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Tibetan Victory Banner (rgyal-mtshan)

List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD29.88
Material: Brass
Color: Gold Plated and Colorful
Dimension(in): 2.9x1.1x3.7 in
Weight: 250g
ID: SL11923

2 Pieces Special: USD52.88
ID: SL11923st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
The victory banner (also known as victory sign) belongs to the Eight Auspicious Objects. It is a sign that consist of a narrow cylinder of cloth with at least three rows, but generally several more, of folded silk valances. It is a powerful symbol of triumph. One can display the victory banner to signify triumph over evil, disagreements, disharmonies, obstacles and anger. It is also a strong symbol of wealth recovery, suitable for those who had gone through bad and trying times before. It is a strong remedy to remove all types of sufferings.

What the Victory Banner symbolizes?
The victory banner (also known as victory sign) belongs to the Eight Auspicious Objects. It is a sign that consist of a narrow cylinder of cloth with at least three rows, but generally several more, of folded silk valances. The cloth is stretched over a wood frame, and crowned with a pommel which is often adorned with four silk ribbons.

In Sanskrit, the banner or sign of victory is known as the dhvaja, meaning standard, flag or ensign. Originally, the victory banner was a military standard carried in ancient Indian warfare, and bore the specific insignia of its champion. In Buddhism, the flag of victory also denotes Buddha's triumph over the four Maras (evil), who personifies hindrances on the path to spiritual realization. The four Maras are: Mara of emotional defilements, Mara of passion, Mara of death and Mara of divine pride and lust. It was adopted as an emblem of the Buddha's victorious enlightenment and his vanquishing of the armies of Mara. The hosts of Mara personify defilements. Victory banner signifies methods of overcoming these defilements:
1. development of wisdom and meditation
2. taking refuge in Buddha
3. abandoning false views
4. developing spiritual aspiration
5. developing selflessness
6. generating formlessness, emptiness and desirelessness

The victory banner symbolises the victory of the activities of one's own and others' body, speech and mind over obstacles and negativities. It also stands for the complete victory of the Buddhist Doctrine over all harmful and pernicious forces.

Furthermore, the victory banner also is the attribute of many deities, including the wealth deity Vaisravana who holds the jewel spouting mongoose together with the victory banner, symbolising possession of wealth through victory.

It is a symbol of victory over all disagreements, disharmonies and hindrances, so that it can bring about permanent, enduring happiness. It is also said to denote triumph over anger and aggression.

One can display the Victory Banner in the center to symbolizing the Buddha's victorious dharma radiating to the four directions and his triumphant over the four Maras.

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