FREE Pendant Ring with Great Increasing Wealth Mantra
Fengshui: 2017 free mantra ring

Starting 4 December 2016 (0000 Msia Time), you will get one "Pendant Ring with Great Increasing Wealth Mantra" (necklace not included) worth USD38.88 for every USD100 spent on merchandize only (shipping cost not included) on a SINGLE RECEIPT on a single day. Eg. if your total merchandizes amount to USD500, you get 5 rings for free. Receipts cannot be combined. While stock lasts, so please order now before the stocks are gone!

Great Increasing Wealth Mantra - For obvious reason, this mantra will bring wealth and business luck. This mantra is much more valuable than the sky filled with diamonds, gold and wish fulfilling jewels. This extensive ordinary kind of wealth is nothing compared to the benefits of this mantra. Just by seeing and touching this mantra directs one to its benefits. You may wear the mantra ring as a pendant by the heart or on your finger if it fits. We only give out one common size.