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24K Gold Pi Yao "Five Elements Bracelet" (999.9 Pure Gold) - 100% Authentic

Price: USD148.88
Material: Genuine 24K Gold Pi Yao (999.9 Gold), Green Agate, Amethyst, Red Agate and Citrine
Color: Gold; Red and Green Enamel; 6mm Green Agate beads; 6mm Amethyst beads; 6mm Red Agate; 6mm Citrine beads; 6mm Citrine Faceted Donuts
Size: 0.65x0.25x0.25in (1.7x1.9x1.0cm) Gold Pi Yao
Weight: ~0.84g Gold Pi Yao
ID: SL18054

Gold purchases with credit card will be subjected to stringent checks by the payment gateway with card issuer. If the entry of information during payment through the payment gateway suggests fraud the cardholder will require to produce their photo ID, both sides of the credit card and signature authority.

Product Description
This Pi Yao is made from genuine 24K gold or better known as 999.9 gold by the goldsmith, whereby 99.99% in percentage of gold is used to make the CORE of the Pi Yao. That means this piece of Pi Yao can be traded in with a gold smith and melted to produce 999.9% gold again. Please beware that some misleading stores claiming theirs to be 999.9 gold actually make its core from other metals and have it plated with "999.9 gold plating" on the outside. Pi Yao made from gold is the most powerful form of all because gold itself is the noblest element. Not only is gold precious, but its energy can ward off negative earth energy. The Pi Yao, a symbolic creature of feng shui, can be protective, greedy, or lovable, displaying all the facets of its liberated personality from one year to the next. This brilliant design features two horns on its head, two strings of fortune coins by its sides, a Ru Yi with "Fuk" symbol on its back and chinese character "chai" (denoting prosperity) on its stomach. The Pi Yao has the ability to transform negative chi into positive, overcome obstacles, prevent annual dangers caused to zodiacs, subdue bad luck, diminish obstructions, combat bodily harm and terminate stress. The Pi Yao is suitable for stimulating growth in business, securing safety for the family, warding off negativities, inviting fortune/wealth, protecting against intangible afflictions, and appeasing the Tai Sui and Sui Po.

The Pi Yao provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:
1. Ushers good luck and fortune
2. Generates good feng shui or earth luck
3. Elevates wealth and riches
4. Protects individuals and home
5. Drives away evil, obstacles and hardship
6. Brings windfall luck

Note: This bracelet is more suitable for ladies due to the size of the beads. Strung with stretchability, it is suitable for a standard wrist size that is more or less of 7-inches in perimeter. This item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Please note that import of your purchase to your final destination is subject to local import regulation and may in particular be subject to customs duties and/or other taxes. For this, please directly contact the competent authorities directly to ensure you comply with import requirements.

Why does the Pi Yao have no anus and why is there a taboo that other should not touch your Pi Yao?
The Pi Yao is a fierce looking creature that attracts fortune and wards off evil spirits. Likened to that of an inspector in heaven, it has the ability to exorcising evil forces, epidemics ad illnesses from harming people. In ancient times, people displayed the Pi Yao to protect the household. It was commonly used by the emperors, ministers and royal families. The Pi Yao is the ninth generation of the heavenly Dragon and has different names depending on where it is being sighted. The Pi Yao lives in the heaven, Pi Xiu lives on earth and Pi Kan lives in the sea. Other names such as Tian Lu with single horn, Bi Xie with horns or Pi Xiu with gender are all actually the Pi Yao. All of them bring the same blessings and possess the same properties. The Pi Yao does not have an anus and only eats but does not dispose. It has a big and infinite appetite to eat gold and silver. According to chinese mythology, it was wandering in the palace of the Jade Emperor of the heaven. Unfortunately, it defecated without any discipline every where in the heaven ground as the consequence of overeating. This provoked the Jade Emperor and he casted magic to seal the Pi Yaos anus causing it to lose its defecation function. Since then, solid waste could not be excreted from its body. Lay persons then considered this as a sentiment of "money flowing in but never flowing out". Blessing one with prosperity and protection, the Pi Yao is particularly beneficial to those who are involved in banking industry, gambling sector and financial activities, as well as speculative investments such as forex trading, stocks and equities. For the naturally greedy businessmen and merchants or housewives out there, if you intend to only have lots of money luck coming in and ensure the money never be spent, the Pi Yao is what you are looking for. The Pi Yao is also known to be very obedient to its owners as it is loyal in nature. Because the Pi Yao is very loyal and obedient to its owner, practitioners believe that they should never let other people touch their Pi Yao because this will eventually lead the Pi Yao to confusion of who its right owner is.

In olden days, the Pi Yao was invited as guardian of homes of the emperor and high officials. Because of its capabilities to drive away evil and ushering wealth, it will benefit those earning a living in the bank, finance companies, foreign exchange markets, entertainment circles, casinos, businesses, betting outlets, service industries and stock markets. It brings good luck all year round.

Who should wear the Pi Yao bracelet?
1. Wear the Pi Yao bracelet if you intend to renovate your existing house or move into a new home/premises to overcome obstacles. It guards you against bad "construction shar (poison)" due to disturbing of earth energy. It ensures that you continue to enjoy good health and safety.
2. Wear the Pi Yao bracelet if you desire new avenues of good fortune, protection against evil spirits, power to counteract against wicked people and the ability to overcome bad luck.
3. For those who travel long distance frequently, wear the Pi Yao bracelet to prevent injuries, avoid accidents and ensure fruitful journeys that come with good outcomes. Following everywhere you go, it will swallow up fortune energies and have them trapped in its stomach for abundance.

24K or 999.9 Gold Education
Karat is the term used to measure the gold content or purity. 24k gold is also called pure gold or 100 per cent gold. This means that all 24 parts in the gold are all pure gold without traces of any other metals. It is very fragile as pure gold is a very soft metal. Therefore, it may be dented or ruptured when in direct contact with hard surfaces by force (eg. knocked on table or wall). Owners are advised to remove the bracelet when showering or sleeping to avoid accidental knocks. There is no warranty for dents and ruptures for 999.9 gold under customer use conditions the moment the bracelet is taken out of the box. Our shipping will not cause any damage to the item. Our packaging for this item had been verified to be able to withstand a drop test of 25 feet in height.

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