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Wealth Mongoose

List Price:USD56
Offer Price:USD15.88
Material: Earth Material
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 3.5x2.5x2.2 in
Weight: 260g
ID: SL10188


Product Description
The wealth mongoose is considered to be a holy creature carried by a Wealth Deity (Yellow Jambhala) in Tibetan Buddhism. The mongoose does not bless one with money, but instead with precious jewels. Each time it is happy, it will obediently produce miracles by magically churning out jewels and precious gems, therefore is considered to be an important wealth enhancer in feng shui. If jewels are what you are looking for in life, then by all means get this mongoose. The family of mongoose depicted sitting on coins and gold ingots will harness prosperity luck, increases happiness, generates fertility and usher in money when it is simply placed on your desk as a wealth energizer.

What mongoose symbolizes and how to place this object?

The association of the mongoose to jewels and wealth is derived from Tibetan Buddhism. The wealth deity (Yellow Jambhala) carries the mongoose along to magically produce jewels as His blessing to devotees. This cute "wealth converter" consists of a fat and happy mother mongoose accompanied by her kids harmoniously sitting on a bed of treasures. A fat, smiley and happy mother mongoose bring extremely good fortune to households and its presence signifies prosperity, money making luck, windfall, wealth and abundance. This item is targeted for those who intend to gain smoothness in acquisition of precious jewel luck. It would also bring you a good possibility of a fatter salary for those seeking for a new career.

The wealth mongoose is usually depicted sitting on gold ingots and has a very fat body in nature. The mongoose is also a great gift to wish one success in business.

For excellent feng shui associated to wealth abundance and prosperity:
1. Display the feng shui mongoose in the wealth corner (southeast corner according to 8-Aspirations Theory) to activate a fat salary.
2. Display the feng shui mongoose in your personal sheng chi direction according to your kua number to obtain maximum personal wealth luck opportunities.
3. Display the feng shui mongoose at your workdesk, living room or family area to jazz up more success in all your affairs and smoothen your endeavours in wealth opportunities.
4. Place it near water as it is the best ritual to have the mongoose giving out jewels. According to myths, the mongoose will produce jewel when it goes near water. Therefore it is also best to be placed near water feature in your Water Star #8 locations.

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