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Mystic Knot Mobile Hanger

List Price:USD48
Our Price:USD13.88
Material: Metal and Natural Citrine and Peridot
Color: Copper, Yellow and Green
Dimension(in): 0.5x0.5x2 in
Weight: 10g
ID: SL10526

Our Price:USD20.88
ID: SL10526st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
This is a super gorgeous modern looking mobile hanger with the mystic knot. The mystic knot is considered as the most influential symbol in Period 8. Those using this powerful mystic knot symbol will have the influence of the number 8 multiplied, thus enjoy extra good fortune. Mystic knot is also equivalent to the infinity sign done endless times. It is specially strung with the precious Citrine and Peridot gemstones to magnify its potency. String this hanger onto your mobile to usher in good news from your mobile. In general the mystic knot will multiply your health luck, wealth luck, relationship luck and extremely good fortune in all areas of your life in the Period 8.

Beautifully strung with genuine natural citrine and peridot gemstones making it more precious

What Mystic Knot symbolizes?
The mystic knot symbol explains that everything goes in a cycle, where there is not start and end point. It is a neverending cycle in Buddhism. The mystic knot is seen as the symbol of good tidings with minimal illnesses, problems, pain, setbacks and any sort of sufferings. It is a knot that implies smooth and easy life. Therefore it is also the magical lucky knot in feng shui. It is also the perfect emblem of "persistant love", thus being identified as the lucky love symbol suitable for ensuring that the romance in a marriage will last. It is also the best symbol of protection in Period 8 against accidents and misfortune. If you are travelling offshore or faraway, the mystic knot will also protect you against accidents and danger, including robberies, burgalary, kidnaps and any other kinds of danger.

The mystic knot also brings the calming effects to subside your anger. Each time you feel quarrelsome, visualize by holding the knot quickly and your anger will subside to transform into joy. It is therefore an important item to be carried along in offices, homes and cars. If you are travelling offshore or faraway, the mystic knot will also protect you against accidents and danger, including robberies, burgalary, kidnaps and any other kinds of danger. Visualize and hold the mystic knot everytime you feel down and it will lighten the negativities.

Genuine yellow citrine had been endorsed by all Feng Shui masters to be the "Period-8 Merchant Gemstone". This is because period 8 (2004-2024) is earth element. Citrine being dugged from the earth is filled with pure earth energy. Furthermore its yellow color will further complement its earth energy. Therefore, citrine would be the most important crystal wealth energizer for Period 8. This item will invite more solid wealth luck and income luck for you throughout the next twenty years (2004-2024). Citrine is actually an amethyst, except it has gone through long term heating process with high pressure naturally deep underground. Thus, it had turned yellow from purple. It represent the power of the sun. In feng shui, yellow it the color of wealth. It is for this reason that citrine has become more highly priced than amethyst. Citrine Gem is a potent symbol of wealth. Citrine creates wealth luck, fortune, prosperity and more dollars in your income. It is claimed that shops, salespersons and businesses of different kinds would feel wealth coming their way whenever they wear the citrine. What is more, some who could not sell their house or car did so after obtaining a citrine. Others feel there is always money coming in and from unexpected sources.
It also has the power to enhance one's self-esteem, amplify motivation, activates creativity and confidence.

Peridot is a more highly ranked gemstone due to is beauty and rarity. It is known as the stone related to the energy of the sun. It can amplify ones power to advance forward and create miracles. Most people who had owned peridot claimed unbelievable good luck and smooth riding in all their endeavours. It is a stone of happiness and brings good energy. On medical side, it is known to heal asthma and problems related to the kidney and liver. Therefore it is beneficial for those who always stay up till late at night. The peridot like a supreme version of the citrine also creates wealth luck, fortune, prosperity and more dollars in your income.

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