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2019 Tai Sui Talisman (Genuine 18K Gold Plated) - Energy Infused

List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD39.88
25% Discount:USD29.88
Material: Pure Brass
Color: Genuine 18K Gold Plated and Maroon
Dimension(in):1.8x0.1x2.5in primary piece
Weight: 59g
ID: 19-AM-02

Our Price:USD49.88
ID: 19-AM-02st
set (2pcs)
Our Price:USD104.88
ID: 19AM02st2
set (5pcs)

Product Description
This new 2019 Grand Duke Charm (Tai Sui Talisman) is becoming more superior in esthetics, colors, finishing, quality and reliability. It provides powerful protection and safeguard against many dangers from the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). Similar to previous years, we continue to incorporate the authentic current year's "Tai Sui Mantra" onto it for genuine protection. Many positive feedbacks have been received, that claimed ours being more authentic and effective comparing with the competitors'. This protective talisman also combines with another 6 potent symbols of Tai Sui protection; namely the symbol of Longbi, the Pi Yao, the image of the year's Tai Sui, multiple lucky fans to blow away misfortune, the zodiac of the year which is the Pig and the "secret friend" who appeases the Tai Sui which is the Tiger. This Grand Duke charm is best carried along and hung in ones personal bedroom, workplace and car for protection against mishaps. In 2019, the following zodiacs may require this charm:

This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity. Free gift box.

Why buy our Tai Sui Talisman?

1. This is the only Tai Sui Talisman in the world that is energy infused and the energy can be measured scientifically.
2. We are the "only one" who still use 100% PURE BRASS to make the Tai Sui Talisman. There are many other forms of brass that is not pure added with other alloys. Remember that PURE BRASS is the noblest of all brass material.
3. Our talisman has the best workmanship in the world as far as the usage of PURE BRASS in the make is concerned. It is also the thickest brass form you can find. Pure brass is the hardest to work with and requires a lot of human attention, unlike other kinds of brass that is mixed with alloys.
4. The talisman is being plated with genuine 18K Gold this year as part of our further improvement in quality.
5. The talisman comes with a Certificate of Authenticity on its guarantee of energy.

What are the special properties of this Tai Sui Talisman?
We first specially developed the real Grand Duke Charm to incorporate the original "Tai Sui Mantra" onto it for authenticity back in 2007. From time to time, we improved it further every year. It actually refers to a set of chinese incantation of the Tai Sui. This mantra had been used for centuries to help people overcome the wrath of Tai Sui. Many world famous feng shui masters have recognized ours to be the best and some have even started using the concept!

Energy infused with Scalar tag

The Tai Sui for the Year of Pig
The new Tai Sui (God of the Year) for the JI HAI Year of PIG 2019 is Great General XIE TAI. He will take over the Tai Sui role on 4th February 2019 at 11:14 hours. This corresponds to the 30th day of 12th lunar month, which is still a DOG Year. Tai Sui Great General XIE TAI was born in Lin Jin during the Ming Dynasty. It is now known as Shan Xi province at the District of Da Li. Highly revered for his honesty and integrity during those days, he used to go through a big hassle in trying to return silver pieces that was lost and found. After securing the silver pieces under his clothes, he exhibited his keen eagerness to return them by sitting along the side of the road and waited patiently for the rightful owner to show up. When the sun set and still not seeing any sign of anyone searching for the lost silver, he returned home and kept them high up so that they were unreachable. He got up early the next morning and returned to the same spot along the road in hope to seek for rightful owner again. With better luck this time, someone showed up on a horse desperately seeking for the silver he lost. Greeting the man with joy, he invited the man home and gave him food. The man explained that he was an official mission for his master and therefore was desperate to find the lost silver. After verifying that the man was the rightful owner, XIE TAI returned him the silver and saved him from troubles. Although the man wanted to reward XIE TAI with half of the silver and recommend him for government recognition, XIE TAI declined the intentions humbly. Saving someone in desperate moments had earned XIE TAI with good merits and eventually his descendants attained scholastic excellence in imperial examinations. They rose to the hall of fame and became imperial officials with great power. Since then, he was being widely venerated for being ancestor with great value. His image features him in military robe but not holding any weapon. This translates to a protective year of peace and no conflict among countries. Governments and leaders are expected to reject corruption. Righteousness will be upheld. Business practices will come clean with better honesty. The world will experience lesser greed. As usual a few zodiac signs will suffer from his wrath this year. Besides certain zodiacs linked to him, those whose chinese names having the same strokes as his will also be offending him and will suffer from emotional set backs due to pressure, lawsuit, sickness, quarrel and fight.

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