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Pendant Series for a Merrier 2017

The new designer on board has designed the most original, captivating and exceptionally rare jewellery pieces the world has ever seen, creating a legacy of astonishing beauty for feng shui practitioners. In our 2017 series, we engage in creativity completely unconstrained by convention, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and envision pendant pieces that are expertly crafted, wildly surprising and thoroughly new.

Pi Yao Pendant
Plated in real gold with a classy touch, this stunning pendant opens up positive avenues in fortune and protection. The Pi Yao helps you overcome obstacles and hardship, and at the same time magnifies your fortune to greater height. It has the ability to swallow as much wealth energy as possible from external sources to be conserved exclusively for its owner. It ends luck stagnation and transforms you into a new you. The reverse side of the pendant is inscribed with the taoist talisman of "REMOVAL OF MISHAPS, DISASTERS, ACCIDENTS AND NEGATIVIES". Some very fussy feng shui masters insist that metal material adds power to the Pi Yao and only if made from metal that the The Pi Yao provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:
1. Ushers good luck and fortune.
2. Generates good feng shui or earth luck.
3. Elevates wealth and riches.
4. Protects individuals and home.
5. Drives away evil, obstacles and hardship.
6. Brings windfall luck.
It is good at subduing problems faced for a long period of time, protecting your fortune and helping those who are suffering from bad luck due to Tai Sui conflicts.

List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Gold Plated, Red, Blue
Dimension(in): 1x1.3in
Weight: 17g
2 PCS-Special
Our Price:USD68.88
ID: 17SS02st
Chilin Pendant
Plated in premium gold with a classy touch, this immaculate pendant opens up opportunities for better fortune, higher position in office, examination luck and conceiving a baby boy. The popular Chilin represents a number of positive attributes, including benevolance, virtue, longevity, grandeur, felicity, illustrious offspring, wise administration, honor, rank, strength, great ambitions, good competing spirits, great health, perseverance and fame. It has the scales of a carp signifying prosperity and abundance. The Chilin will also bless those who are seeking for an illustrious baby son. It was said that Confucious was born after his mother walked on the footsteps of the Chilin. It also benefits adults seeking for higher positions and for kids seeking for better luck in examinations. The patterns on its back were used to derive the earlier heaven bagua, an ultimate symbol that will bring protection against bad energies caused by bad Flying Stars. It provides immunity for anyone who is affected by bad flying stars due to the 'natal chart', the 'annual chart' or the 'monthly chart' either at home or at the work area but unable to put cures at those spaces that are being regularly used. Moreover, it is also a personalized cure for unlucky stars that visit the 12 earthly branches affecting the 12 zodiacs' constellation every year. The reverse side of the pendant is inscribed with the taoist talisman of "WISHFULFILLING".
List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 1.3x1.7in
Weight: 19g
2 PCS-Special
Our Price:USD68.88
ID: 17SS06st
Phoenix Endless Knot Pendant
Splendid and astonishing, this pendant brilliantly features the Phoenix and Endless Knot. The phoenix is the goddess of all the winged creatures. This heavenly bird will harvest opportunity luck, magnifies chances of success in all endeavours and prosperity. The Phoenix surprises people by turning bad luck into good luck. It will mysteriously create avenues of opportunities to your business, work, career or all other pursuits in your life. Since it is associated to the south corner, its presence brings you fame and popularity. It will bring out the excellent side of the female. It can also remove quarrelsome energy and rekindle poor relationship with fiery energy from the Phoenix. A perfect item as well for single female looking to find true love. Besides, It also enhances the matriarch luck and power of female leaders. On the other hand, the presence of the "endless knot" symbol is an auspicious enhancer for those who are seriously looking for pure happiness. For the unattached, it brings love opportunities. For the attached, it leads to marriage luck and proposals from the one you love. For the married, it magnifies happiness in the marriage. The reverse side of the pendant is inscribed with "Kurukulla Mantra". This mantra helps to soften mutual restriction for better relationship especially beneficial for those suffering from negative peach blossom, bazi restriction and couples suffering from conflicting zodiacs. This mantra can be invoked to help you to whisper terms of endearment, to guide your sensual power, explore your erotic potential, deepen intimacy, reveal and fulfill your lover's fantasies and infuse lovemaking with sparkling fire. It creates beauty, colorful romance and the amorous feelings of youth. For ladies, it is like a real love potion that encourages libido of your desired men. Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck.
