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Rich Man's Amulet (Prosperity and Health) - Energy Infused

List Price:USD128
Our Price:USD38.88
25% Discount:USD28.88
Material: Brass
Color: Cold Chromed, Blue, Maroon and Red
Dimension(in): 1.9x3in primary piece
Weight: 60g
ID: 17-PC-08
2-Pcs Special
Our Price:USD48.88
ID: 17-PC-08st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
Known as the "Rich Man's amulet", it features the Seven Lucky Gods (shichi fukujin in Japanese) that will blow your mind because of their powers to make you super lucky. They are some of the most widely worshipped, prayed to and wished upon Japanese gods in modern times, with figurines or masks of them being especially commonplace in small businesses. They are often depicted all together on a ship called Takarabune ("Treasure Ship"), which, according to tradition, they ride to arrive in every town to distribute gifts to those who are worthy. Each one being associated with some special abilities, attributes and/or guarding sphere(s) of people's every day life:
1. Benzaiten, goddess of knowledge, art and beauty, especially music;
2. Bishamonten, god of warriors;
3. Daikokuten, god of wealth, commerce and trade;
4. Ebisu, god of fishers and merchants;
5. Fukurokuju, god of happiness, wealth and longevity;
6. Hotei, god of abundance and good health;
7. Jurojin, god of long life.

Also featured is the all-time favorite "Millionaire Lock Coin". It has a very powerful chinese character that has hidden meanings of a special 4-worded sentence. It reads "wong karm man liong" in one breathe which means "ten thousand tahil of pure gold". In ancient times, only the royal families, officials and tycoons were able to possess this much of gold! Today, this is equivalent to billions. The lock coin will enable infinite money earned, saved, invested, exponentially multiplied without being lost. The types of wealth luck enhanced refer to both mainstream income (your business/career) and irregular income (investments/real estate/side income). This coin will also magnify speculative affairs such as lotteries, 4-digits, football bets, horse racing and the stock market.

Next, the "double bats clinging on longevity symbol" brings magnificent luck, good health and longevity. The bat is called "fu" in chinese which carries the meaning good luck and good fortune. It implies "everlasting fortune" and resembles long life, excellent relationship, happiness and good luck. The bat enhances wealth, prosperity, happiness energy and materializes smoothness in all your endeavours.

Empowering the amulet are two magical taoist incantations of "wealth power ignition", providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine blessings for maximum riches. This amulet brings you bountiful amount of prosperity and health, promises you the millionaire temptation, generates financial success, enables you to earn higher incomes and builds greater fortunes.
Place this coin together with your investment folder, share certificates or gambling tickets to bring maximum opportunities of winning or striking large gains. It is recommended to be displayed at the southeast corner, your personal sheng chi direction, wealth corners and at your home's main or bedroom doorknobs.

This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity. Free gift box.

The Rich Man's Amulet is not only capable of creating abundance in wealth, but also protect your existing wealth from being lost. It is best to carry along this amulet in your bag, but if this is not feasible, the followings are the recommended areas to display the amulet:
1. Display the amulet in your living or family rooms, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (wealth corner) to activate and enhance your wealth luck. If one suffers from ailing finances due to recession resulting in investment losses, declining assets, joblessness and deteriorating business progress, the amulet will set your bearings right again so that you can regain your pre-recession values. Your financial difficulties will change back into positive cash flow.
2. Display the amulet facing your entrance so that you can see it as you enter to invite wealth and multiple fortune luck into your homes at chi entry points. The amulet will generate exponential financial growth and wealth at a speedy rate.
3. Display the amulet in your office and shops to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.
4. Display the amulet in the Northwest sector to activate your financial support luck thus paving way for more money making opportunities. If you have any recent underperforming financial portfolios, the amulet will create a thick layer to cushion any negative impact and put them back into the growth trajectory so that they will not be sluggish. You will emerge unscathed from the worst consequences.
5. The amulet is a must for successful money masters and tycoons. It becomes the vortex of powerful energy vibes that remind us of money seeking opportunities all the time.

Note: Do not place the amulet on the floor, in the toilet, in the store room and in the kitchen.

Energy infused with Scalar tag

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