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Evil Character Vanquishing Wulou - L

List Price:USD118
Our Price:USD72.88
50% Discount:USD38.88
Material: Natural Rainbow Obsidian and Crystal Stand
Color: Black and Clear
Dimension(in): ~3 in wulou; 2.25in stand
Weight: 300g
ID: SL11608


Product Description
Are you being bothered by evil characters and venomous people in your life? Are there enemies around who seem to be friendly but are actually poking you from your back? You must safeguard against such people and terminate their evil intentions by all means. This wulou is very powerful at vanquishing venomous petty persons who gossip and causing too much trouble to you. Each time the hit out at you, they will be bruised by themselves. It terrifies and overcomes all intentions of bad people surrounding problems associated to trouble, hatred, jealousy, desire, illful motive and gossip. It will wrathfully fight and ward off all those people who are poking you from behind your back. This wulou can also remove all negative energies and ward off ghost!
1. Rainbow obsidian - The power from obsidian keeps negative energies away, uncover and protect against evil attempts, prevent bad intentions, arrest bad luck, provides protection, happiness, joy, creativity and for protection from over sensitivity. It has an effect during times of change, by helping to see things more clearly. Best used to help you make important decisions clearly and correctly for your family, business and corporate. It purifies and transmutes all forms of negativity.
2. Evil Vanquishing Incantation - This powerful taoist incantation terminates all forms of evil and those who are trying to cause harm to you. The magnitude of its power becomes very enhanced when embossed on natural crystals.

Great piece to be placed on your study and work desk to ensure you are always at your peak and to protect you against any office harm.

What is Rainbow Obsidian?
The chemical composition of obsidian is natural glass. It is named after the Roman, Obsius who discovered it in ancient Ethiopia. In ancient Mexico the Obsidian was used as crystal balls to see the unknown. Obsidian sculptures served in various religious ceremonies. Native Americans used the obsidian to make jewellery.

The rainbow obsidian has the power to enhance one's self-esteem, amplify motivation, activates creativity and confidence. The power from obsidian keeps negative energies away and for protection from over sensitivity. It has an effect during times of change, by helping to see things more clearly. Best used to help you make important decisions clearly and correctly for your family, business and corporate. It will increase self-confidence, overcome stress, fight depression, release past grievances and promote analytical capabilities!

For those who desire to use it for healing purposes from a spate of bad luck, you may sit in a relax position where you feel comfortable at, and have the obsidian wulou held in your right hand. Remember to be sure you are very relaxed and have a clear mind, best to do it during nite time when there is no noise pollution from traffic. Then visualize that all negativities from your body are transmitted out of your body through this rainbow obsidian wulou.

1. Place it in the north if you're seeking for material gains in career through more recognition and promotion opportunities. It will clear away all resistances and negativities along your way in your career.
2. Place it at your work desk to create a differentiator between you and your competitors emotionally so that you could stay at the forefront of career advancement.

Note: All crystal items would be placed in a singing bowl to rejuvanate fresh new energy prior to shipping to ensure potency. Also note that natural crystals from earth may have uneven textures and colors, natural inclusions or original internal lines/cracks that could be exposed on the surface. This is absolutely fine from a feng shui perspective and would not make natural crystals less perfect compared to manmade items.

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