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Rainbow Obsidian Progressive Pagoda

List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD42.88
30% Discount:USD29.88
Material: Natural Rainbow Obsidian Crystal
Color: Black
Dimension(in): 1.4x1.4x3.9in pagoda; 3.6x3.6x1in base
Weight: 278g total

Product Description
Ideal for those seeking for career progression, a nine-tiered pagoda represents "fullness" or "completeness" which promises fulfillment of any aspiration you desire. Carved from rainbow obsidian, the color black denotes water element. Water stands for wealth. And water is needed to grow wood, a connotation of "resources needed for growth". Empowered with a powerful taoist talisman of "financial stimulant", it becomes a wealth magnet. This progressive pagoda is guaranteed to enhance your power in knowledge, thinking clarity and leadership skills. You will enjoy endless good tidings leading to greater heights in your fortune and career. It is an auspicious ornament of sustainable and favorable career, suitable for those who are looking for new employment. It also increases success luck and breakthrough in your career, promotion and long term flourish in your income. The pagoda also known to have the ability to purify and transmute all forms of negativities, carries both protective and enhancing characteristics. It can therefore protect you from falling prey to office politics, backstabbing and hostility. All in all, the progressive pagoda brings protection, wealth luck and career advancement luck.

What is Rainbow Obsidian?
The chemical composition of obsidian is natural glass. It is named after the Roman, Obsius who discovered it in ancient Ethiopia. In ancient Mexico the Obsidian was used as crystal balls to see the unknown. Obsidian sculptures served in various religious ceremonies. Native Americans used the obsidian to make jewellery.

The rainbow obsidian has the power to enhance one's self-esteem, amplify motivation, activates creativity and confidence. The power from obsidian keeps negative energies away and for protection from over sensitivity. It has an effect during times of change, by helping to see things more clearly. Best used to help you make important decisions clearly and correctly for your family, business and corporate. It will increase self-confidence, overcome stress, fight depression, release past grievances and promote analytical capabilities!

1. Place it in the north if you're seeking for material gains in career through more recognition and promotion opportunities. It will clear away all resistances and negativities along your way in your career.
2. Place it at your work desk to create a differentiator between you and your competitors emotionally so that you could stay at the forefront of career advancement.

What the Pagoda symbolizes and how to place this object?
The Wen Chang Pagoda is another powerful tool used by Feng Shui masters besides windchime, bagua, coins and wu lou. Its name is derived from the Wen Chang star, which is one of the Flying Stars in the #4 Green. This Wen Chang star dominates over the fate of students and controls the wealth and success in studies. The Wen Chang Pagoda brings literary luck to those who are pursuing their studies and preparing to enter universities (equivalent of ancient imperial examinations for court officials). Besides it can also bring fame luck and advancement in career. It is also great to make one's mind more vigilant, agile, intelligent and improving ones literacy at work. It is also potent to ward off bad energy and killing forces in our surroundings. For health, we can also used it to ward off evil spirits and illnesses. The pagoda can trapped evil spirits for rehabilitation purposes.

The different levels of the Wen Chang Pagoda signifies different meanings:
1. 5-tiers Pagoda represents complete representation of the five elements, ie Metal, wood, water, fire and earth. It also represents the guardian of 5 directions by emperors. This leads to overall improvement of fortune and good luck, while overpowering or subduing bad luck coming from all the 5 directions.
2. 7-tiers Pagoda signifies seven treasures of Buddhism. It accumulates benevolance. It is also said to symbolize blessing from seven northern stars which brings ultimate wealth luck and career luck.
3. 9-tiers bring completeness and brings nobility, strength, good career, wealth and study luck. It also possess power to suppress bad luck and instability.

This Progressive Pagoda can be displayed for many purposes:
1. Display it near your entrance to safe-guard your house.
2. Display it in your shop to guard against losses and protect your business from being harmed by your bad competitors.
3. Display it behind you at your work place to ward off petty characters in your office and backstabbers. It will also work its magic to enhance your career for promotional opportunities.
4. Display it in the east sector of your living rooms or dining area to create good health luck and wealth luck for your family.
5. Display in the north to activate water element that brings benefit to your career luck.

Note: The pagoda is hand carved, therefore every piece is unique by itself and may have a slight difference in size, finishing and shape. Carving artifacts are also common for large carving pieces like this.

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