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2018 Feng Shui Enhancer Kit for the Home

Original Price: USD243.28
Bulk Price After Discount:USD223.28
ID: SL18050

The complete Feng Shui Enhancer kit includes the following brand new items:
1. Golden Goose with Mountain
2. Divine Treasure Ship
3. Wufulingmen Lucky Bamboo
4. Windfall Wealth Box
5. Nine Rank Mandarin Plaque
6. 3 Magical Objects

Success and Achievement Star #1 (also known as Tang Lang) arrives in the northwest to bring great fortune and nobleman luck. The Star #1 is the star that will bring sustainable and favorable employment. Therefore those who are looking for new employment can also activate this star. It is also the star that increases your elective incomes, such as partime businesses or work. Place the Golden Goose with Mountain in the northwest to materialize such type of luck.

The southeast is being visited by the most prosperous Wealth Star #8 White (also known as Ba Bai Star). The annual Wealth Star#8 is the most important star in the whole of the period 8. This wealth-bringing star brings in "current" wealth to make one wealthy and super rich instantly. It benefits both mainstream and speculative incomes. Place the Divine Treasure Ship in the southeast to ensure financial success.

The star of intellectual achievement Wen Chang Star #4 (also known as Si Lu) flies to the south. This Star will bring good luck in networking, noblemen, literary pursuits, nobility, wealth, agility and even good romance that leads to marriage and everlasting love stories. Display the Wufulingmen Lucky Bamboo to activate the south.

The southwest has the arrival of the Heaven Star #6 (also known as Wu Qu Nobility White Star). It is also a star of authority. Unexpected windfall is indicated if this part of the house is activated. This is also the star that blesses one with the luck of mobility, for those seeking to work overseas or migrate overseas. This star will also help you recover quickly in your investments. Business seeking to recover should activate this star to tap for a big change and a huge gain. The wonderful heaven energies here if activated can foster wealth, good fortune, excellent career, good financial support, prosperity and popularity luck. To materialize such type of luck, place the Windfall Wealth Box in the southwest.

The CENTER is the most auspicious sector in 2018. The Purple Advancement Star #9 brings joyful events to the CENTER. Place the Nine Rank Mandarin Plaque in the center.

Comprising 3 emblems of good fortune, namely the "Magic Hammer", "8-Directional Fortune Bringing Lock" and "Smooth-sailing Ru Yi", the 3 Magical Objects are powerful objects believed to help businesses prosper even against overwhelming odds. In business, these magical objects protect the entity from fraud and embezzlement, promotes sales growth and ensures businesses to flourish when placed in the reception area. Display them facing your entrance so that you can see them as you enter to invite wealth and fortune into your homes at chi entry points. The other alternative is to display them in the north to activate "Pien Chai Wealth Star" and "Sheng Chai Wealth Star".

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