List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Stainless Steel and Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 1.1x1.7in
Weight: 11g
2 PCS-Special
Our Price:USD68.88
ID: 17SS05st
Fuk Luk Sau Lock Coin Pendant
A spectacular revelation from the usual pieces, this designer's creation of our brand features the "Gold Lock" adorned with "Chinese Coin Symbols" done skillfully together with symbols of "Fuk", "Luk" and "Sau". Stunningly elegant, this "Gold Lock Coin" promises you the millionaire temptation, generates financial success, enables you to earn higher incomes and builds greater fortunes. It is an explosive wealth galvanizer that can propels bountiful amounts of money and enables infinite money earned, saved, invested, exponentially multiplied without being lost. The type of wealth invited refers to both mainstream income (your business/career) and irregular income (investments/real estate/side income). This coin will also magnify speculative affairs such as lotteries, 4-digits, football bets, horse racing and the stock market. On the other hand, Fuk Luk Sau denote the three attributes of a good life, Fuk Luk Sau has the effect of attracting wealth, enabling blessings, bestowing happiness and offering safety protection. At the same time, it has the efficacious effect of dispelling malevolence and warding off catastrophes. The Sanxing ("Three Stars") are actually "three stars" symbolizing three qualities of Prosperity, Status, and Longevity. The three stars are actually referring to Jupiter, Ursa Majoris and Canopus. The Star of Fortune "Fuk" connotes good luck and success. The Star of Prosperity "Luk" symbolizes prosperity, where authority is gained and salary is adequate. The Star of Longevity "Sau" represents good health and longevity. The Fuk Luk Sau is therefore suitable to bring about all the 8 aspirations: wealth, health, recognition, love, networking, education, career and children.
List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Gold Plated and Stainless Steel
Dimension(in): 1.2x2.2in
Weight: 12g
2 PCS-Special
Our Price:USD68.88
ID: 17SS01st
Wulou Longevity Pendant
This sensual designer's creation of our brand features the "Wulou" adorned with "Two Heaven-Earth Coins" done skillfully together with symbols "Sau" (Longevity). The wulou simulates the abstract shape of "Dui Trigram". Symbolizing the role of a "heavenly doctor" according to classical feng shui, the "Dui Trigram" (made up of 2 male lines and 1 female line) is a strong diminisher against monthly ill winds, viruses and serious illnesses. Protecting the body from harm, it improves your immunity against frequent sicknesses and restores your health to its original state. It is also best worn to subdue harmful forces from sickness stars, such as by Illness Star #2 and Deadly Five Yellow. This benefits those who are sleeping or using rooms that are afflicted with such stars. The reverse side of the pendant is inscribed with "Medicine Buddha Mantra". Medicine Buddha has unbiased compassion for all. He protects everyone from physical and mental sickness and other dangers and obstacles, and helps them to eradicate the three poisons attachment, hatred, and ignorance which are the sources of all illness and danger. Medicine Buddha not only helps in healing but also for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance. Thus Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical and mental illness and suffering. The Medicine Buddha mantra is held to be extremely powerful for healing of physical illnesses and purification of negative karma. Anyone who is stricken by disease can seek blessings from Medicine Buddha for curing.
