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Tai Sui of Lunar Year of PIG 2019

Warning - copyright reserved by Feng Shui Bestbuy. The following contents on the page are written and owned by Feng Shui Bestbuy. No direct or indirect copying without permission is allowed. Article was authored and originated by our Feng Shui Scholar.

Explaining Tai Sui as the Root of Taoism

Tai Sui is being referred to as Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the Year. The role of the Tai Sui is rotated annually and he has command over all other deities except the Jade Emperor. The Tai Sui has always been misunderstood as a punisher giving problems such as mishaps and disastrous consequences. In actual fact, the Tai Sui is the divine deity taking charge of the world's general affairs for the particular year. The heaven sends Him to look after mishaps and disastrous happenings and provide protection. Possessing immense authority and power, he is the deity whom none will dare offend, in fear of diversity. A person's bliss, health, luck and misfortune are all under the care of Him. It actually serves as a reminder to avoid misdeeds, to take good care of health and to involve in more benevolent activities and to avoid offending the Tai Sui so that misfortune will not strike. He will note the good deeds and misdeeds of people.

The Taoist calendar is organized into a series of twelve "earthly branches" which rotate according to the five elements. The result is a sixty year cycle. Taoists believe that sixty Grand Commanders are assigned to command each year, and each with their own characteristics, temperaments, abilities, etc., to rule the years of the 60-year cycle. The Tai Sui governs the 24 Divisional cycles and the chinese 12 two-hourly period per day throughout the year. Each Tai Sui will take turns to take on the Heavenly Divine One role on 4th February (start of spring) every year. Therefore, it is customary that chinese folks across the world will usually throng the Tai Sui temples to offer prayers after the 4th February (usually within a span of 1 month) and NOT before. It is also worth taking note that another important date to be remembered is the generalized birthday of all Tai Sui, which is the 19th day of 7th lunar month. Those who have not offered prayer to the Tai Sui in the beginning of the year (first month of spring) and those who had forgotten to express gratitude to the previous Tai Sui at the end of the previous year can take advantage of this day to pay respect to the Tai Sui.

Some masters like to relate Tai Sui to astronomical studies of how the Jupiter planet orbits one day for every 12 years the earth orbits, passing by each horoscope every year. There are magnetic and energy fields for each stellar object, and since Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, it brings great impact on our planet Earth. Jupiter is the biggest planet among the 9 planets in our solar system. Jupiter is made from gases comprising of hydrogen and helium. Because it is 11 times larger than planet earth, as it moved about, it creates interfering waves that exerts magnetic fields onto planet earth. Astrologists divide its path into twelve sectors, starting from the west to the east. Therefore, these masters believe that the basis of Tai Sui is related to the orbit of Jupiter. The Jupiter moves anticlockwise from west to east, and astronomers invented an imaginary orbit that moves the other way round from east to west to take positions and is called Star of Sui (Jupiter). That is how the name Grand Duke "Jupiter" came about.

Dou Mu Yuan Jun (Big Dipper Mother of Northern Stars)

If a horoscope is found to be in conflict with Tai Sui, it means the energy and magnetic forces of the position of Jupiter that year would bring unstable influences to people born in certain years. Due to these unstable forces, the people affected will experience bad luck. In Taoism, the custom of praying to Tai Sui for pardoning started centuries ago since Zhou dynasty. Remedying problems brought by the Tai Sui, curing Tai Sui Shar and praying to Tai Sui have also been a tradition practised by the chinese for centuries. One can always visit taoist temples with 60 Tai Sui statues together with Dou Mu Yuan Jun (Big Dipper Mother of Northern Stars) to see for yourselves how important it is that this ancient practice continued until today.

Common sight of the shrine of 60 Tai Sui with Dou Mu Yuan Jun in the center. This picture was taken when we researched Taoism in the world's most famous Taoist Research Center in Hong Kong.

