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Pair of Muscled Rhinoceros - Energy Infused

List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD49.88
40% Discount:USD29.88
Material: Exotic Material
Color: Black Tint
Dimension(in): 5x2x2 in each
Weight: 300g all
ID: SL12017


Product Description
Musculine, firm, fierce and reliable, this stunning pair of muscled rhinoceros in tinted black are consecrated with the "mantra of anti-robbery" hidden secretly inside their stomachs. Some old style masters who follow the classics closely consider that only black and no other color is water element. The male rhinoceros protects the partriarch, outdoor dangers and all situations outdoor when one is away from the home boundary. Meanwhile, the female rhinoceros protects the martriarch, the kids and all situations indoor. The strong double horns in gold make them ultra powerful in countering bad energy. The Kan Hexagram inscribed on them is derived from I-Ching (ancient Book of Changes). The Kan Hexagram represents BIG WATER and holds the key into combating the metal element energy of violence from Star #7. The rhinoceros are recommended by Feng Shui masters as an ultimate symbol of protection against robbery, accidents, enemies, office politics, biz competitors and backstabbing. Place these rhinoceros flanking your maindoor or inside facing your maindoor (inside looking out) to prevent peer competition, triumph over back-stabbing, robberies, burglary and violence. It is also an authentic remedy for the Annual Violent Star #7.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Why Violent Star #7 is bad and how to place this remedy?
One of the most hazardous star is Violent Metal Star #7. This star used to be very auspicious and was a wealth star during Period 7 (1984-2004). But in Period 8, its good attributes are gone and have turned into an evil star that brings nothing good but injuries, burglary, troubles, chaos, fightings, bad luck, law cases and lawsuits. Because during Period 6 and Period 7, which is the past 40 years, this star used to be advantageous, feng shui masters had not emphasized much on finding a good cure for this star. Its effects becomes worst when combined with bad stars such as #2, #3, #5 or magnifying star #9.

Display the rhinoceros in the following locations:
1. For safety of our families and children, place the pair of rhinoceros facing out to the maindoor of our homes to ward off robberies and accidents.
2. The pair of rhinoceros can help to solve political problems in office, backstabbing, arguments and harmful peers when placed in your office desk. They will help to solve quarreling, havoc and irritation in office.
3. For businessmen, it is best to get the pair of rhinoceros facing outwards at the main entrance of your workplace or shop to ensure your competitors are kept at bay. The powerful rhinoceros will help you counter attack their poisonous threat.
4. The pair of rhinoceros is the most perfect cure against violence star#7, either from the natal chart, annual chart or monthly chart of flying stars.


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