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Dynamic Six Divine Coins - Energy Infused

List Price:USD128
Our Price:USD36.88
Material: Brass
Color: Brass
Dimension(in): 5.75x1x0.2 in coin strip; 8x1.6x1 in base stand
Weight: 200g
ID: 12-PC-02
2pcs Special: USD59.88
ID: 12-PC-02st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
The universe is fundamentally giving and will cheerfully provide opportunities and blessings for individuals who embrace a positive attitude in your wishes. It opens up endless possibilities, superlative success, overflowing possibilities and materializes your dreams. You will experience a life uninterrupted by obstacles setbacks and sufferings. The main purpose of the Six Divine Coins is to make all your wishes come true, transform bad luck into good luck. It has esoteric protection against negative energies, hostility, bad intentions and obstacles. The magic created will move events, people and circumstances to fulfill all your dreams. You will be unrestrained and seeing enormous changes that leads to boundless returns.

The Dynamic Six Divine Coins have the following special characteristics:
1. Six types of powerful mantra coins to invoke favorable blessings and help in different aspects of our lives.
2. Symbols of the powerful six emperors in the finest reign of Ching Dynasty for networking luck and luck for partriarch.
3. The magical Six Heavenly Birds to greatly enhance and strengthen the inherent beneficial energies of the mantras.

Its multiple uses are as follows:
1. It activates and magnifies the auspicious Flying Star #6 in both the annual and natal flying star charts. This star is responsible in giving one favorable windfall on top of the steady mainstream income you are receiving. It is the type of heaven's luck that blesses one's speculative investments.
2. It is an excellent cure to protect the patriarch's luck in the northwest. It is especially useful when the northwest corner is aflicted or when the northwest corner is missing.
a. When the northwest is afflicted with energies that clashes the base element of the northwest corner, the partriach will be at risk. It is especially deadly when fire energies clashes into the northwest. It is the best cure for "fire at heaven's gate". For example, when the kitchen is in the northwest or when Flying Star #9 (fire element) flies to the northwest.
b. Whenever the northwest corner is missing, the luck of the family will be in great difficulty. The males of the family will become unsuccessful for life if the situation is not cured.
3. The six heavenly circles which represents BIG METAL is an effective antidote for the Five Yellow and Two Black stars. One can put them conveniently in rooms, at doors and at windows that are afflicted.

Note: This enhancer is energy infused.

The importance of #6 Nobility White Star

In the Flying Star system, the #6 Nobility White Star is a longevity and lucky star. It is responsible for bringing:
1. favorable windfall luck suitable for speculative investments
2. divine blessings from the heaven - when one's heaven luck is activated, you will enjoy long term wealth and good luck from all directions.
3. luck of travelling/migration/changes
4. steady mainstream income
5. nobleman (benefactors/mentors/help of powerful people).

Energy infused

The Six Divine Mantras and Six Heavenly Birds

The Six Heavenly Birds bring powerful energies of long term happiness and blessings from the heaven. The heavenly birds are always the best bringer of good news.

Meanwhile, there are Six Divine Mantras of blessings and protection to invoke the power from the universe:
1. Maintain and improve health. Protect against diseases.
2. Maintain safety. Protect against robbers, fraudsters and thieves.
3. Increase Wealth. Diminish financial obstructions.
4. Increase wisdom and remove emotional problems. To purify ignorance [retarded mind] low mentality, oblivion and to actualize the seven wisdoms.
5. MANTRA FOR SUPER PURIFICATION - One recitation purifies 100 million eons of negative karmas.
6. Wish granting Mantra - make impossible wishes come true.

The mantras are dynamic and movable.

What the 6 Emperors' coins symbolize?

The strong "6 Emperor coins strip" is made from the beginning reign of Ching Dynasty: - Shun Chi (1644-1661), Kang Hsi (1661-1722), Yung Cheng (1723-1735), Chien Lung (1736-1796), Chia Ching (1796-1820) and Tao Kwong (1820-1850). It is during the beginning reign of these six emperors that the Ching Dynasty was enjoying good fortune, prosperity and power. After that, the power started to subside, being the reason why some more particular feng shui masters would insist on using 6 Emperor's coins as feng shui remedy and also enhancer to invite wealth, fortune, luck for patriarch and networking luck. Six coins also represents six solid strips as in the Chien Hexagram and luck from heaven. When one's heaven luck is activated, he or she will enjoy long term wealth and good luck from all directions. Six pieces of coins replicates the BIG METAL (as indicated in Chien Trigram). Six is also the number which represents luck from heaven. It is this BIG METAL that fights the Illness Star #2 and Fatal Star #5's bad earth energy.

Where to display the Six Divine Coins strip?

1. To obtain heaven luck and blessings, display this powerful emblem in the Northwest corner of your house, living room, office or bedroom.To increase your heaven's luck in acquiring long term good fortune, you may also use this as a bookmark in your important files, bank books, invoice books and order books, cheque books, in your cash boxes and safes and any folder or item to do with your income.
2. It can also be displayed at the location where annual star#6 resides. This star brings extremely good windfall luck.
3. For homes or buildings with any door located in areas where permanent water and mountain stars#2 and #5 are or their combinations, Feng Shui masters will use this Six Divine Coins strip as a potent metal cure to dissolve the fatal effects of these. This is because the opening and closing of door at those locations will activate those bad stars everyday when you use them. Therefore they must be controlled with BIG METAL energy of the strip.
4. This BIG METAL strip (representing Chien Hexagram) is also excellent to cure the annual flying stars, the evil 5 Yellow (bring fatality, accidents and mishaps) and illness star-2 (bring long term illness).Homes or even rooms with doors in those locations must be remedied.
5. Display this in the northwest if your kitchen is located there.
6. Display this in the northwest of your living room if you have a missing northwest corner of the entire house.

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