The Tai Sui of the Year of 2019 is the Great General Xie Tai

The new Tai Sui (God of the Year) for the JI HAI Year of PIG 2019 is Great General XIE TAI. He will take over the Tai Sui role on 4th February 2019 at 11:14 hours. This corresponds to the 30th day of 12th lunar month, which is still a DOG Year. Tai Sui Great General XIE TAI was born in Lin Jin during the Ming Dynasty. It is now known as Shan Xi province at the District of Da Li. Highly revered for his honesty and integrity during those days, he used to go through a big hassle in trying to return silver pieces that was lost and found. After securing the silver pieces under his clothes, he exhibited his keen eagerness to return them by sitting along the side of the road and waited patiently for the rightful owner to show up. When the sun set and still not seeing any sign of anyone searching for the lost silver, he returned home and kept them high up so that they were unreachable. He got up early the next morning and returned to the same spot along the road in hope to seek for rightful owner again. With better luck this time, someone showed up on a horse desperately seeking for the silver he lost. Greeting the man with joy, he invited the man home and gave him food. The man explained that he was an official mission for his master and therefore was desperate to find the lost silver. After verifying that the man was the rightful owner, XIE TAI returned him the silver and saved him from troubles. Although the man wanted to reward XIE TAI with half of the silver and recommend him for government recognition, XIE TAI declined the intentions humbly. Saving someone in desperate moments had earned XIE TAI with good merits and eventually his descendants attained scholastic excellence in imperial examinations. They rose to the hall of fame and became imperial officials with great power. Since then, he was being widely venerated for being ancestor with great value. His image features him in military robe but not holding any weapon. This translates to a protective year of peace and no conflict among countries. Governments and leaders are expected to reject corruption. Righteousness will be upheld. Business practices will come clean with better honesty. The world will experience lesser greed. As usual a few zodiac signs will suffer from his wrath this year. Besides certain zodiacs linked to him, those whose chinese names having the same strokes as his will also be offending him and will suffer from emotional set backs due to pressure, lawsuit, sickness, quarrel and fight.

Grand Duke Tai Sui Plaque

Displaying the Grand Duke Tai Sui Plaque at home is a common method of acknowledging the goodwill of Tai Sui as the Heavenly Divine One who is in charge of the year. This is also a way of paying deep respect to the deity and seeking blessings from Him. Displaying this plaque invokes the protection and goodwill of the Tai Sui. The Tai Sui of the Year always bring virtue and good tidings, and promises divine help when needed. This protects against offending him and cultivates his support in all our daily endeavours, for health, wealth, love, peace and happiness. This is a popular taoist method of invoking His guardian and protection. Those whose zodiacs are facing "disagreement" with the Tai Sui are the ones who will need to display the Tai Sui plaque at home, especially those who live in areas where they are unable to perform their prayers at the Tai Sui temple. Zodiacs facing "disagreement" with the Tai Sui will be further discussed below. Those facing "disagreement" can face serious misfortunes if not properly remedied. The Tai Sui plaque is usually displayed in position/direction of the Tai Sui. However, if the direction of the Tai Sui is in a toilet, bedroom or storeroom, then it will be more suitable for the plaque to be displayed in the direction of Tai Sui at the living room or family room. For those who have a Buddhist or Taoist prayer altar at home, the plaque can be displayed at the prayer altar. Remember that the Tai Sui must always be treated with high respect.

The NORTHWEST 3 and SOUTHEAST 3 will be afflicted with Tai Sui Shar Chi

The position where the Tai Sui commands, no happiness but misfortune will befall. It is advisable to avoid its locating position and its opposite direction. The position of Tai Sui in 2019 is at NORTHWEST 3 ranging from 322.6 to 337.5 degrees. The direction opposite where he is sitting will be the SOUTHEAST 3 ranging from 142.6 to 157.5 degrees. This direction will have geographical negative magnetic fields (shar chi) that could not be explained scientifically. If you do negotiations, you can capitalize this effects by sitting in the NORTHWEST and facing the SOUTHEAST. Then your opponent will be facing the NORTHWEST and confronting the Tai Sui. That way, you will always be in the winning position. The traditional use of Pi Yao in this area will greatly help to appease the Tai Sui. The Pi Yao is a powerful celestial creature known to absorb all the bad vibes caused by inadvertantly offending the Tai Sui, for example if you cut a tree, dig a hole, hammer a nail or unavoidably disturb the Tai Sui corner. Over the years of gathering information, we finally found the most effective way to appease the Tai Sui with certain additional properties into the traditional cure. When curing with the Pi Yao, it must look pronounce and not be hidden from view. And there must be metal element involved. Metal here refers to real gold that is genuinely 24K plated at minimum and strong metal. And the secret behind the cure is that the "Tai Sui Mantra" must accompany the Pi Yao for maximum effectiveness. It actually refers to a set of chinese incantation of the Tai Sui. This mantra had been used for centuries to help one overcome the wrath of Tai Sui. This year, we have redesigned an effective countermeasure known as Double Pi Yao's Appeasing Jupiter Planet. This special ornament which has Tai Sui's favorite "pet" playing with him will essentially align the cosmic forces to synchronize with the detrimental vibes of planet jupiter, thus countermeasuring its negative gravity towards earth. Red is also the color that is vital to harness protection against the wrath of Jupiter's energy. Simply display this countermeasure in the NW sector of your home as an effective remedy.

