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ALMANAC 2019 - A guide to timing it right

Material: Paper
Color: Multicolored Cover
Dimension(in): 5.9x0.3x8.6in
Weight: 247g
ID: SL19001

2 Pieces Special
ID: SL19001st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
Every household of feng shui practitioners will usually have the chinese Tung Shu or almanac handy to select dates for certain activities to ensure smooth sailing of endeavours and important undertakings. In fact no feng shui masters nor practitioners will do without the almanac when they want to guide people in commencing a new business or starting a new endeavour. This english language almanac is packed with detailed information from the original classics. Normal almanacs sold in the market contain only simplified information on auspicious dates and hours used to select occasions such as weddings, moving house, commencing business, travelling and renovation. The advance practitioners especially the masters level will find them insufficient. However, this almanac focuses on other vital sources of information you will not obtain from simplified versions. It actually hilights a unique set of activities one can or cannot perform on a daily basis. It is useful when no other english translated version could give you more details extracted from the original chinese version. This almanac is compiled by The Institute of Tao Studies in Malaysia from the references used as far back as the Ching Dynasty, condensed into a booklet. It is the first of its kind and in English, with the right contents and step-by-step guides to help you choose the dates easily and effectively. This booklet is ideal for busy executives and the non-Chinese speaking who would like to know more about the Chinese Almanac. It is a must for those running businesses, constantly travelling, and conducting meetings. It is also a unique and inexpensive gift to your clients, especially for the coming Chinese New Year or for your own organization and personal use as well.

Would you like to find a good date to maximize your success and bring good fortune for important events such as:
Moving into a new property;
Renovation of an existing property;
Meeting someone important;
Signing an agreement;
Starting a new business, project or job;
Engagement and marriage.

Example of a page showing specific details of activities that are suitable for a day

What is the Chinese Almanac?
The ancient chinese almanac (better known as Thoong Sing or Tung Shu) has more than a thousand years of history and research, and it is the Chinese system of measuring and recording the passage of time. The system of timekeeping in feng shui is a combination of the lunar and solar calendars, or more appropriately, a lunisolar calendar. It actually records the months that mirror the movements of the moon and the years reflect with the seasons of the sun.

The almanac is used to indicate traditional festivals and to select dates for important occasions such as renovation, wedding and moving house. For the farmers, it is used to time agricultural activities in the countryside. Ordinarily, the Chinese live their daily lives on a monthly basis according to the lunar cycle, which mark the new moon and full moon days. On the other hand, the farming community, feng shui masters and fortune-tellers subscribe to Solar Hsia calendar which follows the time of the sun.

For centuries such ancient almanac has been consulted for suitable dates on everything to assist us in Feng Shui practice and forecast individual's luck for the day. Today, it is widely used by many giant corporates to advice on selection of appropriate days for almost every important activity, from groundbreaking ceremonies to signing new agreements, launching of a new products, opening a new office, wedding ceremonies to be held, renovations and moving houses.

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