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Natural Brazilian Amethyst Geode with Embroidered Wood Stand

List Price:USD188
Our Price:USD68.88
Material: Natural Amethyst Geode
Color: Natural Purple
Dimension(in): Random
Weight: 300-900g
ID: SL11945

Product Description
This genuine amethyst geode has three important functions in feng shui:
1. To activate the Mountain Star #8 in Flying Stars Feng Shui.
2. To prevent spouses from third party relationship when tied with red string.
3. To replicate a strong mountain support at the sitting position of a person or a house.

This is a genuine amethyst crystal cluster that is hammered from a large piece of amethyst cave and then molded with concrete on its back to provide a strong support so that it does not rupture easily.

Note: This amethyst is from Brazil, which is considered more superior compared to amethyst from other countries.

What is the significance of Amethyst Geode and how to place this geode?
The amethyst is recognized to give the magical effects of calming our emotions and enhancing thinking clarity. It has curative energy to enhance us physically and mentally. Thus, our health could also be improved by the amethyst. The amethyst is most suitable for those who are experiencing pressure and stress under high pressured environment. The amethyst would stimulate meditative energies to create harmonization between you and your environment. It is also a potent item to reduce quarrels, anger and emotions. Amethyst has more powerful forces compared to other crystals and for those who are sensitive to energies, you can feel the transmission of energy when you go near the amethyst.

Firstly, the Amethyst crystal geode is one of the best means to activate auspicious mountain star #8 in Flying Star Feng Shui. Classical Compass Feng Shui masters who practice Flying Stars Feng Shui often claim that the fastest and most promising method to improve health and relationship is to find the auspicious "mountain star" (sitting star) of the reigning number of the current period and activate it with a correct mountain feature. Although there are many theories about generating health and relationship, this system of feng shui gives the most faith to watch health and relationship start flowing in till desired results is attained.The reigning number in Period 8 is "8" and it is this star that rules for this 20 year-cycle (ending 2024), therefore the mountain star is Mountain Star#8. When the mountain star #8 is activated, it represents never-ending turnover of good health luck and relationship luck. It will manifest the type of luck where you will gain warmth, support and goodwill from people. You will find that your number of friends will increase significantly, you are being well liked and see everything agreeable to your side. You will also gain a lot of networking and more achievement in life. On the other hand, it will also strengthen your health and prevent your entire family from long term fatality ailment. Remember that both relationship and health are the source of extreme good fortune. Once this mountain star #8 in any type of houses is activated, it promises good luck for the whole household, irrespective of which period your house belongs to.

Second fine aspect of feng shui is to always have a good support behind you, be it your sitting position or the house sitting position so that you are never lack of support from important people. Having support from important people promises smooth sailing in your career and business. Place this geode behind your office or at the back portion of your house to enjoy such luck.

For those who want to prevent their spouse from straying and involving in third party relationship, tie this geode with a red string and place it under your bed. Some would even have the string continued to be tied all the way to the two legs of the headboard. But for those who have no space under the bed, you may choose to tie the geode with red string and place it in the vicinity of the head board or side table.

Note: This geode is hammered from a large crystal cave and is natural. Therefore, geodes have hammering marks. Since it is natural and not fabricated, each piece is unique on its own, with the size and shape varying from one piece to another. There will also be natural inclusions, varying color shades and cracks, and these are by no means imperfection. Every piece of geode is properly cleansed prior to shipping so the geode will reach you with fresh and happy energy.

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