Please take note also that there should be no construction, no unearthing, no digging and no excavation work carried out in the NORTHWEST sector of your house, including repair work. If this sector is disturbed, those staying in the house will have a tough year ahead with a lot of arguments and sicknesses. This includes chopping a tree. When activities are carried out in the direction of the Tai Sui, it is deemed a challenge to his authority and a petrifying backlash will likely ensue. If there is no choice but a serious need to work on this area, then avoid starting and ending in the NORTHWEST. One can start in other sectors instead before proceeding to the NORTHWEST.

Next, one should not forget that the opposite direction which is SE sector is also negatively afflicted and it is known as the Year Breaker (Sui Po). The negative effects in the SE sector is similar and needs to be remedied too. An effective countermeasure for the Year Breaker is the Five Element Pi Yaos. Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) correspond to Five Directions (north, south, east, west, center) and Five Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). Featured in five colors, each corresponds to a type of power. The Five Elements play the key to bringing out greater cure potential. The presence of all the five elements will be beneficial for unbalanced charts especially, where by having them it will bring the basket of elements back into balance so that wealth and good fortune can manifest. There can be some kind of fortune meltdown when annual charts are unbalanced, unless the deficiency of any element is remedied. These magnificent master pieces are used in feng shui to denote "supreme countermeasure and fortune". With greater increase in remedial power, nothing will be restrained and nothing will hold you back from advancing forward. Display them in the SE sector of the house.

Zodiacs facing "Disagreement" with the Tai Sui are the SNAKE, PIG, MONKEY, TIGER and DOG

To check for which zodiac one is born under, one will have to follow the Solar Calendar. There are many zodiacs in disagreement with the Tai Sui in 2019 and they are the SNAKE, PIG, MONKEY, TIGER and DOG. The disagreements (in descending order of severity) are further termed as Conflicting Tai Sui, Offending Tai Sui, Torturing Tai Sui, Harming Tai Sui, Breaking Tai Sui and Damaging Tai Sui which we will be discussing in greater detail in the following paragraphs.

Conflicting/Confronting Tai Sui - The SNAKE conflicts the Tai Sui in 2019. It means the SNAKE confronts the Tai Sui directly from the opposite direction like in "wrestling position" with the Tai Sui. Remember, no one can win a fight with the Tai Sui because he will be the victorious wrestler of the year. This kind of energy conflict is the fiercest of all. It implies high risk, crisis, inconsistency in fortune and difficulty in every aspect. Problems associated to such a disagreement are for example the death of a loved family member, accidents, injuries, death, hospitalization, money loss, bankruptcy, demotion and losing a job. There will also be possible changes in the love relationship, therefore one has to exercise caution. Therefore, the SNAKE should consider donating their blood and doing more charity in 2019.

Offending Tai Sui - The PIG offends the Tai Sui in 2019. The seriousness of offending Tai Sui will be considered as 2nd to conflicting the Tai Sui. Those who offend the Tai Sui will feel weak for the whole year and suffers from bad temper which results in poor human relationship. They will frequently fall sick, get wounded, pessimistic, feel restless and suffer from love problems. Therefore one has to exercise regularly and eat nutritiously. One should also not stay out for late nites because a lot of evil things can happen to one when the luck is not good.

Torturing Tai Sui - The PIG again tortures the Tai Sui in 2019. When torturing the Tai Sui, the year spells no good harvest. There will a lot of contradictory problems afflicting them. Gossips, scandals, disharmony, badmouthing, emotional instability and bad relationship with people are going to be a norm at work and even hard work will not pay off well at the end. Crisis after crisis will occur. Crisis implies troubles, obstructions, failures in investments and blood mishaps. Therefore this is going to be a non-fruitful year for those torturing the Tai Sui. The whole year will just go to waste. The best is to stay low profile. They can also learn up meditation and pick up some spiritual paths.

