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2017 Tai Sui Talisman - Energy Infused (LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT)

List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD39.88
25% Discount:USD29.88
Material: Pure Brass
Color: Gold Plated and Maroon
Dimension(in):2x0.1x3in primary piece
Weight: 70g
ID: 17-PC-01

Our Price:USD49.88
ID: 17-PC-01st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
This new 2017 Grand Duke Charm (Tai Sui Talisman) is becoming more refined in esthetics and quality. It provides powerful protection and safeguard against many dangers from the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). Similar to previous years, we continue to incorporate the authentic current year's "Tai Sui Mantra" onto it for genuine protection. Many positive feedbacks have been received, that claimed ours being more authentic and effective comparing with the competitors'. This protective talisman also combines with another 5 potent symbols of Tai Sui protection; namely the symbol of Longbi, the Pi Yao, the image of the year's Tai Sui, multiple lucky fans to blow away misfortune and the zodiac of the year which is the Rooster. This Grand Duke charm is best carried along and hung in ones personal bedroom, workplace and car for protection against mishaps. In 2017, the following zodiacs may require this charm:

This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity. Free gift box.

Why buy our Tai Sui Talisman?

1. This is the only Tai Sui Talisman in the world that is energy infused and the energy can be measured scientifically.
2. We are the only one who still use PURE BRASS to make the Tai Sui Talisman. There are many other forms of brass that is not pure added with other alloys. Remember that PURE BRASS is the noblest of all brass material.
3. The best workmanship in the world as far as the usage of PURE BRASS is concerned. Pure brass is the hardest to work with and requires a lot of human attention, unlike other kinds of brass that is mixed with alloys.
4. The talisman comes with a Certificate of Authenticity on its guarantee of energy.

What are the special properties of this Tai Sui Talisman?
We first specially developed the real Grand Duke Charm to incorporate the original "Tai Sui Mantra" onto it for authenticity back in 2007. From time to time, we improved it further to the enhanced version. It actually refers to a set of chinese incantation of the Tai Sui. This mantra had been used for centuries to help people overcome the wrath of Tai Sui. Many world famous feng shui masters have recognized ours to be the best and some have even started using the concept!

Energy infused with Scalar tag

The Tai Sui for the Year of Rooster
Tai Sui Great General Tang Jie was born at An Xiang during the Tang Dynasty. A martial arts practitioner since young, he won himself a military position in the imperial palace. He took charge of resolving triad issues in the southern provinces. It was easy for him to claim victory and the emperor awarded him with a robe and silver. He image features him holding a spear in his right hand, which translates to a year of military conflicts among countries. International matters will be resolved with battles and wars instead of peace talk.

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