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Windchime of Tenfold Powerful One with Secret Pagoda - Energy Infused

List Price:USD118
Our Price:USD49.88
25% Discount:USD36.88
Material: Brass
Color: Electro Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 1.2x0.5x2in kalachakra piece; 2.5x2.5x21 in all
Weight: 200g
ID: SL12071

2-Pcs Special
Our Price:USD62.88
ID: SL12071st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
Exerting powerful energy from the tinkling sound of metal hitting on metal, this six rods windchime has 6 mantra rods inscribed with "Om Mani Padme Hum", providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine help to transform bad energies into good vibes. The six rods windchime actually denotes "Chien Hexagram" from the studies of I-Ching which carries the meaning Big Metal and luck from heaven. This hexagram exerts the strongest form of metal energy which is required to counter problematic earth energy from flying stars #5, whether they are of natal, annual or monthly nature. Astounding in esthetics, the primary piece captures the amazing bond between the Tenfold Powerful One and the 5 Element Pagoda. Empowering the primary piece is the mantra of White Umbrella Goddess which can dissipate black magic and demons. The Tenfold Powerful One (Kalachakra Symbol) is an ultra strong antidote for killing energy and evil forces. It is often used as cures for difficult situations when other cures become helpless, in situations that may possibly carry misfortunes, disasters and accidents if not properly remedied. It is also a potent cure against visible and invisible "shar chi" such as poison arrows and annual afflictions. Next, the 5 Element Pagoda facing the other side of the charm is popularly known to be the most promising remedy against the Fatal Yellow Star #5. The center piece and the weight below remains unboldly traditional with the "bagua chao chye coin", which has proven its ability as a booster to counter pesky star numbers.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

What the Kalachakra symbolizes?
The Tenfold Powerful One (also known as Kalachakra seed syllable) is the best known symbols of the Kalachakra system. It can symbolize the aspects of the Outer Kalachakara, like the elements and the ten planets, the aspects of the Inner Kalachakra, like channels and chakras and the aspects of the Alternative Kalachakra, like the 10 powers, 10 forces and 10 perfections. The original symbol consists of a ring of fire, then the main symbol which combines seven individual syllables, on top are a crescent, a disc and a curved shape, making ten. That is what is meant by the Tenfold Powerful One. Surrounding the main symbol is a ring of flames, which corresponds to the outermost "Circle of Wisdom". On the left and right of the syllables are the Lantsa characters for E and VAM, representing the union of emptiness (E) and bliss (VAM). Lantsa is an Indian script, derived from Sanskrit. It is used for Buddhist mantra syllables and the titles of sacred texts.

The 5 Element Pagoda is a very superior and effective cure considered by many authentic masters to effectively counter strong earth energy from 5-Yellow and Illness Star#2 in Period 8. It is also potent to ward off bad energy, illnesses, evil and killing forces in our surroundings. This is the "tradesecret" of many authentic masters in the classical feng shui world in Southeast Asia. The stack-up of five different shapes represents the productive cycle of the powerful five elements, which is the basis of feng shui studies. The square at the bottom represents earth element, which produces metal element, that in turn produces water element, which produces wood element and finally yields fire element at the top.

Along the perimeter of the charm is inscribed with the "Mantra of White Umbrella Goddess". The powerful Buddha of Protection who carries a white umbrella has the power to symbolically dispel any evil intentions of people who may want to hurt you. Be mindful that everyone is vulnerable to jealous intentions of unscrupulous people, enemies or competitors, so it is better safe than to be sorry. This mantra can also ward off black spells casted by the underlying currents of jealousy and making them harmless. The mantra is "Tadyatha Om Anale Anale, Khasame Khasame Bhaire Bhaire, Sume Sume Sarva Buddha, Adhishthana Adhishtite Svaha" which can be recited 108 times a day.

Windchime like bagua is a fundamental tool used in authentic Feng Shui. The advantage of a windchime is it can be use internally to dissolve shar chi. Windchimes are unquestionably the most powerful enhancer and cure for many Feng Shui situations. Windchimes are potent enough to maneuver and enhance chi wherever it is placed. They make a significant presence especially for those who do not want to spend too much money to modify buildings and large structures due to bad Feng Shui. Properly designed windchimes according to the rules of the nature do not invite ghost, but instead will chase away evil spirits with the melody of metal energy.

This Kalachakra Windchime can be used to cure many bad situations:
1. Display it where malevolent energy exists as a result of bad flying stars, even the most complicated combinations where other cures are insufficient.
2. Display it at intended areas to counter any "shar chi" due to rushing energy. Examples of rushing energy situations are such as stairs facing your maindoor, long pathway leading to a door, two doors facing each other, a window facing a door etc. It will slow down rushing "chi". Besides, it is also used to welcome in positive energy.
3. Display in the sector where the Natal or Annual Illness Star #2 flies into.
4. Display in the sector where the Natal or Annual Fatal Yellow Star #5 flies into.

Note: Please do not hang a windchime directly above where you sleep, sit, eat, work or stand. Your energy will be suppressed. In the event that there is space constraint, you may hang the windchime lower than waist level.

Energy infused with Scalar tag

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