. Display it in the living room facing the maindoor so that the whole family will have safe travels and external endeavours.

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