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Triple Union Fireball with Li Hexagram

List Price:USD78
Our Price:USD20.88
Material: Pure Brass
Color: Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 1.5x2.2 in brass piece
Weight: 50g each
ID: SL10904

Special Price:USD36.88
ID: SL10904st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
Recently uncovered, this is a powerful amulet against Quarrelsome Star #3. It is made from strong brass (to chop off the wood energy of the star) and takes the shape of a fire ball to burn it off into ashes. Inscribed on it is the mythical "Li Hexagram" derived from the I-Ching. This hexagram authentically represents BIGGEST FIRE you could create in feng shui. It is this hexagram that holds the key to remedying the quarrelsome star #3 effectively. What is more, it also has the powerful three celestial animals of victory against disharmony (known as Triple Union). They are the pairing of six mythological enemies: otter and fish, seamonster and seasnail, garuda and snowlion. These ancient practice of uniting the rival pairs are being put on banners for reconciliation of disharmony and disputes.Therefore this combined metal-fire cure will terminate quarrelsome energy at home, havoc, dispute between lovers, problems with office authorities, lawsuits and quarrelsome neighbours, which is usually caused by Quarrelsome Star #3. This potent cure is specially created to remedy Annual Star #3 that flies to the south of all homes and premises in 2010.

Note:The brass piece is made from a very prestigious brass factory.

What the fire energy is for?

Bad temper, quarrels and scolding is widely seen due to our hectic modern living because stress is part of our life where we need to cope with. Losing our temper and initiating quarrels is sometimes unavoidable due to the additional effects of the nasty Quarrelsome Wood Energy from a bad flying star #3. That is why sometimes we could end up in great troubles without us realizing the reason, which had been led by our quarrels with our loved ones, our subordinates, our superiors, our friends, our parents, our relatives or even with strangers. Like it or not, quarrelsome energy in our lives brings us bad aura on our crown chakra and heart chakra which could bring extensive bad luck that could last for sometime forward. Therefore, it is very important that we not lose our temper or quarrel in order for us to enjoy good feng shui and good luck. The Li Hexagram is an excellent antidote for quarrelsome energy by creating a broad spectrum of fire waves. Once the quarrelsome energy is dissolved, it will help to create positive thinking, focused minds, confidence and innovativeness, progress and prosperity. This will reinforce our energy levels to benefit in every aspect of our lives.

Triple Union Animals as a powerful symbol of harmony!

Those who are afflicted by quarrelsome energy should directly carry it along or hang it in places where one wants to dissolve quarrelsome energy. The following are also the recommended sectors for display:
1. Display at work place to burn off any quarrelsome energy caused by flying star #3 which could possibly be invading your space permanently, annually, monthly or even hourly based on time dimension of feng shui concept. Because most of us are too busy to find out when this bad star#3 will strike your space, it is best to place one there all the time to prevent such occurence at all so that you could experience harmony with your office colleagues and improve your relationship with people.
2. Display it in the south of your home or premises in 2010 to cure "annual" quarrelsome star #3 that invades this location for all homes and premises. This is especially important to have if your maindoor is in this location or if your bedroom is located in this location. This enables you to build good relationship with your partner, family members and friends in life.
3. Display it in the locations of homes where in your home's natal flying star map the Quarrelsome Star #3 is, especially when #3 meets with #2. This is the best cure for such situation so that you are not going to be invaded by quarrelsom energy, lawsuits, arguments and disagreement with anyone.


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