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Three Emperors (Kang Hsi, Yong Cheng and Chien Lung) - PRINT

Material: High Quality Print, Photo Paper and Laminated
Color: Multicolor
Dimension(in): 1.0x9.0 in
Weight: 100g
ID: SL10683


Product Description
There were three successive emperors whom have been considered to be the most powerful emperors in China. They belong to the powerful reign of the Ching Dynasty, namely Kang Hsi, Yong Cheng and Chien Lung. This full length portrait of the 3 Emperors on their Throne is printed on high quality photo paper and laminated so that it is water resistant and more durable. Feng Shui Masters from all over the world therefore believe that symbols, figurines, portrait and even coins that are associated to them are extremely precious to build good feng shui luck. Borrowing luck from these three emperors is believed to bring long term riches. The blessings from the three most powerful emperors will ensure authority, good progress, stability, wealth, success, smoothrides in all undertakings and most importantly is the ability to build a dynastic family. Their presence bestows one with better income and benefits as one leap frog to greater heights in their endeavours in the upcoming future. It signifies as one progresses, things become better and better that last for at least nine generations.

Note: The prints are copyrighted, limited in quantity and only produced by Feng Shui Bestbuy. Those who are interested in the original can contact our sales department. The price is USD1088.88, without frame. The original will come with a certificate of originality and guaranteed uniqueness of a single piece availability in the world.

The painting showed the real faces of how the three emperors looked.

What the Three Emperors symbolize and how to display the art?
Kang Hsi was the 2nd emperor of the Ching Dynasty who ruled between 1661-1722. When he passed away at a ripe age, he passed on his throne to Yung Cheng who ruled between 1723-1735. Then Chien Lung who was Yung Cheng's 4th son became the emperor between 1736-1796. They are popularly known to be the three of the most outstanding generations of longer term wealth success.

Kang Hsi was the emperor who wisely strengthen his control of all the territories in the large piece of China land. He began by strengthening his army and fought off all the rebels. His strength was his ability to get all high ranking officials worked faithfully under him. He cleverly gather great support from important network and officials in ruling the country.

Yong Cheng, on the other hand was an emperor who was very hard working. He was the emperor who brought many fine tuning and changes to the policies and rules of the country. He was the first to imposed some smart rules to increase efficiencies and to remove bureaucracy. Historians had found many wealthvases hidden above the roofs of the palace all belonged to emperor Yong Cheng.

When Chien Lung took over the throne from his father as a young emperor, he further improved the country's economy. During his reign, he opened China for international trading. He then became the richest emperor ever lived in China. At the same time, he invested in scientific research to build his weapons and army that made him undefeatable. He was very capable in his fighting skills, well educated, artistic and powerful. He had a full grip and control of the country. Jade and ceramic arts were his favorite, he had turned the whole palace into housing extensive collection of symbolic feng shui. All the fine symbols which could only be used by emperors those days were crafted from bronze, jade, gold and ceramics. Probably with his strong practice of feng shui that made him so rich, powerful and long life. He was also the first emperor who retired, passed on the throne to his son and became the grand emperor during his old age.

The art of Three Emperors is an extremely auspicious display for many good reasons:
1. If one is looking for strong and long lasting good luck so that he/she can build a dynasty family, display them in the important family corner such as in the living room, dining room or east area of the house.
2. If one is seeking to make it out to be a rich and successful partriarch, they can display them in the Northwest corner prominently. But in 2007, NW is not so ideal because of many problematic stars bringing bad luck, one can display the art in the south instead.

3. If one is seeking for prosperity and good harvest in a business display in a prominent area of the shop or office so that it attracts good fortune chi to enter your office. It will announce imminent prosperity and good news.
4. One can also display at the southeast corner, personal sheng chi direction and other wealth corners of their living room to activate their wealth. Normally feng shui masters recommend one to use the three coins to represent them. But it is much better to have them directly than the representation.
5. If one is seeking to be successful in politics or a public image, display this art in the south corner prominently.

Note: Laminated pictures may have slight remnant bubbles, glue stain and folding marks which are unavoidable due to photo lamination process. Once the picture is framed, they will become invisible behind the glass.


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