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List Price: USD118
Our Price: USD68.88
30% Discount: USD46.88
Material: Leaded Crystals
Color: 5 Element Colors
Dimension(in): Blue Water 1.5x1x0.25in; Green Wood 1.5x0.4x0.4in; Red Fire 1.25x1.25x0.2in; Yellow Earth 1x1x1in; White Metal 0.9x0.9x0.8in; Stand 8.4x3x1in
Weight: 300g
ID: SL11574


Product Description
This special cure is known as the "Mm Harng Charn", or better translated to become the PRODUCTIVE 5 ELEMENT CURE. It had been derived from the principles of 4-Pillars of Destiny and the controlling-producing cycle of 5 Elements. Feng shui masters from authentic schools would commonly remedy all directional problems with 5 Element Method. But the wiser ones will further apply the boosting method based on the productive cycle to maximize the remedy. That being the reason why those with feng shui eyes will be able to see this powerful application all over asian countries that built their cities with Feng Shui. The PRODUCTIVE 5 ELEMENT CURE is the most effective cure for almost ALL situations. Those who are familiar with the popular five element pagoda will probably see these pieces as individual elements dismantled from it. Yes, that is correct in a way. These are a set of 5 individual pieces made from crystals and shaped according to their elements. And 5 elements are the basis and fundamental of where all cures and enhancers were derived.

This set of 5 element carvings are made from the following types of element representations:
1. Blue Glaze in curvy shape - Water Element
2. Green Glaze in rectangular shape - Wood Element
3. Red Glaze in triangular shape - Fire Element
4. Yellow Glaze in squarish box shape - Earth Element
5. White Glaze in spherical shape - Metal Element

Hidden underneath the stand - Energy Mineral

The following shows the productive cycle of 5 Elements where fire produces earth, earth produces metal, metal produces water, water produces wood and wood produces fire. When the productive cycle is used, it gives the "boosting" effect.

Productive Cycle in 5 Elements

The set up of this cure must always be displayed in boosting sequence in a straight line to control the energy of any direction. The boosting sequence will create the maximum field of energy required for curing any direction. To set up the cure, first one has to identify the direction and location where the shar chi is coming from. Then one has to decide if they like to use the destructive method (destroy by using the opposite element) or exhaustive method (control by using the cycle opposite productive cycle) in curbing the afflicted energy. Ancient texts calls only for destructive cycle. The exhaustive cycle never existed. However, recently many feng shui masters have adopted the new exhaustive cycle as well. Since data showed it also work, then there is no need to go against it. But for stronger effects, one would consider using the exhaustive method. There are altogether 5 different types of setup using destructive method as follows depending on compass direction:

Shar chi is in the North - The energy of shar chi is water element. One should display the cure in the following sequence facing North to exhaust water energy.

Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth --> North

Straight line set up to cure the north. The yellow glaze square box facing north.

Shar chi is in the Northwest and West - The energy of shar chi is metal element. One should display the cure in the following sequence facing Northwest and West to exhaust metal energy.

Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire --> West or Northwest

Straight line set up to cure the northwest or west. The triangular red glaze facing northwest or west.

Shar chi is in the Southwest and Northeast - The energy of shar chi is earth element. One should display the cure in the following sequence facing southwest and northeast to exhaust earth energy.

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood--> Southwest or Northeast

Straight line set up to cure the northeast or southwest. The rectangular green glaze facing northeast or southwest.

Shar chi is in the South - The energy of shar chi is fire element. One should display the cure in the following sequence facing south to exhaust fire energy.

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water--> South

Straight line set up to cure the south. The curvy blue glaze facing south.

Shar chi is in the Southeast and East - The energy of shar chi is wood element. One should display the cure in the following sequence facing southeast or east to exhaust wood energy.

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal --> Southeast or East

Straight line set up to cure the southeast or east. The spherical white glaze facing southeast or east.

But in case one decides to use the exhaustive cycle instead of destructive cycle above, they can use the following summarized set-ups according to different directions:
Shar Chi in the north: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood --> North
Shar Chi in the northwest or west: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water --> Northwest or West
Shar Chi in the southwest or northeast: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal --> Northeast or Southwest
Shar Chi in the south: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth --> South
Shar Chi in the southeast or east: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire --> Southeast or East

When to use the Productive 5 Element Cure?

After learning how to use this special cure, one may be asking when we apply it. Well, it can be applied effectively for almost all feng shui problems of a house. It is considered as authentic method of curing these problems and the strongest way by classical masters. From a general point of view, problems are always associated to shar chi (killing breathe). This shar chi can be divided into two categories:
1. Physical Shar Chi - Internal shar and External Shar
a. Internal physical shar refers to overhead beams, pillars, odd shape spaces, toilet etc.
b. External physical shar refers to tall trees, pylon, lamp post, power station, sharp roof edges, incoming roads, construction sites etc.

For example, when a beam is located in the northwest of the house, the men of the house will face difficulties almost all the time. And sicknesses associated to the head, lungs and bones will be very pronounce in the family. To solve the issue, one can use the productive 5 element cure by placing in the following manner facing NW: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire--> Northwest

2. Intangible Shar Chi - Cannot be seen, but can be derived from formulas. Bounded by time dimension or not bounded by it.
a. Affliction and shar that changes with time - Natal Chart problems, Annual Chart problems, 3-Killings, Tai Sui, Sui Po etc.
b. Affliction that is fixed according to 8 Mansions formula depending on the facing direction of a house - Five Ghosts, Six Killings, Total Lost etc.

For example the maindoor is facing the annual 3-Killings in the west in 2017. The family will get injuries easily and faces fierce legal issues for that year. To solve the issue, one can use the productive 5 element cure by placing in the following manner facing east: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal --> East

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