FREE Pendant of "2018 Annual Luck Pendant"
free feng shui pendant

You will get one pendant (necklace not included) worth USD38.88 for every USD100 spent on merchandize only (shipping cost not included) on a SINGLE RECEIPT on a single day. Eg. if your total merchandizes amount to USD500, you get 5 pendants for free. Receipts cannot be combined. While stock lasts, so please order now before the stocks are gone! This free gift can be subjected to changes at any point of time.

The ring is inscribed with 3 important mantras:
1. Amitayus Mantra - "Om Ah Ma Ra Ni Ze Vin Ta Ye Svaha" - to increase longevity, merit and wisdom and especially to clear the obstacle of untimely death.
2. Green Tara Mantra
a. overcome fear and anxiety, protect us from all obstacles as well as grant all our wishes swiftly.
b. quickly enable one attain success in a project.
c. actualize wishes for those seeking for money, health, love and children.
d. increase martriarchal energy and bliss for females and mothers.
3. Heart Sutra Mantra - The mantra benefit by clearing 84,000 obscurations, brighten up the path and generate happiness. It clears out unclear, abstruse, indistinct, vague, indefinite, inconspicuous, hidden, remote, gloomy, dark, clouded or dim vision. It leads you to a positive path of transformation.