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Love Blossom Crystal Point - Energy Infused

List Price:USD168
Our Price:USD66.88
25% Discount:USD49.88
Material: Glass Crystal
Color: Prismatic Crystal
Dimension(in): 1.5x1.5x4in primary piece; 2.3x2.3x1in stand
Weight: 260g
ID: SL18030


Product Description
A Standing Point, known in the healing world as the "generator", is a powerful tool to aid focus and clarity of intention. A crystal point is used for healing, protection and capturing and changing bad vibrations. The Love Blossom Point brings about successful romance in a relationship. It is an elixir of romance for binding new couples together as well as for existing love couples who needs an ultra strong boost in their love commitments. For existing couples, it can move past negativity and return passion to a relationship. It can also attract lost love back and binding two people back together. It will stop interference from friends and relatives and allow two people to love each other, stay connected and develop their unfolding relationship in peace. This point ensures bad romances flee away. Deep in the underlying layers one can find the most precious love that is uplifting at the time when there is least of hope in love life. The crystal point unleashes your love sufferings from the past. In the path forward, it will bring about glamourous and rosy relationship that is filled with joy and laughter in the long term. It produces invisible power of love, bewitching and enchanting seductive magnetism, which draws romance into ones life. They correspond to the passionate progression of: smiling at the beloved, holding hands, gazing into each other's eyes, embracing and kissing, and sexual union. In addition, on a secondary level, this crystal point can also boost scholastic luck. In feng shui, scholastic and romance luck always come together at the same time. This powerful enhancer is best displayed in the Wenchang Star #4 direction.

The salient features and the importance of the auspicious symbols can be explained and elaborated as follows:
1. Double Happiness - consists of two Chinese characters “happiness” arranged side by side, is a time-honored symbol of marriage and conjugal happiness. If you look carefully, the two characters are linked together by two lines, which signify the inseparable bond between two lovers. The double happiness symbol is used to enhance spiritual and physical love between two people; ideal for men or women searching for love, already in love or maintaining a steady relationships or marriage.
2. Taoist Incantation for ROMANCE - The powerful taoist incantation of relationship, love and anti-separation on it ignites the type of romance that is free from troublesmakers and nasty quarrels which could lead to separation. One would simply gain complete happiness in love with this incantation. The incantation promises spectacular love experience
3. Carp Jumping Over Dragon Gate - Its legend of the carp successfully transformed into the dragon reminds us of the ability to resist hurdles and achieve success. Portraying perseverance and determination, the carp is a tough fish that can resist big currents in China's ancient Yellow River. The carp is able to persistently resist hardship, swim upstream and rapidly jump above the tides to reach the heaven, denoting great achievement in ones scholastic pursuit and high relationship ambition.
4. Taoist Incantation of Confucius - Some called it the "mantra of distinction" because of its ability to bless the slow and weak in passing examinations with record high results. This mantra will increase ones intelligence and improve ones studies.
5. The Dragon and Phoenix - are the perfect couple in Feng Shui. Dragon is "yang" while phoenix is "yin", and they complement each other in creating yin-yang balance to harvest successful matrimonial bliss. This celestial couple is the symbol of everlasting love and they being together is the ultimate symbol of marital happiness. It symbolizes that the man and spouse will stay together through thick and thin, and that love and passion will last till the end.
6. Taoist Incantation of STRONG LOVE BONDAGE - It catalyzes virtue, brings perfect matches and hopes for successful relationships in romance. It creates the type of romance that is free from troublesmakers and nasty quarrels. It invites suitable candidates into your lives.
7. Double Carps - resemble joyous unions, marriage luck, abundant good fortune and prosperity. It is one of the symbols of Eight Auspicious Objects in Tibetan Buddhism.
8. Virgin Boy on Chilin of Excellence - It is an emblem of success in imperial examination and success in becoming a court official.
9. Empowering the amulet is the "Mantra of Manjusri" providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine vibes of wisdom.

Note: This crystal point is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Placement Suggestions
The followings are the recommended areas to display the crystal point:
1. Display the point in the southwest location of your bedroom, living room, dining, family room, your car and even your workdesk to activate romance and love luck. Southwest is the universal love sector according to Life Aspiration Theory.
2. Check out your personal love direction according to your kua number (based on your birthdate) to activate your Nien Yen direction. This is in accordance with 8 Mansions Theory of Feng Shui. Activation using this method will successfully create excellent marriage happiness chi for you. This is also the location to activate new love luck for those who have same sexual preference.
3. For women and men trying to secure an existing relationship from being broken, display it in your personal nien yen direction (not your partner's) according to your kua number.
4. For couples who stay together, this is the perfect enhancer to be displayed in the bedroom to generate long lasting love and a successful relationship.
5. Display the point beside your bed or in prominent areas of the living room to create happy energy, harmony among family members and newly weds in a household.
6. Display it in the location of the house where the annual Romance Star #4 locates to activate and boost "love chi" for a particular year.

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