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Amulet of "Double Happiness" Symbol with Dragon-Phoenix and Fortune Bats

List Price:USD48
Our Price:USD16.88
Material: Genuine Orange Aventurine
Color: Orange
Dimension(in): 2.4x0.5x10in
Weight: 100g
ID: KH10009

Our Price:USD26.88
ID: KH10009set
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
The presence of the double happiness symbol is an auspicious enhancer for those who are seriously looking for marriage luck and proposals from the one you love. This special amulet of conjugal happiness is carved with the powerful double happiness symbol in the center, being surrounded by dragon and phoenix (another powerful symbol of conjugal bliss) and the fortune bats. This is an all-in-one auspicious amulet with all these three powerful symbols together. The amulet is made from natural orange aventurine and is tied with the mystic knot with red tassels in its tail to signify endless "double happiness". The double happiness symbol is a very powerful symbol of conjugal bliss and happiness in marriage and family life. It simply brings double blessings from heaven. The item is also a perfect wedding gift for your close friends.

What Double Happiness Symbol with Dragon-Phoenix and Fortune Bats symbolizes and how to place the object?
The presence of the double happiness symbol is a very powerful symbol of conjugal bliss and happiness in marriage and family life. It connotes double blessings from heaven. In Taoist feng shui, the reasoning is that the "doubling excellence" concept would double the effect of luck, such as doubling the magnitude of wealth, happiness and success. No matter where you place it, happiness chi is most efficiently created by the word itself doubled. This sign is carved on marital beds, chairs and other bedroom furniture. It is also printed onto silks on brides gown on the marriage day. In the Forbidden City of Beijing, the double happiness symbol is carved repeatedly in the emperor's bedroom, pierced lattice screens, painted red lanterns and ceilings to create a harmonious flow of happy energy through out the palace. The double happiness symbol is a MUST for any newly weds in the bedroom.

Beautifully carved symbols on orange aventurine

On the other hand, the dragon and phoenix are the perfect couple in Feng Shui. Dragon is "yang" while phoenix is "yin", and they complement each other in creating yin-yang balance to harvest successful matrimonial bliss. This celestial couple is the symbol of everlasting love. The dragon and phoenix couple could be found in restaurants and in bedrooms to enhance the matrimony of a newly wed. This is to ensure that the couple would be blessed with both patriach and matriach luck, outstanding achievement in life and great fortune and prosperity with many filial offsprings. The dragon is the basis of feng shui studies that controls the cosmic chi and forces on earth. The dragon will bring prosperity, good career luck and success in every area of life for mankind, while the phoenix would bring out the excellent side of the female.

Bat is an auspicious symbol of abundance for chinese. Their presence can be found in temple windows, in chinese architecture, used together with fortune symbols and carried by deities like Chung Kwei and Sau Sing Kung to signify wealth. They do not signify dracula like what the west believe. Bat (pronounced as "fook" in chinese) means prosperity. Bats also have medicinal values as it is used with chinese herbs to cure many ailments.

To activate your romance luck, wealth luck, success and invite marriage proposals,
1. Display the amulet in the southwest location of your bedroom, living room, dining, family room, your car and even your workdesk. Southwest is the universal love sector according to Life Aspiration Theory.
2. Next, you may also want to check out your personal love direction according to your kua number (based on your birthdate) to activate your Nien Yen direction. This is in accordance with 8 Mansions Theory of Feng Shui. Activation using this method will successfully create excellent marriage happiness chi for you.

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