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Inviting the "Phoenix" and "Dragon" to Usher in the Year of Rooster in 2017
The year 2017 is ruled by the Fire Rooster (or more accurate Fire Bird). The foundation of the year is determined by the four pillars chart of the year. The four pillars for 2017 Year of Rooster is made up of Ding You (year pillar), Ren Yin (month pillar ), Xin You (day pillar) and Geng Zi (hour pillar). The year brings about a basket of all "five elements" which is an encouraging sign where the fortune outlook for the Year of Rooster is generally unhindered and prosperous. Out of the four pillars, only the month pillar shows a productive set of elements, which means the outlook for the 2nd quarter is the best. The rest of the 1st, 3rd and 4th quarters may experience instabilities. The element of WEALTH is fire and the element of POWER is earth. Therefore, lucky colors for all zodiac signs will be purple, red, yellow and orange. These colors will strengthen the foundation of the year.

The characteristics and traits of the rooster will be reflected in the daily lives of everyone throughout the Year of Rooster. The rooster is confident, brave and protective, therefore the year will be filled with high hopes and never a moment of weakness. It is hardworking, conscientious and honest in nature, which means people who are proactive and carry out proper conducts will be able to succeed. It is independent and protects family, neighbours and friends from harm, thus translating the year to a less aggravating year. It makes good warriors and will have many achievements, which means many noble leaders will stand up and succeed in curbing hostility or chaos caused by any dark forces. However, the rooster tend to hurt people due to its overly bluntness. Its is sometimes insensitive to its surroundings, leading to some emotional challenges that need to be calmed down.

Next, the Ding You Rooster Year comes with not only one but a "double spring". "Lap Chun" is the day marking the first of the 24 divisions of the solar year which denotes the start of Spring. It is the time when the Sun reaches the position that is 315 degrees of the celestial longitude. The lunar new Year of Rooster falls on 28th Jan 2017 and ends on 14th Feb 2018 before the next Year of Dog starts. The first lap chun falls on 3 Feb 2017 and the second lap chun falls on 4 Feb 2018, both are within the Year of Rooster. In addtion to this favorable phenomenon, the year also comes with an auspicious leap month. A double spring with a leap month is considered as very auspicious. A double spring brings joyous occasions, therefore it is an excellent year to tie the knot for singles who are waiting to get married. And in a leap year, the elderly usually will ask their children for a gift. Presenting a gift to the elderly will lengthen their lives and bestow good health, safety and good fortune.

It is always considered to be lucky to invite in the animal sign of the year into the home to effectively capture the annual prosperous chi derived from the characteristics of the animal. This will in turn create good financial harvest, happiness and wonderful fortune. But please do not invite the "regular" kind of rooster of the motherly nature which has the traits coming from the farm. Allowing all good opportunities to slip by, those kind of rooster from the farm portray endless sufferings and unhappiness

Instead, you must always consider the more heavenly kind of bird that is more refined in appearance and magical in characteristics to promote success and positivities. The best is to invite the phoenix which is the queen of all birds and the heavenly representation of the rooster in the heaven, thus exerting more power compared to the weaker earth version rooster. Everyone is encouraged to display its figurine in the WEST corner of your living room to bring you luck in the following aspects:
1. Personality
2. Career
3. Love
4. Health
5. Wealth

Also worth taking note that in the Year of Rooster, the dragon motif plays an extremely crucial part in paving way for an amazing year. The almighty Dragon is the most supreme symbol of wealth and is especially lucky in 2017 Year of Rooster. This is because the Dragon is the "Secret Friend" of Rooster according to the theory of "Liu He" (Six Combinations) and it is the feng shui way of ensuring the Rooster year is supportive of you. This being the reason why in all the Years of the Rooster, the secret dragon holds the key to success. On an equally good note, remember that the dragon also brings the energy of Earth which is the element of POWER in 2017. Therefore it is going to be the ultimate symbol of success for the year. Because the flying star chart of the year is ruled by Achievement Star #1, we have incorporated the dragon motif into a powerful "Pillar of Success" symbol that will also activate this ruling star of the year. The nurturing of Achievement Star #1 will transform your lives with auspicious new beginnings and a fresh start for some achievements to come by.

Having both of the celestial motifs will ease your year ahead and allow you to reap the most benefit out of the year for maximum luck. It is a good opportunity for all individuals to invite our "Signature Phoenix" and "Pillar of Success" into your home and display them in prominent areas. These enhancers are going to be ever green and suitable for reaping positive fortunes for many years to come. Let them bless you with a splendid year and many more prosperous years ahead.

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