List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Gold Plated and Stainless Steel
Dimension(in): 1.2x2.2in
Weight: 12g
2 PCS-Special
Our Price:USD68.88
ID: 17SS03st
Arowana and Coin Pendant
This eye catching creation dedicated to generating good fortune and luck features the "Arowana" with "Heaven-Earth Coin" done skillfully in oriental style. Drawing lots of admiration, the Arowana (a.k.a. Dragon Fish) has become increasingly popular in magnifying wealth luck. Together with the "Heaven-Earth Coin", they express the sentiment "may you enjoy multiplication of fortune and profit". In Eastern cultures, it is believed that keeping a solitary arowana in the home generates financial success, enables you to earn higher incomes and builds greater fortunes. For those who are unable to keep the arowana as a pet, wearing its symbol brings the same effect. The arowana is said to be the most auspicious fish to stimulate financial power. Its burning desire of not getting enough wealth will attract surplus money unendingly. Wearing the Arowana gives you a real edge in business, competition and career situations. It helps you make wise and timely decisions in relation to career, finance and business. You will be able to enjoy abundance filled with stable income streams and likelihood of windfall. The arowana is always the all-time-favorite and has been claimed by many to have made them rich and famous. Suitable for those who are seeking to upgrade your career and financial status. The reverse side of the pendant is inscribed with a "WINDFALL MAGNIFYING INCANTATION" that makes it work your money for you.
List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Gold Plated and Stainless Steel
Dimension(in): 1.1x1.6in
Weight: 9g
2 PCS-Special
Our Price:USD68.88
ID: 17SS04st
Double Happiness Mystic Knot Pendant
This extraordinary design features the "Mystic Knot" and "Double Happiness" to transform your luck, magnify wealth, boost your career luck and bring about unlimited happiness. The Mystic Knot is the most influential symbol in Period 8 (2004-2023). Those wearing this powerful symbol will have the influence of the number 8 multiplied, thus enjoy extraordinary good fortune. The Mystic Knot is also equivalent to the infinity sign done endless times. This stunning emblem of good fortune will multiply your health luck, wealth luck, relationship luck and extremely good fortune in all areas of your life throughout the Period of 8. On the other hand, although the "Double Happiness" is commonly known as the symbol of conjugal bliss, it is not limited by it and has many other meanings as well. Other meanings that the symbol carry include "meeting an old friend in a faraway place", "sweet rain after a long drought", "being successful candidate of imperial examination list", "the wedding night", "living to a ripe age of 100th birthday" etc. The reverse side of the pendant is inscribed with a "LUCK TRANSFORMATION INCANTATION" that brings about a significant improvement in your luck.
List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Gold Plated and Stainless Steel
Dimension(in): 1.1x1.8in
Weight: 11g
2 PCS-Special
Our Price:USD68.88
ID: 17SS08st
Mystic Keyura Pendant
This extravagant masterpiece features the ancient "Mystic Keyura" done in a modern way. It is a symbol of "Everything Augurs Well". Wearing it on your body will propel you upwards with success and pave way to getting things done effortlessly. It exerts positive influences to your career, wealth, safety, happiness and promises nobleman luck. Powerful figures will come to your aid at all times. Besides, it will also neutralize negativities coming your way. Fate will smile on you, enabling you to enjoy the fruits of your completely good life. The reverse side of the pendant is inscribed with a "CHUNG KWEI INCANTATION" that blesses you with safety at all times and subduing evil forces. The Mystic Keyura referred to the gorgeous accesory which was made of gold, jade and other valuable materials and worn to the head, neck, chest, hand or legs by the royals and the rich in ancient India of South-Asian subcontinent. The Sakyamuni Buddha was said to have also been adorned with this auspicious ornament when he was a prince. His mother was also adorned with Keyura when she gave birth to him. The Keyura gradually became the ornaments adorned in the statues of bodhisattvas and buddhas. With the Buddhism spreading to the east, the keyura became a high jewellery piece in the society of China after Han and Wei Dynasty.
List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel and Faux Diamonds
Color: Gold Plated and Stainless Steel
Dimension(in): 1.3x1.3in
Weight: 11g
2 PCS-Special
Our Price:USD68.88
ID: 17SS07st
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