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Grand Duke Charm (Tai Sui Talisman)- 2006 Release

List Price:USD48
Our Price:USD16.88
Material: Brass and Jade
Color: 24K Gold Plated and Natural Jade
Dimension(in): 1.4x0.5x8 in
Weight: 50g each
ID: SL10399

Economy (2pcs): USD28.88
ID: SL10399st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
This Grand Duke Charm (Tai Sui Talisman) provides powerful protection and safeguard against many dangers from the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). Authentically designed, this lucky protector combines 2 potent symbols and elements of protection: 24K Gold Coin of Tai Sui made from metal element and Pi Yao made from earth element jade. The gold coin of tai sui exerts strong metal energy to deflect all negativities and bad luck caused by Grand Duke Jupiter. While the piyao which is made from the obedient jade will sacrifice itself to save one from dangers which may be fatal caused by Grand Duke Jupiter. Jade which is popularly known as the good friend of human and will normally dissappear mysteriously or break into pieces even though it is not hurt in an accident, to sacrifice itself in order to save the owners life. This powerful talisman also brings good fortune and prosperity for a smoother ride in the whole year. Best hung in one personal bedroom, workplace and car for protection against mishaps. In 2006, this protector is required by those born under zodiacs DRAGON, DOG, OX, SHEEP and ROOSTER.

Note:This talisman comes with a free beautiful gold pouch for those who do not wish to display it openly.

FREE gold pouch

What the Gold Coin of Tai Sui and Pi Yao symbolize?
The secret of the protective bagua potency lies in the arrangement of the Eight Trigrams. Eight Trigrams (derived from I-Ching or known as Book of Changes) is the pattern of change in our universe and its energy were formulated, with their transformation, events and evolution of mother nature recorded diagramically in the form of solid (yang) and (yin) lines called trigrams. These natural events affect our health, livelihood, and relationships.

8 Trigrams

The 12 Earthly Branches with animal zodiac on the other side of the coin represent mankind. Combined with the bagua trigrams, all the 12 zodiacs would be protected against all odds, mishaps, misfortune, accidents, sickness, devastation from unlucky stars and annual afflictions.

On the other hand, Pi Yao is the most popular symbol used by Feng Shui enthusiasts as recommended by the masters. Pi Yao is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon and has different names depending on where it is being sighted. Pi Yao lives in the heaven, Pi Xiu lives on earth and Pi Kan lives in the sea. All of them brings the same blessings and possess the same properties. Pi Yao is a protective heavenly creature that has one horn, lion-dog face, hoofs and little wings and a tail. Many people prefer using Pi Yao over Chi Lin because Pi Yao does not have an anus and only eats but does not dispose. It has a big and infinite appetite. For the naturally greedy businessmen and merchants or housewives out there, if you intend to only have lots of money luck coming in and ensure the money never be spent, Pi Yao is what you are looking for. Pi Yao are also known to be very obedient to their owners as they are loyal in nature.

The Pi Yao provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:
1. Ushers good luck and fortune
2. Generate good feng shui or earth luck
3. Elevating wealth and riches
4. Protects individuals and home
5. Drives away evil, obstacles and hardship
6. Brings windfall luck

This authentic Grand Duke Charm is a countermeasure against dangers of the annual "Tai Sui" (Grand Duke Jupiter). In 2006, the four zodiacs afflicted with such problems are as follows:
a. Dragon - Conflict with Tai Sui
b. Dog - Offend Tai Sui
c. Ox and Sheep - Torture Tai Sui
d. Rooster - Harm Tai Sui

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