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Magic Peacock Mirror - Energy Infused

List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD40.88
30% Discount:USD28.88
Material: Brass, Brass Plate, Acrylic
Color: Copper, Brass, Purple, Orange, Maroon, Blue Jewel
Dimension(in): 2.7x0.2x5.1in; 1.6x1.6x1.6in base
Weight: 112g
ID: SL17012

Special Price:USD48.88
ID: SL17012st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
This gorgeous mirror of the "bird with thousand eyes" is used in ancient times by the royals to fulfill wishes, invite romance luck, promote recognition, protect against robbery, purify negativities and subdue ailments. Stunningly beautiful in design, it is embellished with beautiful blue jewels. The genuine brass mirror is inscribed with 4 authentic mantras:
1. Wishfulfilling Mantra - the mantra is "OM PADMO USNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT". It will actualize your wishes and multiplying them by 100,000 times more. All wishes will be materialized as long as you have good desire. It answers to all requests and promises a favorable turn in life and a quantum change in your luck.
2. Red Tara Mantra ("Kurukulla Mantra") - it helps to soften mutual restriction for better relationship especially beneficial for those suffering from negative peach blossom, bazi restriction and couples suffering from conflicting zodiacs. This mantra can be invoked to help you to whisper terms of endearment, to guide your sensual power, explore your erotic potential, deepen intimacy, reveal and fulfill your lover's fantasies and infuse lovemaking with sparkling fire. It creates beauty, colorful romance and the amorous feelings of youth. For ladies, it is like a real love potion that encourages libido of your desired men. Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck.
3. 100 Million Eons Mantra - also known as mantra of super purification, it purifies 100 million eons of negative karmas. The mantra is "Namah Sarva Tathagata Hridaya Anugatey Om Kurum Ghini Svaha".
4. Mantra of Peacock King Bodhisattva Mahamayuri - "Om Mayura Krante Svaha". Simply recite three times at your convenience. It not only helps in easing and eliminating diseases, but also dissolves natural disasters, robberies, snatch thieves and insomnia.

Note: This item is energy infused with the scalar tag hidden inside the base and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Peacock Symbol
Peacock is the manifestation of the heavenly Phoenix on earth. It has a thousand eyes on its tail which would activate fame luck, promote public admiration and bring positive motives from other people. The thousand eyes can also protect you from robbery, accidents, people of bad intention, backstabbing, gossips, disasters and dangers. It is especially excellent to promote ones alertness and clarity so that he or she is able to visualize everything in the surrounding. The peacock can relight the fires of a kindling relationship with the fiery energy of the animal. It helps to remedy disharmony and strain to marriages and sibling relationships. It can even solve court cases, litigation and quarrelsome energy that can destruct you if not remedied. The peacock gives good reputation which can bring you many good returns. When you have a flawless image, you are actually raising your chances towards success in every aspect of your life, especially in your career, in business, in politics, in social aspect and even in your love life. A good name will enable you to grab the spotlight and eliminate skeptism. You win half the battle in gaining something if you are well liked by your peers and top management. Even if you are already successful, but it could still spawn jealous people who will run you down until you collapse to the bottom. This bracelet combined the forces of increasing your influential luck as well as vanquishing venomous petty persons who gossip and causing too much trouble to you. It will invoke unlimited good name, reputation and recognition for your efforts. That means, end of the day, people will remember you for your contributions and you will be well rewarded. Your path to Hall of Fame in people's heart will become a reality. Besides, the eyes will also help to protect you against betrayal in love relationships. The peacock acts like a love potion. It will bring out the excellent "yin" side of the female. Ladies who wears the peacock motif will encourage libido of their desired men. The perfect item for single female looking to find true love and conjugal blessings.

Peacock Mirror
The Peacock Mirror is traditionally favored in ancient times to arrest all forms of illness energies. The peacock is traditionally known as the enemy of poisonous creatures, such as the snake and scorpion. The beautiful colors and train plumage of the peacock represents the transmutation of these poisons into nectar of widsom or accomplishments. Peacocks thrive on poison like bodhisattva thrives on negativy. Peacocks live in forests with poisonous plants, they eat the poisonous plants that no other animals can eat, and instead of being poisoned, peacocks transform the poisons they eat into beautiful, colorful and vibrant plumage and thrive. This mirror is an extremely strong antidote against monthly ill winds, all forms of deadly viruses and even possesses curitive properties against cancer. It is a magical health protecting amulet that will improve ones immune system and remove "yin parasites" (as a result of the act of evil spirits). It brings about good health and protects the body from any harm.

Peacock King
The Peacock King Bodhisattva Mahamayuri has three heads. Mahamayuri is green in colour and her three faces are green, white and blue in colour. Mahamayuri is eight armed. One of her four right hands displays varadamudra while the other three hands hold a sword, vajra and jewel. In her four left hands she holds pindapatra, a jar showering jewels, a bell and a flower. She is seated on a lotus throne. She wears all the ornaments and celestial garments peculiar to a Bodhisattva. Sitted on the peacock, she was capable of eliminating poisonous harm and malignant diseases. Her peacock is believed to be efficacious in all cases of dangers as well as for relieving poisonous harms. Many cancer patients are reciting her mantras daily for relief and easing their diseases. Some have benefitted with recovery.

Peacock King Bodhisattva Mahamayuri

Who needs to use this mirror?
One should either carry along the mirror as an amulet, use it to shine at your face everyday, use it to shine at areas that requires healing or sleep on it under your pillow. You may also park the mirror on its base in the following directions according to your aspirations:
1. To fulfill your desired wishes, display it in your personal sheng chi direction. The sheng chi direction is your personal success direction.
2. To invite romance luck, display it in your personal nien yen direction or in the southwest corner of the house.
3. To promote recognition, display it in the fame corner of the house which is the south area.
4. To protect against robbery, your may display it at the cashiers facing out of the business premises or display in areas where you need watchful eyes eg. facing a door or opening.
5. To purify negativities, display it either in the center of your living room.

This mirror is required in the following situations to dissolve illness energies:
1. Those living in bedrooms that are located in Illness Star #2 (be it annual #2 according to annual chart or mountain #2 and water #2 according to natal chart) locations will fall sick frequently leading to long term illnesses.
2. For houses that are in the axis where either Illness Star #2 (be it annual #2 according to annual chart or mountain #2 and water #2 according to natal chart) is at sitting or facing.
3. If the maindoor is in the Illness #2 sector or facing the Illness #2 direction.
4. The kitchen is in the Illness Star #2 location. Remember that kitchen is fire and if the earth element Illness #2 moves there, it will produce danger. All occupants of the house must all be protected by such a strong antidote.
5. The mirror is also best carried along by those who frequently fall sick or those suffering from long term illnesses so that they can stand a good chance of quick recovery.
6. The mirror will dissolve away sick parasites for any zodiac who is more susceptible to annual ill winds or monthly ill winds.
7. The mirror is a powerful form of protective amulet for elderly people who are easily susceptible to sicknesses.

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