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Rainbow Obsidian Chung Kwei Holding Fan and Sword

List Price:USD108
Our Price:USD29.88
Material: Natural Rainbow Obsidian
Color: Rainbow Obsidian
Dimension(in): 1.3x2 in chung kwei; 9 in total length of amulet
Weight: 50g
ID: SL12087

Our Price:USD49.88
ID: SL12087st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
This Chung Kwei Amulet strung beautifully with a gold coin can be used to:
1. Bring wealth, both direct and indirect wealth types.
2. Protect one against negative energies and ghostly encounter, for example during the 7th lunar month (hungry ghost festival).
3. Protect against harmful people and vile character.
4. Increase self-development and scholastic luck.
5. Ride through difficult times, for example the most difficult time of the year during the 5th lunar month (poor economic harvest).
6. Remedy and cure most of the evil flying stars.

On the other hand, the power from natural rainbow obsidian can also keep negative energies away, protect against evil attempts, prevent bad intentions of unscrupulous people, arrest bad luck, provide protection and arrest stress/depression. One can carry along this amulet for safety and protection when travelling afar, staying in a hotel, clubbing at night, visiting a cemetery, attending a funeral wake, hiking in a forest and visiting a hospital.

Overall view

What the Chung Kwei symbolizes?
Chung Kwei is no stranger to many of us. In fact, Chung Kwei is popularly seen in all Goldsmith and shops trading expensive goods in Taiwan as an important symbol of protection from robbery, theft and fraud. He is also considered an exorcist of the highest ability as he is said to have subdued any demon spirits and there after had them under his command. The image brings you scholastic luck, protection from harmful people, wealth luck and protection from evil spirits/ghost. Having the image of Chung Kwei in your home will provide potent protection from terrible enemies who have been giving you a difficult time and making your life unpleasant. For those in high profile professions, Chung Kwei will help to prevent backstabbing, underhand tactics and jealousy, both in your workplace and business relationships.

Chung Kwei was a bright scholar and a swordsman who had gone through a lot of difficult times to attain his ambition of becoming a court official. Due to his fierce and scary looks, he was denied by an emperor to serve for the government despite passing his exams with great results. He was then made a guardian in the spiritual world to catch roaming bad evil spirits. Later, after many years, another emperor who dreamt about Chung Kwei was sorry about the unfair deprival of his rightful honors even though Chung Kwei was so capable. This Emperor ordered his portrait to be painted and recognized for his duty as "God of Demon Buster ". He was then also being recognized to be "Star God of Examinations" by certain folks in China because of his high scholastic ability.

Chung Kwei is usually depicted as being ugly with large protruding eyes and a rough beard. His fierceness alone can kill any roaming evil. He uses his powerful sword as a weapon to kill any evil spirit.

There are many positive benefits from having the Chung Kwei amulet:
1. As a protective guardian, this amulet can be hung near you entrance facing out to ward off evil spirits, people with bad intention, competitors, robbers, thefts, fraud and act of unlawfulness.
2. Chung Kwei can be an effective remedy to diffuse the fatal effects of 5-Yellow star (bringing mishaps, death, accidents, big losses) if your maindoor is facing this direction.
3. For those who suspect that evil spirits are wondering in your rooms at nite, you may also hang the Chung Kwei amulet at the foot of your stairs to watch out for all evil spirits wishing to go upstairs to disturb your sleep. The amulet can also be displayed in your bedroom next to your bed for powerful protection in your sleep.
4. To enhance your child's scholastic luck in examination, display the amulet of Chung Kwei in the Northeast corner (education luck corner) or directly at his/her study desk. The amulet can also be kept in ones pocket and carried along together into examination halls.
5. Carry along the Chung Kwei amulet during your cycle of bad luck and during times of frustration caused by vile characters and backstabbing from your office colleagues.
6. Display the amulet in the car if you regularly stay out until late at night. The amulet will keep you safe from ghostly encounters that can result in accidents.

Note: You may invite Chung Kwei into your home at anytime of the year, but the best time will be in the 5th Lunar month because mid-year is usually considered as the most difficult time of the year.

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