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8 White Mother of Pearl Array on a Bagua with Period 8's KEN Trigram

List Price:USD88
Our Price:USD28.88
Material: AAA grade Mother of Pearl and White Jade Base
Color: Natural Stone
Dimension(in): 3x3x0.8 in
Weight: 100g
ID: SL10416

2-Pieces Special
Our Price:USD48.88
ID: SL10414st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
As we embarked into the new luck cycle of Period 8, Feng Shui Bestbuy had created an authentic fortune emblem to welcome the Period 8 energy into ones home and also to activate White Star #8, which is the most fortunate star in Flying Star Feng Shui. The White Star #8 can come in a few forms, namely the Water Star #8, Mountain Star #8, Annual Flying Star #8 and Monthly Flying Star #8. The White Star #8 is represented by 8 pieces of the precious AAA grade purest Mother of Pearl spheres. Its base is carved painstakingly in a bagua shape from thick white jade stone. The bagua which is 8-sided and considered as a mythical shape from heaven is extremely auspicious in Period 8. Moreover, the center of the base is engraved with Ken Trigram, which is the trigram to represent fortunate "8" and the trigram that rules Period 8. Therefore this powerful emblem will benefit you with 20 years of luck cycle, which is ideal for homes and premises to change your fortune, carry you to greater heights and allow you to step into Fortune 8 path for maximum wealth success.

Note: This emblem is custom made for Feng Shui Bestbuy by a crystal factory in Taiwan and is limited in stock.

What Eight Mother of Pearl Array Emblem symbolizes and how to place the object?

The Eight Mother of Pearl Array Emblem is best used to:
1. Welcome in Period 8 energy into all homes and premises so that everyone can benefit such energy even if one does not own a house built in Period 8 (2004-2024). To welcome in Period 8 energy to benefit homes, place this powerful emblem in the NE permanently.
2. Activate Water Star #8 and Mountain Star #8 which are both Flying White Star #8 in ones natal chart, irrespective of the period the house is built. Activating Water Star #8 and Mountain Star #8 is the best method to activate ones MAXIMUM feng shui luck to bring in prosperity, wealth, harmony, good health, longevity and happiness. The emblem must be placed permanently according to ones natal flying star chart.
3. Activate Annual Flying Star #8 to bring in annual wealth luck for that particular year. For example, in 2006, it is best to place this emblem in the north of any space, be it in a house, bedroom or living room. Since the annual wealth star #8 move from one location to another every year, the emblem will have to be moved annually in this case.

One should know that Water Star #8 could be activated with the powerful Crystal Lotus Rolling Ball Water Feature. However, if one thinks deeply, in ancient times electricity was non-existent and having a water feature was simply impossible. So what do the ancient people use? Most authentic grandmasters revealed that in the past 8 white pieces of crystals were placed to activate white star #8. Therefore, after working out closely with many famous feng shui masters, we had developed this powerful "8 White Mother of Pearl Spheres on a KEN Trigram Bagua". 8 white crystals represent the presence of the White Earth Star #8 and its spherical shape ensures smoothness in one's endeavour. The Ken Trigram represents Period 8 and the bagua shape is the most auspicious shape in Period 8. This ornament therefore brings you maximum wealth luck in Period 8. This is especially useful if your water star #8 falling in your bedroom or kitchen or places where water features are not suitable. And for places where you can place water, you got nothing to lose to make sure that both the Crystal Lotus Rolling Ball Water feature and the "8 White Spheres on Ken Trigram Bagua" are placed together to ensure the most complete harnessing of energy in water star #8.

Meanwhile, the Mountain Star #8 can be activated with the combination of the Yellow Jasper Mountain and the " 8 White Spheres on Ken Trigram Bagua" as the most complete enhancer of Mountain Star #8. Most feng shui masters tend to focus on only Water Star #8 and neglect Mountain Star #8. This is not very wise because one can leap so many good benefits from Mountain Star #8 to complete his or her life, in areas such as relationship, health, networking, social, marriage and descendants luck.

Note: The ornament is carved and ground painstaking from natural gemstones by human and not molded from synthetic material. Since it is not fabricated from synthetic material, it is not immaculately flawless, whereby there could be carving scars, natural stone cracks and impurities. It is perfectly fine from feng shui point of view because it possesses energy absorbed from rain water, earth, sun and the moon. The ornament possess real energy and will be cleansed in a singing bowl prior to us shipping it out.

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