Harming Tai Sui - The MONKEY harms (pokes) the Tai Sui in 2019. It simply means incompatiblity. When the Tai Sui is harmed, one will not do well simply because they cannot connect well with the rest of the eleven other zodiacs. They cannot get along with anyone, always in confrontation mode and will face difficulty at work. Their public image will become tarnished and this will be a major disadvantage for those who are in politics, showbiz, business and doing sales. Gossips and troublemakers are aplenty making them difficult to concentrate on getting more important things done.

Breaking Tai Sui - The TIGER breaks the Tai Sui in 2019. This affliction will result in one's life going haywire and behaving in a disorderly manner. Although it is the lightest affliction, it cannot be ignored by all means else it will magnified to become bad. The slightest mistake will bring financial losses. For example one is going to get speeding tickets, fined for drunk driving, investigated by authorities for wrongdoings etc. Therefore, the TIGER will have to be extra tactful and careful in the year 2019.

Damaging Tai Sui - Also known as the punishment clash. The MONKEY again and DOG damage the Tai Sui in 2019. Damaging the Tai Sui causes damage with each other. They will face obstructions after obstructions in all undertakings, especially those involving human inter relationships. About 80% of the plans will meet with failure, damage and losses.

Those with the following year of births are strictly prohibited from attending funeral, burial ceremony and visiting the sick. Refrain from participation or better yet avoid attending any altogether, if you are able to politely excuse yourself from it. Otherwise, you will absorb negative energies that are present, which may have far-reaching effects on your well-being and progress throughout the year:
1. SNAKE 1953, 1977, 2013
2. PIG 1935, 1995
3. MONKEY 1944, 1968, 2004
4. TIGER 1986

The zodiacs in disagreement with the Tai Sui also cannot get married in 2019. Some older masters even forbid them from doing renovation and moving house. Traditionally, these zodiacs in disagreement with the Tai Sui will have to pray to him for blessings after 4th February 2019 with time of transition at 11:14 hours. Traditionally, those who are living in towns that do not have the Tai Sui temple, they will carry along the Grand Duke Charm (Tai Sui Talisman) and the Pi Yao. The Grand Duke Charm will neutralize the influences of magnetic field to the person concerned, protecting against the odds and promises better safety. The Pi Yao will appease the Tai Sui, will help in difficult situation and will help one obtain a smoother ride for the year with more helpful people, less troublemakers and obtaining a more peaceful year. This is also a method one can use if it goes against ones religion on worshipping the Tai Sui.

The new 2019 Grand Duke Charm (Tai Sui Talisman) provides powerful protection and safeguard against many dangers from the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). We have specially enhanced it to incorporate the authentic current year's "Tai Sui Mantra" onto it for genuine protection. This protective talisman also combines with another 5 potent symbols of Tai Sui protection; namely the symbol of Longbi, the Pi Yao, the image of the year's Tai Sui and multiple lucky fans to blow away misfortune. This protection charm is best carried along and hung in ones personal bedroom, workplace and car for protection against mishaps.

Additionally, also worth taking note that one can carry along the Amulet of Pi Yao and Abacus and it will answer to all the calls, especially when one is facing a tough and very difficult period of time and have nothing else that could help. The abacus expresses the ability to be sensitive of making money and wary of financial loss. Accompanied by the image of the Imperial Pi Yao, it magnetizes wealth to a supreme level. The almighty heavenly Pi Yao is the most supreme symbol of wealth.This Money Power amulet denotes prosperity, happiness, good health, wealth and fortune. It provides great power in clearing obstacles and inviting wealth from endless resources. It will offer special attention and help because it possesses miraculous and unbelievable energy to resolve great difficulties experienced. When one has been in great problems and feeling helpless or suicidal and everything else cannot help, one should quickly resort to the Pi Yao to lighten the problems. They will help one eliminate calamities, bring about good fortune, good career luck and auspice. It will resolve and take away potential conflicts, accidents or disasters.

Summary: Who needs which cure?

1. Tai Sui Plaque: All those who have zodiacs in disagreement with Tai Sui and all houses facing west. Home protection. Get the Tai Sui to be on your side.
2. Tai Sui Talisman: All those who have zodiacs in disagreement with Tai Sui should carry along the amulet. Outdoor protection. Get the Tai Sui to be on your side.
3. Double Pi Yao Appeasing Jupiter: All houses will need to display in the Tai Sui direction. Annual home protection and good tidings.
4. Five Elements Pi Yao (....coming soon): All houses will need to display in the Sui Po direction. Annual home protection and good tidings.
5. Pi Yao and Abacus Amulet: All those who have zodiacs in disagreement with Tai Sui. Drawing good fortune.

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