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Wealth and Job Security Pagoda

List Price:USD128
Our Price:USD32.88
Material: Natural Yellow Jasper
Color: Yellow Jasper
Dimension(in): 1.8x1.8x4.1in
Weight: 200g
Our Price:USD53.88
ID: SL11174st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
Yellow jasper being a Period 8 stone contains wealth energy. It has a powerful gold taoist incantation of wealth tied to it to catalyse its wealth energy. It is related to the auspicious deity star Tang Lang who held one in his hand. This wealth pagoda helps one achieve success areas like employability, favorable career, advancement, good public relations, promotion and long term blossoming of income. In Feng Shui, nine represents "fullness" or "completeness" which guaranteed fulfillment of any aspiration you desire. This pagoda is guaranteed to enhance your thinking clarity and capability. It purifies and transmutes all forms of negativities in your space and carries both healing and enhancing properties. This pagoda will also bring protection, scholastic luck, fame luck and advancement in your career. Feng Shui grandmasters build pagodas to improve the energy of the surrounding and bring good fortune to the country. In many parts of Asia such as Macau, Penang and Taiwan, wherever the pagoda is being built, the surrounding occupants of the area will enjoy excellent wealth luck! The pagoda is an authentic and powerful enhancer not to be underestimated, just like the bagua.

What Pagoda symbolizes and how to place this object?
The pagoda is another powerful tool used by Feng Shui masters besides windchime, bagua, coins and wu lou. It is potent to ward off bad energy and killing forces in our surroundings. The pagoda has the capability to increase ones overall luck, invite employability opportunities, stabilize the career, increase literary luck and ensure successes in life. It is also excellent to create vigilance, agility, intelligence and literacy. The pagoda were widely carried by chinese deities in the heaven due to its multiple abilities. Evil spirits get scared with pagoda because it can entrap evil spirits and rehabilitate them.

The different levels of the Wen Chang Pagoda signifies different meanings:
1. 5-tiers Pagoda represents complete representation of the five elements, ie Metal, wood, water, fire and earth. It also represents the guardian of 5 directions by emperors. This leads to overall improvement of fortune and good luck, while overpowering or subduing bad luck coming from all the 5 directions.
2. 7-tiers Pagoda signifies seven treasures of Buddhism. It accumulates benevolance. It is also said to symbolize blessing from seven northern stars which brings ultimate wealth luck and career luck.
3. 9-tiers bring completeness and brings nobility, strength, good career, wealth and study luck. It also possess power to suppress bad luck and instability.

The pagoda can be displayed for many purposes:

1. Display it near your entrance to safe-guard your house.
2. Display it in your shop to guard against losses and protect your business from being harmed by your bad competitors.
3. You can also display it behind you at work place to ward off evil politicians in your office and backstabbing. It will also work its magic to enhance your career for promotional opportunities.
4. For excellent examination luck, display it at your study desk or next to your bedside. It can clear your study exhausting, thus creating a more harmonized mind for more memory power. It becomes even more powerful when placed in the Northeast direction.
5. For health, you may place the pagoda in the east sector of your living rooms or dining area.
6. This pagoda will activate the Advancement Star #1 in flying star system.

Note: The pagoda is hand carved, therefore every piece is unique by itself and may have a slight difference in size, finishing and shape. Carving artifacts are also common for large carving pieces like this.

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